• Chapter 1


    Katelyn woke up in the small student apartment. The sun was rising and Katelyn had to cover her eyes for a second before her eyes adjusted themselves to the strong light. Her head was aching and she felt the heavy taste of whiskey and tequila on her tounge. She rolled over in her bed, thinking "What have I done to deserve this?".
    What had happened last night anyway? How had she gotten so drunk? All she could remember those twenty something drinks... Oh my god! I'm an ******** alcoholic!.
    The thought ran through Katelyn's head like fire. It only made her headache even worse. A hand suddenly touched her waist.
    "Are you awake already?" the voice asked. It was soft and caring. Katelyn felt good.
    "Is it you, Nathalie?" she asked. Nathalie kissed Katelyn softly on her neck. Katelyn giggled.
    "Stop that! You know what I think about it!" Katelyn said.
    "How did I get so drunk yesterday anyway? Could you tell me?" Katelyn asked. Oh my god! She had gone in bed with her best friend! What the ******** is wrong was wrong with her!? Katelyn asked herself. She ran towards the bathroom and just in time she bent over the toilet. She puked.
    "Oh my god..." she said.
    I will never drink again in my whole life... She thought. But of course she would. She knew she would.

    Katelyn was standing in the hallway with a sandwich in her mouth and trying to grab her two bags and her phone.
    "s**t, I'm gonna be late for work!" she yelled. Nathalie was sitting in the living room, hearing Katelyn.
    "Well, better late than never, right?" Nathalie said.


    Alicia opened her eyes. Lying in the small connector, it was so uncomfortable. Alicia just hoped it all would end as soon as possible.
    "Please enter your password" the computer generated voice said. Alicia entered the password and stepped out of the small connector. A man in a white professor coat came towards Alicia and smiled.
    "You did great today" the professor said. Alicia looked at him with her cold, blue eyes. They seemed to penetrate the professor's mind. The professor looked away, slightly ill.
    "Don't give me that look, please! You're my child, okay? Me and my wife raised you for good things" he said and hugged Alicia. A normal child would have felt a warm, comforting feeling with the hug. Alicia only felt nothing. She didn't knew what she was doing.
    "I'm sorry..." she said. The professor sighed.
    "Okay, I tell you what... I'm gonna get a week off. Then, how about we go on a nice vacation, just you, me and mother?" he asked. Alicia thought about it for a second. Her father worked really hard and was almost never home. Her dad did deserve the vacation.
    "Okay!" Alicia said and smiled. A fake smile. Again. She turned around and looked down on the floor.
    "Is there something wrong?" her father asked. Alicia shook her head, then she turned back and hugged her father.
    She closed her eyes and took in the smell of the perfume her father had on him.


    Jennifer knew what it all was about from the very beginning she started on the project. Of course she knew, otherwise she wouldn't have imagine herself creating it. One thing that troubled her was how she would get the time to accomplish it. She had so much to do as a student, and she had only one hour every day to write. It felt so empty, with her room mate moving out and all. She knew deep inside herself that she was a annoying dickhead who talked constantly and laughed at absolutely nothing, but even all those things, she missed her room mate for some wierd reason. She was sitting up late at night, studying. The room was almost completely dark except from the small light from the desk lamp hanging from the top of the roof. Her eyes felt like glue, but she knew she needed to study. She rubbed the tiredness from her eyes and continued reading through her own notes. Her head ached, and she knew she couldn't hold on any longer. So she turned off the light and went to sleep.