• 1. Scratch card

    Throughout his life Chad has not been scared. He has not been scared once. He watched every scary movie possible and still doesn’t even shiver. The problem is that Chad wanted to be a horror writer. He had no idea how to write anything even with 8 years of college. He was a man begging for answers and unfortunately begged to the wrong man.
    As many people know a leader of a nation can be a bad one. No government is perfect and some times they play with the people not thinking of the consequences. Of course I'm not talking about the government on earth but I’m talking about the bigger picture. When a speck begged to some one with high status he would not get noticed. It’s the time when the big man decides to make the wish come true when the problems occur. Man can not change truth and he can not alter, it he can only hope for a chance to fix it.
    If your one looking for good chances in the write place, than don’t go sacrifice something important to make the chances gold ones because silver still works. Life is more important than money. These are morals that can hopefully be drawn for Chad’s bad decisions.

    In the city of Fambino lives a man holding a dark secret from his girl friend involving money. This man is Chad who has lived 26 normal years with nothing to fear but sadness and no one wants to read about sadness so I’m sorry. The story of are young author Chad starts in his car on the way to his girl friend Lisa.
    Chad didn’t want to date her or anything but still he forced himself to because he envied the fact that she was successful in writing. Lisa had written 4 books at the time, and in 4 years, one was being made into a movie. And with 8 years of college Chad was as blank as everything he’d try to write, and now he was finishing college. He was driving to Lisa’s house to admit the fact he was broke and would be until he wrote a book.
    He had no career and no money. He was living with his cousin and hoping that Lisa could give him time to think. Lisa was the only girl friend Chad had, and they’ve been together for almost a year now.
    He stopped. He was here in front of Lisa’s house. The house was nice but Lisa was in dept big time. He knew telling money problems to some one who already has enough on there plate is stupid. So Chad put his hand on the clutch and almost threw the old truck into reverse, but then he figured it was probably better to start telling the truth more and pulled the car back in. He was going to have to do this soon and the longer he waited the worse. He took a deep breath and opened the door to his car. It was hard not physically but in the way how he knew this would be a bad idea.
    Chad was a man with wire spectacles ,pale skin and a lean body. He was tall and pale he had a stern look and a suit on at all times. He walked to the door and adjusted his glasses as his convinces sent a chill down his arm as he wrung the bell.
    “Hi Chad. Nice to see you come in,” said Lisa not knowing the anger she’d have in just a few minutes.
    “Lisa I have some bad news, please don’t get mad,” said Chad uncomforted. “I’ve been lying all this time about having money and any idea to make a book. And I think my finance situation is worse than yours with all the school bills. I’ve graduated now and I have no way of starting a career, no ideas at all. And plus I-” Chad stopped he knew there relationship was over. He read the look on Lisa’s face and it told him to get out of the house. She told him to. Man that was a bad idea, he thought as he walked out the door.
    He drove just out of side of her house. He pressed the breaks. His face was red hot with anger. It was almost like he was a steaming pot ready to explode.
    “I trusted her! I trusted her I I .I I I I,” he was muttering through his teeth with his knees and arms a curved up to his chest like a red egg. Then he threw his body down legs and hand with a loud accidental honk of his horn.
    He paused for a moment he could not believe the noise he made. Then his eyes looked into the rear view mirror. It was Lisa walking straight towards his car. He let out a heavy sigh of oh great not again. He rolled down the window and saw her face.
    “I thought about it,” she said, “and I’m sorry.”
    What ever I’m done. He thought.
    “Hmmm. Let me think?” he said already knowing the answer would be no with his flaming rage.
    SAY YES. An unfamiliar voice said with purpose in his head.
    “Well are you going to answer?” she said.
    “Well I um?’” he said his eyes rushing around. His head now hurting
    And in the next couple seconds the voice got louder and louder. Lisa was saying something but he couldn’t hear her. SAY YES! SAY YES! SAY YES! SAY YES! The voice got louder until it was a blood curdling scream that was about to make his ears pop. He didn’t under stand though? This wasn’t his thought. This was completely different.
    Then he said something completely out of panic, “NO! GET OUT LEAVE!” and it stopped and he suddenly regretted it. Why did he do that? And she walked back to her house and he drove away slowly.

    As he drove to the store to get groceries for him and his cousin a rush of thoughts went through his head. “You should’ve listened to me idiot,” said his mind. “What are you going to write about now no money no ideas you don’t even have a topic”. Then he decided, horror, it was the easiest thing there was. He came to the conclusion that he would decide with his older cousin Caleb who had always helped him in the past.
    He walked to the store and decided he would need experience with being scared if he was going to write a scary book. He then found the loop hole in his horror plan because he was scared of nothing, so how would scare people? He would at least get scared him self. For he didn’t know what scary was. I’ll ask Caleb he thought and walked into to the store.
    Chad got what he needed and Caleb needed there and was walking until some thing caught his eye, donuts. Mmm, Chad liked donuts. Then he remembered he had no money except for the food money from Caleb witch he used up except for 10$ witch wasn’t nearly enough donuts for Chad. The way he decides to get money was scratch cards witch he had bought loads of (and not won a single penny.) Hey maybe it was his lucky day. He put it in the 10$ category with a max prize of half a million. He got the card witch was called money fruit. He read the instructions and winning seemed very unlikely to Chad now. It had simple instructions for prizes. 1000$ = 5 grapes, 10,000$ = 10 grapes, 100,000$ = 50 grapes, 200,000$ = 100 grapes, 400,000$ = 25 bananas, 500,000$ = 100 bananas. Chad than became very sad because he sensed there would be no donuts. He realized he wasted 10$ dollars and gave the card a very mean look. “What ever stupid paper,” he whispered. He scratched it out any way in pain, (he chewed his nails down far when he was riding to Lisa’s house) all 100 panels and dropped his mouth wide because not once in his life had he seen 100 beautiful assorted bananas.
    He quickly rushed out of the store and into the car breathing franticly. Chad had never ever won in his life. He was a believer in karma but was still Christian and right now he had not done any good to be rewarded for. Maybe, he thought, it’s because a bad thing happened to me? He marked that down as a stupid idea. What am I going to do with it, he thought, doesn’t matter I’ll decide later. It was the most exciting moment of his life. He felt like a new part of him had been born and the old part died. He’d never felt such emotion in his life. He had made a mistake that was so close to being fixed. He was extremely angry wale he was celebrating the happiest moment of his life. He would have a life now but for how long would this last. He still needed to become a writer but had chosen what now seemed like the worst topic. How do you scare someone and include story? He just decided to calm down and drive home, Caleb’s home.
    He started getting the feeling that all this was something important he didn’t know why though. For some reason he felt like he did some thing he was not supposed to do. Maybe he’d messed some thing up. He felt like he had made tow terrible decisions three actually. 1. Decide on writing horror, 2. Bought a scratch card, 3. Throw some thing of balance. It gave him a sick feeling in his stomach, an eerie one to.

    Mean while in a place far, far away Moe had lost his job. He wasn’t supposed to let this happen. Because of Chad Moe had lost one of the most important things in the history of history. He was going to make Chad pay, all he needed was an excuse. He was going to give Chad the worst year of his life. Because now Moe would be just a normal angel in a year all he needed now though was revenge. He needed Chad to mess up. Because Chad was never meant to be a writer no he was meant to change the world and the mistakes Moe made messed up the way life was supposed to go. Moe was America’s guardian angel, elected 26 years ago and he messed and he finally threw what was supposed to happen over board. He had a year to fix it but what he was going to do was screw it up. He was going to kill Chad.

    heres the url for chapter 2 http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=102056919#title