• Kristen's POV:
    The night was dark, only the pale glow of the flickering streetlamps. I watched as Haylee stepped out onto her doorstep, and looked around for me. Catching my eyes, she hurried across the road, not caring to look around for cars. They wouldn't be out this late. I was positive.
    "Hey, Kristen," she cried, flinging her arms around me. "I knew you'd make it!"
    "Yeah, great, um, gee Haylee, give me some breathing room," I said.
    She giggled. Then her face grew serious.
    "How come you couldn't just come over to my house? And why couldn't I tell mom or dad?"
    I hesitated. "Well... you see... oh, yeah, my parents don't like the sound of you. Dunno why," I added, as her jaw dropped.
    "Oh. Well. Um. Ok," she said.
    "Sorry. I shouldn't have told you," I apologised.
    "Well, thats ok. So, why did you want me to come meet you out here at midnight?" she wanted to know.
    "Well... I guess that's all. To tell you that."
    "Oh. Well. See you. I guess, if that's all."
    "No, wait. Do you want to come and make daisy chains?" I asked.
    "Sure!" she said, and followed me to a big oak tree.
    An hour later...
    "Ok. I must be getting home by now. Thanks, Kristen!"
    She waved.
    She went onto the road.
    She didn't see the lorry.
    She was down.

    Haylee's POV:
    In hospital. It stunk. I was in a big ward full of other children and teens, some younger than me.
    One of them had an ugly perfume on, which was basically why the room smelt bad, and one of the parents of a three year old looking kid complained, so the woman with the perfume was moved to a private ward.
    My leg was broken. Gee, it's not THAT bad. It did hurt, though, but I was unconcious most of the while.
    Kristen was nowhere to be seen. 'Ugh, what a crappy surprise. My FAMILY aren't even here, never mind HER. I guess that's what you get when you only have a mom who works away most of her life' I thought.

    Kristen's POV:
    Haylee had only just recovored from her injury. We were now just sitting by an acorn tree, near to a bar. We weren't planning on going IN, or anything, just that the tree looked shaded.
    "Well, thanks for coming to visit me in hospital," she said, sarcastically.
    "What? Oh. Well. Sorry," I said, guiltily.
    "You're some friend." she snapped, and stomped off.
    "Wait! Haylee! I got a dare! If you can win the dare, then, sure, I'll apologise and you can be the leader of our gang!"
    "We're no gang!" she replied, but stopped and turned around. "What KIND of dare?"
    "I dare YOU to stand on the roof of this bar. I'll do it too!"
    "Uh, risk my life, AGAIN? Kristen, shut up." she said, but her eyes were gleaming.
    "C'mon, Haylee. You know you want to!"
    She climbed up the drain pipe and up to the roof. I followed.
    "Hey, now, I dare you to jump off! It's ok, watch me!"
    I ran to the edge, and jumped.
    I flew threw the sky, and landed on the ground on two feet.

    Haylee's POV:
    "NOW YOU!" she cried from below.
    For me, it was no longer a life-or-death situation. No, it was like the time when I was three and Kristen had dared me to eat a worm. "Can you eat a worm? I can eat TWO. Watch ME!" and I had eaten one and thrown up violently into my momma's best apron.
    "FINE!" I yelled, and jumped off.
    There went my life.

    Haylee is back at hospital...
    Kristen was here, now. I was in a private ward. I'd broken just about every bone in my body. I couldn't move. These would be my last words.
    The nurse was standing next to me, with panic in her eyes. "She won't make it," she told a doctor close by.
    "KRISTEN!" I groaned. "This is your fault..."
    "Kristen? Who's Kristen? Sweetie... I think you're hallucinating..."
    Kristen grinned her last grin, and slowly disappeared.

    Looked like she hadn't ever been there before.
    What a fool. I felt I had betrayed myself. She was imaginary. My own imaginary friend, who I controlled, had just betrayed me.
    "I'm such an idiot..." I whispered, and closed my eyes to welcome to darkness, sweeping over me, of death.