• Chapter 3
    ~Camren ~
    He was going to say something but it was cut off by the sound of my phone ringing. I looked at the caller id but didn’t recognize it.
    “Hello?” I said.
    “I’m coming after you. You don’t know who I am, but I know who you are. You cant be protected. You cant hide either.” I could tell it was a man’s voice.
    Damien was starting to look worried by my reaction. My vision was obscured by tears. Everything that I could see was vibrating so I knew that I was shaking from fear. I could faintly hear Damien calling my name. He pulled out his phone and started dialing. He probably called my sister because she was the first one to arrive. She tried to snap me out of it but it didn’t work. They called the paramedics after many failed attempts to snap me out of it. I vaguely remember being placed on a gurney and led into the ambulance.
    They, evidently, let my sister and Damien come in the ambulance. The paramedics kept asking Damien and my sister questions about me and what I’d been eating. My sister told them what I ate this morning and that I had come to get some lunch for the two of us.
    We reached the hospital and they unloaded me. They performed various tests on me to find out what was wrong. After looking over the results they concluded that I was in shock. They asked me a number of questions to try pinpoint the reason why I was in shock. I couldn’t even begin to answer the questions. The call kept on replaying itself in my head. They decided to give me an MRI. The MRI showed my brain was overactive. The doctors were debating whether or not to sedate me for a while. My sister and Damien were worried for me. They didn’t want to sedate me, but decided that it was best to go along with the doctors’ choice. The doctor gave us some alone time before he came to sedate me.
    “Oh Camren, what the heck did this to you? Give me a sign. Something to work with. Please, I don’t want to see you this way.” he said.
    My sister started crying at the thought of having me sedated. She clung to me like I was floating away. I wanted to tell them about the call, but I couldn’t make my lips move.
    “Camren, please, don’t do this to me. I don’t want to loose you. You’re the only family I want and have. Don’t leave me alone.” she told me.
    The doctor came back in to sedate me. I began to fell drowsy within minutes. I fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake up for days.