• By Broken_Reaper

    Years ago way before our time the earth was dark at night, No lights to guide them through the sea of darkness.
    Travelers had to get to an Inn before night fall or they'll surely be lost, Children quickly ran to their houses to their families making sure to get home before the night came.
    you see stars weren't there to guide them at night, It was just darkness, the moon wasn't bright enough, it just illuminated enough to where people could see it but not the things around them.

    A man named theodore had a sick daughter at home.
    Her name was star, He doesn't know how his late wife came up with that name but he didn't mind, the name seemed to suit her well.
    His daughter became gravely ill two years ago on her tenth birthday and has been bed ridden ever since.
    He was a doctor of some sort but he could not find a cure for this mysterious illness. He used different types of herbs but each time she would just remain the same.
    One day he came home to her and she was much worse than she ever was, He feared she didn't have long to live. He came to her side as she stared out the window into the darkness straining to see what was out there.
    "Father, I want to see the things I could see in the day but at night." Ever since she was little Star would wish this every night, she even prayed that Somehow a light would come to lift the veil of darkness.
    "My dear daughter, you know this isn't possible. No light can penetrate that darkness."
    She shook her head. "Father, oh father. You obviously don't believe it is so hard enough. When I die; which should be soon I shall allow my soul to scatter across the night sky and illuminate the darkness away. That way I could be of some use to this poor earth." He hated to see her this way. Always thinking of others when it her she should be concerned about.
    "Then that won't happen for a long time, you shall die as an old lady that everyone shall miss."
    She smiled. "Father, Don't lie. I have a feeling that tonight is the night the darkness shall be lifted." She took his hand in hers, the light from her eyes was glazed over with the shadow of death.
    she smiled at him warmly before her eyes came to a close, before she died she said. "don't worry father, I shall be here with you for all eternity...." Her last words brought tears to the mans eyes as he saw his daughters face grow pale and her hand slide from his.
    As he cried a light came from the girl's body. It was a pale white color but glowed brightly, The man looked up at it and tried to touch it. But, It quickly flew out the window and into the sky. It scattered into countless bright specks and covered the sky.
    He looked all around and was able to see tress swaying in the midnight air, animals scurry across the ground and people stare out their windows in amazement at the glorious sight.
    He smiled warmly a tear shed down his cheek as he looked to see a cluster of this specks form a flower. He smiled at it and stared off into the sky. "My daughter has brought light to this god forsaken world, and thus "Stars" have been born." He walked to a chair and sat down laughing as tears stained his coat.
    The next day he told people what happened and they spread the news throughout the lands, spreading the news of the glistening stars that ahall guide them through darkness.

    That was kinda sad! I hoped you enjoyed it...*sniff* WAHHH!!!! crying