• Prologue

    (This takes place roughly 13 or 14 years before the actually story enjoy)

    As the rain crashed down on the ground, the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard as a large burly looking man ran across what appeared to be a courtyard as he ran the foul stench of death loomed over the courtyard across which was a countless score bodies that of men and others of dark monstrous beasts as the man ran he saw another man, smaller than him and of a lighter-built fighting one of the beast the creature far larger and more powerful from first appearance actually appeared to be decaying as they fought, the larger man yelled to the man fighting.
    “Gin we can’t hold them back at this rate we’ll lose the first and second year dorms” said the first man Gin dodges the beasts claws as they swing down causing the ground break from its tremendous strength as the beast lift its claw, Gin lunges at the beast with a flurry of fists to fast to be seen by a human eye Gin pummels the monster finishing it with a back flip to beast chin breaking the monsters lower jaw as it falls to the ground, as the man stands in awe of the attack, Gin says “stop that or you’ll face will get stuck that way Damos.” The man now known as Damos came to his senses and looked at Gin and said that we have to hurry were losing too much ground I’m worried about the students “then let’s go and save them” exclaimed Gin, as he ran across courtyard to what sounded like a war zone as they came to the end of the courtyard’s archway a field pouring out of what looked like an endless army locked in mortal combat the foul beasts Gin and Damos were fighting and soldiers, mages, and assassins on the other.
    As Gin and Damos watched the fighting a beast snuck up behind them completely oblivious it seemed to be the end of the two young heroes, when suddenly a man yells in an undistinguished language.
    “Pyruna De Infinitus
    Aegis Contego Mortalis”

    Suddenly the Gin and Damos where enshrouded in a strange light as the beast behind them burst into flames writhing in pain as it exhaled a final breathe of pain suddenly a man with black staff and scar on his face walked toward the young men and said a stern voice “you had better be more aware of your personal surroundings before you take a look at what’s going on around you” Prof. Arkham said Damos in a concerned voice “I thought that we lost you at the common area” Arkham scoffs and says “do I look like some feeble ol’ fool to you Damos” Damos taken aback and apologizes for assuming that Arkham was in danger or dead Gin interrupts this scene and asks Arkham “what are these thing sir?” Arkham turns and says “They are the Necrophages a group of undead mutated beasts the only thing that can stop them is the ultimate Necromancy technique Legion.” what’s that asked Gin inquisitively Arkham sighs in aggravation and says it is a beast created from the undead unlike a zombie, “Legion is a composite of hundreds of corpses not just one it takes time though even for an experienced necromancer.” Arkham goes on to say “I’ve asked the senior necromancers to perform the ritual to form a Legion beast but we need to get to the fourth tower in order to give them enough time.” Gin then say with joyous tone in his voice “Let’s go help them” Damos chimes in with a concern “what about the second and first years their cut off if something doesn’t happen soon they’ll be lost” Arkham responds “there’s no time they’re as good as dead anyway” Damos roars in outrage “HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT!!!!” Arkham says “I’m being realistic if they’re not dead then they’ve been infected and will mutate into a necrophage themselves and kill everyone who isn’t” Damos yells at Arkham “how can you say that there still is a chance that some of them might still be alive.“ Arkham responds to Damos as being too optimistic and unrealistic Damos then begs to Gin “you don’t think that why to do you Gin?” Gin says in calm voice “we barely got out of the fights we’ve been in as it is we all that’s left of the Fourth Brigade their all dead” Damos the yells at Gin “What about Aurora she’s at the second tower?!” she’s dead by now says Arkham, Gin silent after Arkham’s comment then calmly says Let’s go save Aurora, Damos shocked Arkham protests forbidding Gin to go on what would surely be a fool’s errand but despite his best efforts Gin and Damos where already on their way to the Second tower and their friend Aurora.
    As the storm increases with its furiosity a lone warrior clad in light black armor fought against the increasing numbers of necrophages to protect two young children one of whom calls to her “senpai, Michael isn’t looking to good that monster’s scratch is getting worse” as the warrior turned her hair shining from a flash lightning the foul beasts lunge at her in a attempt to strike a death blow to the warrior, but when it looks like it’s over the young warrior dodges it within mere centimeter of her face she then counter with a flash of strikes from the twin blade daggers she brandished and said “don’t underestimate assassins take that bit of knowledge with you on your journey to the next world” suddenly the necrophage began to fall apart like a jigsaw puzzle, suddenly the young assassin’s concerned turned to the injured boy the young girl looking after him asked the young assassin “do you think he will be okay Aurora-senpai” Aurora turned to her and smiled saying “yes we just need to get him to a medical healer Nanaoi.” A loud howl came from the distance Aurora picked up the injured Michael and told Nanaoi to follow her as they ran across the large plain fights could be seen and heard all around them as warriors and mages fell to the overwhelming numbers of undead monsters who came after them, as the young assassin tried to keep the children safe she couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness as this sense of self-pity consumed her Aurora was snapped back to reality by Nanaoi’s scream of terror as they a massive necrophage devour and grow larger as it feasted on the bodies its fallen brothers and enemies the beast then begins to protrude a mass of tentacles from its back this protrusion then attack Aurora and her young charges laying Michael softly on the ground, Aurora jumps in the air pulling her weapons from their sheaths located on her waist belt attacking the amorphic appendages on the monster with little a veiled effect other then enraging the beast even more so and increasing the number of tendrils the monster could attack with suddenly Aurora hears a soft voice saying something
    “Pyrus Demonico”

    Suddenly a massive flame shaped like a winged demon attacks the necrobehemoth burning its tendrils of causing it to roar in pain as Aurora turns she sees Nanaoi preparing to cast another fire spell on the beast, Aurora then smirks and then prepares to launch a attack of her own to slow down the mammoth beast from noticing the young mage but it already is fully aware of Nanaoi and launches a volley of tendrils at the young mage unable to stop them all Aurora can only watch in horror as her young friend is impaled by the massive necrophage suddenly a massive blade cuts the tendrils before they have a chance to hurt Nanaoi standing over her like giant is Damos with a kind smile on his face suddenly from above Gin shouts “Shining fist” his signature attack as falls left fist glows with a intense light as he releases it on the monster from its blind spot as it connects the monster explodes with masses of decaying flesh flying across the air as massive mound begins to move Aurora and Damos raise their guard for a fight as Gin bursts out screaming in disgust as he proclaims “get it out get it out it’s in my mouth” stunned Aurora and Damos suddenly break out laughing at their sludge covered friend and even Nanaoi can be seen quietly chuckling at the ridiculous hero.
    As the laughter settles down Aurora asks how Damos and Gin knew about her location Damos tells her that one of her comrades manage to make it to the common grounds and told them just as they were preparing to search for her they then tell her that they should go the fourth tower to help defend the necromancer as they prepare to summon the Legion to put an end to this nightmare, suddenly Michael the injured boy begins crying in pain grabbing his arm as it is the source of his discomfort as Damos examines the young man he sees strange spots increasing on arms he quickly tells everyone to get away from the boy Aurora and telling her to not get near him as Nanaoi tries to help the boy Damos yell for her to get away from the boy as she continues to ignore the warrior and treat him suddenly Michael’s shirt begins ripping and his arm begins to change with the rest of his body suddenly grabbing Nanaoi against his control Michael screams of pain change to that of monstrous as his cloths tear and rip from his expanding body soon looming over Nanaoi is a necrophage that then proceeds to devour her Damos pulls his sword and prepares to kill him when suddenly Aurora grabs him and manages to stop him telling to stop and says there may be away to save him Gin grabs her tells her there isn’t the boy she had tried to help was dead along with Nanaoi and this is the only way as Damos tries to kill the necrophage Michael the beast is able to block and defend itself against his slow and open attacks, Aurora then tells Gin to let her go a feeling of rage on her face as she pulls her weapons out she tells Damos to stand back Damos pulls back suddenly she release a wave of energy that actually stuns the fledgling necrophage suddenly her weapons glow and she tells Michael “you wanted to see my weapon in its mature form correct Michael” her voice breaking as she holds back her emotions suddenly Aurora cries out “Awaken from your sandy tomb Scopina Diabolos“ suddenly the short daggers that were once only weapons are now a part of Aurora’s Body two massive claws now cover where her hands where the armor she wore has also changed now covering her body more over with spiked stiletto heels and a massive tail covering her braided hair and capable of its own movement suddenly in a flash she tears off the beast left arm and then pierces it with the tail and lifting effortlessly and dropping him for a guillotine drop his head rolling on the ground crush by her heels, after that ordeal all Aurora could do was fall to the ground and cry for the children she couldn’t save crying “thirteen, thirteen years old they hadn’t even had the opportunity to live a life” her sobbing preventing her to continue further, Gin and Damos silently standing over her the somber scene was interrupted by the intrusion of countless necrophages seeking the three heroes deaths Gin and Damos stand back to back suddenly Aurora stands to back with them and exclaims I want hit something into oblivion Gin proceeds to make the crack “take your pick there are dozens of dozens of candidates” Damos stoically remains silent suddenly they attack and as the three prepare to met their end a massive tentacle kills a massive drove of the beasts as the three turn to the sky a massive mound of floating flesh with a massive eye proceeds to kill the necrophages suddenly Prof. Arkham and a group of gothic mages appear most adorn with some form of skeletal adornment or paraphernalia Arkham tells the 3 heroes. “It’s good see that none of you are dead we manage to summon Legion with what little help was left” Aurora diverts her vision way from Arkham as he turns to look at the dismembered body of the necrophage Michael he then tells Aurora his sorry for the lost of innocent life and tells her “the best way to put this to bed is to live on for them and make sure to try with all of her might to ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself” after which he tells everyone to get ready kick those damn undead ******** out of their school.
    After being inspired by the Prof. the Legion is attacked a massive part of its body falls to the ground it roars in pain the necromancer try to maintain but it’s no use the core of the beast was damaged and can’t maintain its form any long unfortunately the beast fall apart right over the necromancer the weight and density of Legion far greater than that of the necrophages and the necromancer where surely dead suddenly a massive wave of fire turns legion into ash and his the blown on the necrophages causing them to decay and fall apart suddenly wise looking old man appears Arkham exclaim “Headmaster where have you been?” The man looks to Arkham and says in a calm domineer “Oh around” then raising the long staff in his hand he shouts “Reveal yourself you demon” suddenly a bright flash emits from the staff and a figure in the sky appears cloaked in a shroud of darkness its face was covered by a frightening and grotesque mask.
    Gin suddenly unleashes a massive roar followed by a massive wave of energy that blows everyone back then growls fiercely “so, you’re the one that caused all this pain and sorrow” the figure just stares at Gin as his power boils of growing fiercer as his rage continues to grow “because of you Aurora lost those kids, because of you we lost are friends and loved ones” suddenly the energy begins to focus toward Gin’s arm and toward his fist then with a mighty how Gin proclaims “you want all that of it then I’ll give it to you, all of my anger, all of my sorrow, all of my hopes and dreams, and my unbridled passion take it all and drown in it.” Gin then leaps in the air and strikes the creature a bright flash……
    “Damos…wake up”
    Damos snorts and then looks around a woman looking down on him smiles slightly then says “we have to hurry or we’ll miss orientation you know what Arkham will do to if were late to an orientation” Damos gets up and pulls his hair back to reveal a scar on the upper left corner of his forehead and say “wait up Aurora” the woman stops and says that’s not my name anymore Damos says sorry and then tells her “sorry “Juri” I had that dream again it was like I was back their again… that night” Juri tells Damos to not think about and the two run down a hall turning to run out of sight.