• Chapter One

    Mira yawned sleepily, and rubbed her eyes. Darkness. A black figure. That was all she remembered since Papa had been taken away. She sighed and pulled herself out of bed. Crunch. She stood up, electrified by the sudden sound. Mira looked around and found a manila envelope under her feet. There was a burgundy ribbon with glue on the back, stuck to the envelope's flap opening. She picked it up, just as her maid rapped sharply on the door. "Miss Mira? May I come in?" "Yes, Emily, open the door." Mira replied, sliding the envelope in her personal belongings drawer. Emily gently pushed the door open, revealing a breakfast tray with blueberry muffins and some juice. Mira nodded her thanks, and took the tray. She munched ravenously.
    It had been ten years since the incident. The evil lord, Hahan, killing, controlling, doing whatever he could to ruin Papa's kingdom. Mira had only been six, but those horrendous memories seemed to be etched in her mind. Now, Horona was peaceful, but there was a deal. When Mira turned 16, she would have to leave her home and go to Hahan. Then, her Papa could come back to Horona, but losing his daughter.
    Mira and her father exchanged letters constantly, updating each other on what was going on. Mira would soon bravely sacrifice herself for Horona, by going to Hahan. On the night of Mira's 16th birthday, which was coming in a matter of months, the full moon would shine, and Hahan would pick up Mira to go to his evil kingdom, Tokoro. Mira handed Emily the tray. "Thank you, Emily. You can leave now." "Yes, Miss Mira." Emily curtsied and exited the room. Mira got dressed and slipped on her ballet flats.
    Running down the stairs, she ran into Matsuda, the messenger. "Miss Mira! I have a message for you!" "Yes, Matsuda?" "Your mother wants to see you immediately in the parlor." "Thanks, Matsuda, I'm heading there right now." Matsuda bowed and hurried upstairs. As he ran, Mira saw a white envelope on the stairs. Matsuda had dropped it. She picked it up, and it was from Papa! And it was for her! She tucked it in her own sequined messenger bag and dashed into the parlor. "Hello, Mama." Mira sat down on a plushy armchair and faced her mother.
    "Good morning, Mira. Did Emily bring up your breakfast?" "Yes, Mama." Mira replied. "Good. Now on to business. I heard from Sachiko-san that Hahan was plotting to have a ransom on Papa!" "WHAT!?" Mira gasped. It couldn't be true. Wasn't getting her enough?