• *Chapter 1*

    "I remember being shoved into my locker. Being called 'fat a**'. Having my head shoved down a toilet, gasping for air. Not eating was hard- but I all I wanted was to be skinny. They made me do it. They all taunted me. I didn't want to be a fatty. I want to die. I've ******** up my life so much, that I welcome death. I want it all to be ov-"

    "BREE!!" my mother shreiked. I turned off the tape recorder, and hid it under my bed. Then I pulled the covers up to my chin. I heard my mother curse, as she tried to climb up the stairs. She was drunk. When she finally got to the top of the stairs, she flung my bedroom door open. In the process I heard her glass fall to the ground, the arome of vodka filling up the room.

    "s**t!" she mumbled. I heard her try and pick it up, but forgot about it, and came to try and wake me up with a shove. I tried to pretend I was asleep. Then she decided dragging me off the bed by my hair was a better idea. I screamed at the top of my lungs, but she just laughed and pulled harder. I dug my nails into her arm- nothing. I thrashed about so much, I thought if she didn't let go soon she would rip off my head. Thank God I still had my jeans on- my lighter was still in the back pocket. I pulled it out, and watched the flame burn her flesh. She howled and finally let go, stumbling into the darkness of the hallway. I slowly got up rubbing my head. I tip toed into the hallway, looking into pitch black. Where the hell did she go. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I felt uneasy, like someone was watching me, but as I squinted I couldn't see anything. Then my mother came barreling through the darkness, and pushed me as hard as she could. The last thing I remember, was laying at the bottom of the stairs in a heap.