• Lilith sat at the table, her hands on her lap, her feet not even touching the floor; she swung them back and forth like most 10 year old kids her age would. Genesis walked in staring at her for a brief moment, then taking a seat across from her, "Good morning Lilith," he greeted her like he would always. Raising her head to look at him with shy look she would repeat the greeting, "Good morning..." They sat and ate quietly together, until Lilith stopped and pushed her plate away gently, making the man across from her look up in question, "What's wrong? Are you feeling sick?" Lilith shook her head, "It's not my stomach, it's my head..." Genesis stood up, "Let me see it," before placing his hand over her brow before stating, "Well you don't have a fever, are you feeling dizzy?" Lilith frowned faintly, but shook her head replying, "Only somewhat...," as she let her eyes drift shut for a fast moment. She grew quiet, that it almost unnerved Genesis; in his prior knowledge, children, about Lilith's age were never this quiet, they were usually loud and rambunctious, but he understood why Lilith was the way she was.
    Suddenly she spoke calmly as if there was never any headache at all, "Genesis," she asked his name, he nodded, murmuring, "Don't worry I'm still here..." She opened her which were now slanted, "Genesis," she said softly, "What would you say if I told I don't like Sephiroth..?" Genesis wrinkled his brow in confusion, "I would ask why? But Lilith do you really dislike Sephiroth?" Lilith nodded faintly, Genesis leaned away from her, his eyes glowing, "Did he say something to you? Something to scare you or threaten you? Did he do something to you?" Lilith shook her head, making Genesis feel relieved although the next words that came out of her mouth only renewed his worry, and anger, "No he didn't not yet at least..." It was quiet again until Lilith chose to speak up though what she said made him speechless; "Make him go away..." Genesis stared at her, the look in her eyes pleading to him, he answered, "I can't do that," his answer alone brought an aggravated expression onto her face, she look at him once more with pleading eye, "Please..." Genesis looked at her in thought, before coming to a solution, "I tell you what, you tell me why, and I promise, that he won't be coming by this place how about that?" Lilith aggravated expression turned into one of hopelessness, defeat, resignation, but acceptance, she nodded. "Now tell me why," Genesis asked, staring into her eyes. Lilith answered in a calm, but trembling, shaky voice, "He scares me, he's going to kill everyone, and he's going to hurt me even worse..." Genesis gazed at her intensely, "What makes you think he would do that?" Lilith bit her quivering lip, her eyes searched at empty spaces past Genesis restlessly, almost hopefully trying to find an answer as they watered up with tears, she said something that made a shiver run down Genesis' back, he did his best to suppress it: "His Mother promised that she would make him hurt me, she'll make sure that he'll keep hurting me, and so that he'll never leave me alone..."