• I entered the city of L.A hoping in this huge city that she won't follow me. after only two days of robbing fruit vendors and sleeping in homeless centers I decided that being homeless sucks and i started sleeping in alleys. ocassionally some a** would try and rob me but not only my looks remained, also my strength so they were no problem, until. one cold night i was laying under newspaper when suddenly the cold air got colder and at the end of the alley stood a odd figure that I easily recognize " thought you could escape huh Norville?"
    "edna!? how did you follow me this far"
    "you moron, i can fly so lets just end this here and let me infect you again so we can be together for ever at last"
    "you not getting it you twit i don't want the life you want it was bad enough you did this without my consent but forcing it upon me is just wrong you crazed mutant bat"
    "oh just shut up and hold still honeybunch!"
    with that she leaped and pinned me to the wall. I kicked her stomach and sent her to the other end."please don't do this you ruined my life once and so i don't want you anymore, we're through"
    nearby i saw a pile of broken wood. i bolted to the pile and managed to grab a splinter of it. Fate must favor me for she lunged again right as i turned around with the stick she blew up in a cloud of ash. this was the moment of pure happiness,finally my stalker was gone and i am finally free