• Vampire Ruler 3

    This building isn’t any different from your typical company. People in suits and with suit case in hand, on the phone and a front desk. Except the building have fewer windows and more darkness. When we got there it was still dark and Darren was told to stay clear. I walked to the front desk and slammed my hand on it. I interrupted the girl on the phone. She was startled and the moment she looked up she knew who it was. So she hung up and stood up to greet me.
    “C-Can I h-help y-you?”
    “Yeah, stop stuttering like an idiot.”
    “Y-Yes ma’am.” I sighed and it’s not like I meant to snap at her.
    “I want some of the elder’s time. I wish to see them as soon as possible.” She looks down on her schedule.
    “I-In three days.”
    “Wrong, I’m going to see them now.” I walked past her and toward the meeting room. A hand caught hold of me. Shocked, I turn around and there’s Darren with his puppy eyes again.
    “I think we’ve done enough here. We can just stay new here for a while. Plus, we can eat and I can shower.” Hesitant and angry I was consumed by his eyes. If not I was drowned in it by my own hands.
    “Fine but this time we are not drinking animal blood. I’m sick of drinking it.”
    “You can’t tell me what to do I’m your master. Aren’t you supposed to listen to me?” I smiled at him, a sinister smile.
    “But, if you listen to me I might do something in return.” Is it just me or is he red as heck? I glided towards him, closer and closer. I raise my arms and rest it around the back of his neck and rested my head on his shoulder. Never knew I was actually just a little bit shorter than him. A tear rolled down my cheek. Why am I crying? He whispered something in to my ear.
    “I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while.”
    “What is it?” I whispered back
    “I um… I l-” We hear someone clearing their throat and Darren looks up to see who it is. I turn around only to feel numb at the knees and I collapse.
    “Shawn, you ba-”
    “Uh-uh-uh! Watch your mouth before I rip it off of your face.” The atmosphere was tense and heavy. I burst out laughing, it couldn’t be helped.
    “Man, it has been a long time since I last saw you. I’ve missed you.” I ran into his open arms.
    “Jeez Serena must I do this every time?”
    “Well your started it!”
    “That’s true but it’s just funny.”
    “It really has been a long time.” Shawn started leaning in a little as if he were going to…
    “AHEM!” Shawn, startled, looked over at Darren.
    “What do you want?”
    “Yeah how about first you can get your hands off of what’s mine.” Shawn was baffled.
    “Right its sorry force of habit.”
    “Whatever just get far away from her.” His eyes turned a dark purple, not red. He was almost snarling at Shawn as if he was just dieing to rip his head off. Shawn lifted his hands away from me and backed away.
    “Hey it’s okay. I won’t kiss her just calm down.” Darren’s eyes turned back to its normal color. “No hard feelings?”
    “Darren it’s okay calm down. We’re going to go shower and get something to eat, just the two of us, how does that sound?”
    “Don’t worry you can stay at my place it’s not that far from here.”
    “Listen Shawn I think it’s better if we just get a hotel room somewhere else. That is before Darren uses unnecessary force.”
    “Alright whatever you say.” I left building in a hurry. We got a hotel room and stayed in door for the rest of the night.
    “Darren, you shouldn’t get mad over little things like that, okay?”
    “It’s just that he was leaning in as if he were going to kiss you! He even interrupted me when I had something important to say.”
    “I just don’t want trouble while were here and under the elder’s eagle eye.”
    “I know it’s just that I was going to tell you something. That idiot interrupted me anyways.” I laughed at him. “It’s not that funny.”
    “Yeah it is. Shawn isn’t just any idiot. He’s my idiot.” Darren just started snickering at me.
    “Will you at least let me explain?” He coughs a little.
    “Yeah go ahead.”
    “Shawn was the first person I ever bit and ever since then he’s done so many things to help out our society. They make exceptions for him all the time. He used to get me out of trouble all the time. Were like best friends I guess.”
    “I’m sorry I take my insult back.”
    “Thank you, well any ways I’m hungry.” There’s a loud knocking on the door.
    “Ill get it.” He gets up to get the door and as he’s touching the door knob…
    “Darren wait.”

    To be continued…