• Recap

    "No Matt she is not my girlfriend, but I am hoping she'll be our new photographer?" Alastair aksed turing his head in aquestioning way towards me.

    "Oh but how could I whe I haven't even had a proper interview?!" I began waving my hands back and fort, when Alastair interupted me.

    "Oh don't worry about it I actually got your work yesterday, and I really liked it, so would you work here?" He looked like a desperate little puppy in my consideration with those big brown eyes I just had to accept.

    "Okay, I'll work here. When do I start?" I asked all perky thinking when did I send out my work to this place, but I jsut shruged it off.

    "Now if you want," Matt said looking at me.
    End of Recap

    Alastair's POV.

    "Yes thank you so much for hiring me!" I heard Mae excitedly yell excitedly.

    "No thank you. You pictures are the only one the actually caught my eye," I said looking Mae in the eyes. The I heards Matt chuckle lightly.

    "That's not the only thing that caught your eye Alastair," Matt said which I could only hear. He was referring how I was trying to find a bride, and Mae was the one I had been looking for.

    "Mae could you take these papers home, and fill them out for me please?" I asked handing her stack of papers.

    "Of course, but what are they for exactly?" I heard Mae ask, while flipping through the pages.

    "Oh just some forms showing you've worked here, and such and if something were to happen to you," I said the last part more silently seeing what she would do.

    "Oh okey dokey then, I can understand that then," I was surprised by her answer. I suspected her to start asking me questions and such. "Is that all for today then?" She continued on looking back from the paper to me.

    "Oh yes that's basically it for today. You could say the bussiness hasn't taken off yet," Laughing lightly I told her, rubbing the back of my neck.

    "Well that's fine with me! I'm just happy I have a job, I guess I'll see you tomarrow then, bye!" Waving she left to go back to her appartment.
    Once she left out of sight, I turned around to glare at Matt. He looked at me with that innocent smile of his.

    "What?" He said raising his hands in a deffensive gesture.

    "You know exactly what Matt!" I exclaimed becoming angry with him. "I've told you I've been looking for a bride for over One. Hundred. And. Eighty. Years....... And you almost blew it.................." I hissed closing him into a corner. "Would you really want to know what I'd do to you if you were'n't a werewolf already?" I said cocking my head to the side.

    "No not really, but knowing you as well as I do you'd probably suck all the blood outta me like the last person who angered you....................." Matt paused, "Like that taxi driver right? You have quite the temper has anybody ever told you that," Matt said wiggling a finger at me.

    Grabbing the closet thing to me which would have been a stapler I raised it to throw, when there was a dingdong coming from our door. Dropping the stapler I walked out to great our first costumer, and then the mutt Matt was next.

    It was a petite redheaded woman her hair only coming to about shoulders length, early twenties at my guess. I was about to greet her to the store, when what I saw stopped me. Her irises were crimson like any other of my kind. The one word ran through my head......................


    "What are you doing here................... Rachel?" I asked since I hadn't seen here for at least a decade, litterally.

    "What no hugs for you favorite sister that's so mean," She said pouting.

    "Yeah, yeah, I know. Why were you sent here, your suppose to be back in the other realm?" I asked noticing her glance back at Matt, who was cowering in one of the other rooms looking through a window since my sister always creeped him out.

    "Oh right........... Well guess what?" She sadi waiting me to answer back to her.

    "What?" I asked acknowlodging her question, sitting down, and then putting my face in my hands.

    "Mommy, and Daddy are coming to visit you.........." After she said that she I fell off my chair, and she was gone in an instance. I hate how she could teleport into thin air, her gift annoyed me. She spoke once more not appearing, "You have three days till they come, better have a bride, and be ready.........." She said as her voice dissapeared into the wind, just like herself.

    "I think you need a new sister Alastair," I heard Matt say stepping out of the room. "So you actually have parents? How old are they like a hundred billion years old too," He said sitting where I had just sat, since I went into shock.

    "Yes I have parents, and no they're actually Onehundredthriteythousand (130,000) years old for you info," I said getting up and shaking my head trying to get what happened out of my mind.

    "Okay then, that totally beats, my 21 years at best. Sorry for me being all questiony today, but why did Rachel say you only had three days till your parents get here?" I heard him ask another question.

    "Apparrently............." I paused replaying what my little sister told me, "They're coming to visit, and see my bride to be," I told him glancing up. He saw my eyes were crimson, and backed away.

    "You might want to go find another taxi driver, or a hobbo, becasue you're looking hungry, and I really don't want to be your snack. I want to live longer, and not be killed by a vampire, thank you." He said looking up, and noticing that the back door was swung open, he'd been talking to thin air. "Ah darnet Alastair," Matt exclaimed, slamming his head on his desk.