• "I SAID TO SHUT UP!" he screamed at me. His fist collided into my head, knocking me sideways. Blood started dripping from my lip and cheek. I lost conciousness from hunger, shock, and pain.

    I awoke with the harsh yanking of my wrists. Ryan had pulled me out of the car and down some steps. We were in a dark building. It smelled damp, and mildew-y, and cold. Very cold.

    "Pull out one of your hairs." He ordered. I stared at him. "I said PULL OUT ONE OF YOUR GODDAMN HAIRS!" His voice cracked a bit on the edge of hysteria. I now realized how instable he was. Not wanting to get punched again, I reached up and yanked out a hair from my head. The long silvery blonde strand was barely visible in the gloom. Ryan held his hand out, and I placed the hair on the palm.

    I barely rember him standing me up, and tying my wrists and ankles to this wooden contraption that had me standing up, but immobile. I hardly recall the low chuckling, as Ryan slowly sharpened a black knife. What I do remember is the pain.

    He started at the back of my hands. Gently pulling the knife down my arms and over my sholders. That damn knife was sharp. As soon as it touched my skin I was bleeding. Ryan continued down from my sholders across my back , and around my stomach and waist. Down, down, down to my legs and butt. Finnally, ending at my feet.

    I was dizzy with blood loss. Everything twisting and bending and spinning. I sagged in my bonds, unable to hold my body up. Wave after wave of pain hit, as my blood poured onto the floor. I didn't want to die, but it seemed like my only choice. I made my peace with God, and closed my eyes.

    But I didn't die.

    I opened my eyes and looked around at the dirty room. Ryan was gone, and some of the bleeding stopped. I came to my senses and screamed. Loud and long. Someone had to have heard me. I kept screaming until my throat was aching and my lungs were shot. Tears were pouring out fast now. What if I never got out? If no one found me? I was only 17. There was so much I want to do in life. I took a deep breath of air and screamed again.

    Then a sudden pounding at the steel door behind me. "Hello? Hello?!" yelled a muffled voice from the outside.

    "SAVE ME GOD DAMMIT!!" I screamed. The door opened and a ray of bright
    sunlight shone in. A buisness man who heard my screaming found me. He pulled out his cellphone immediatey after seeing my condition, and all the blood, to dial 911. I was rambling, saying thank you. I was crying, but they were tears of joy.

    The ambulance came in about ten minutes. I was cut down and gingerly set inside the van. The EMTs threw a blanket over me to cover my nakedness. I looked over to the businessman (who came since he was the one who found me) and my jaw dropped in surprise.

    It was Ryan.