• Brianna opened her notebook carefully,sitting on the edge of the pier.Taking out her pen she started to write three words."I love you" she whispered to the sea.She ripped out the paper & put it into a little glass bottle.She threw the bottle out to sea & it got swallowed up by the soft blue waves."Brianna!Brianna!"Brianna heard.She picked up her school bag & put it over her shoulder."Coming!"She shouted to the faint voice.She ran back into her little house.

    Brianna was only sixteen.Very pretty & mature looking.She had Jade green eyes as big as the moon.Her soft hair the color of hazel.Quite stunning but she held secrets.She had always loved the sea.From the time she was a baby til now.Always.

    Walking into the little front door she smiled at her mother who was making a delicious stew."How was school?" Her mother asked.Brianna frowned."Perfect.It was just fine."Brianna lied.Brianna was always bullied for being different.Her moms smile grew bigger but Brianna was lying & her mother didn`t know the truth.Brianna skipped into her small bedroom she shared with her two fish "Mitchie" & "Andrew"."Oh Babes!You guys look so sick"Brianna cried worryingly.She tipped a bit of food into the bowl then jumped on her bed to read her book about,you guessed it,the sea.

    "Wake up Bri Bri!!"A voice called to her inside her mind."Wait what?"She responded.She opened her eyes.She must have fallen asleep.It was about 1am.She flicked the light on & two people were there."Wow!Get out,burglars"She cried.Brianna thought quick & picked up a near by baseball bat."Stay back"She said."Wow!Hey Calm down there BriBri"The boy smiled.Brianna felt a sudden rush of trust to this boy."Do I know you?"She asked."You more than know me.You own me,master."Brianna looked uncertain."What is your name?"She then asked."I am Andrew & this is my sister Mitchie."Brianna let the baseball bat drop with such a thud her mother came into the room with shock."Babes are you alright?"Her mother said holding Briannas shoulders."I`m fine.I think I took to many allergy pills."

    The next day,Brianna was still in shock.I mean her fish were alive?A knock on the door.It was Torrie."Hey BayBay.You ok you look sick."Torrie asked."I`m fine.I swear."insisted Brianna."Ok hun whatever you say biggrin "Torrie chuckled.Torrie was like one of the only friends Brianna had."Do you believe in magic Torrie?"Brianna wondered."Magic?No!Thats for children."snorted Torrie.Brianna stumbled through the whole day shocked.She barely pulled herself together for her favourite class.Choir.

    During Choir,The teacher Misses.Coscurd asked Brianna to sing since she has a lovely singing voice."You want me to sing.I can`t sing i`m sorry."croaked Brianna."I`m sorry Brianna.You`ll have to."Snapped Misses.Coscurd.Brianna stood up.She breathed heavily."C`mon & sing already."Someone shouted.Brianna opened her mouth & shuddered.A salty taste came into her mouth but in the end she sang a beautiful song about falling in love on the beach with a guy.surrounded by saltwater.