• tab “Violet, stop,”
    tab Violet frowned and cocked her head at him. Surprise and dread was clear on her face.
    tab “Ah, I… Nathan, I don’t know what I’m- I thought you wanted this. I didn’t, I am not a slut. Oh, no…” Violet stammered and got up and stood by a corner, tucking her hair behind her ears.
    tab “Violet, it’s not you, it’s, my dad…”
    tab Violet’s eyes widened with horror, than anger.
    tab “Is that the reason why you took me here? To find your father?”
    tab ”No, I, well now that I know he is here, I have to find him… And his killer.”
    tab What? So what am I supposed to do? Stay here and wash clothes? You, you little- You’re so selfish, you know that? He is dead Nathan, and finding his killer isn’t going to change that.”
    tab Nathan suddenly was filled with anger.
    tab Me? I’m the selfish one? Violet, I can find him and you don’t want me to? What if it was your father, huh?”
    tab ”Well, at least I wouldn’t have lied and brought along my girlfriend,”
    tab ”Well, I don’t need you, anyway.”
    tab Violet stopped. The rage subsided, and was replaced with sadness and question. Her eyes watered, not that she would let Nathan see.
    tab ”Well,” She replied slowly with a trembling voice. “Maybe you don’t need a girlfriend either.”
    tab She looked at Nathan for a moment, than stormed out of the room.
    tab Idiot! He has just lost his girlfriend and only friend. She was right, he knew it, but that was no reason for her to yell at him and storm out. Only ten minutes she’s been gone and he already missed Violet. He hadn’t even got the time to tell her how beautiful she looked. Well, no use wallowing in self pity for the dumping she just gave him. Off to find his father- if he was even alive.
    tab Did she really just dump Nathan? There was no way she really dumped Nathan, because she still loved him. But her heart was literally broken. Violet felt sick, like she hadn’t eaten in days. And she couldn’t believe him. Simply bring Violet as an excuse to find his dead father…
    tab She ran into a young man, maybe 20, and staggered to the side.
    tab Hey! Watch where you are going you dog!”
    tab Violet scowled and barked back:
    tab ”Why don’t you stop walking like you're a hunchback and pardon a lady like a proper gentleman should?”
    tab He stared at her, then scurried away.