• A month later:

    Zane and I had been together a whole month and one week now. We tried our best to make Grant and Kendra jealous but it didn’t matter what we did nothing seemed to bother them. Once in a while they would break but then they would act as if nothing happened. But we weren’t giving up. Zane and I would still rant on to each other and fight but it was better. But we hadn’t kissed since that night.

    “Oh would you just shut up!” Zane complained as we came into my house.

    “You shut up! I’m the one who has to deal with you!” I yelled. He threw himself down onto the couch dramatically. “Drama queen,” I muttered. He grinned.

    “Get me something to eat.” he ordered grabbing the TV buttons.

    “What do I look like? Your slave?” I said putting my hands on my hips. He looked me up and down and was about to say something but I put a finger up. “Just don’t answer that.” he laughed. I went up stairs and changed out of my tight clothes. I put on a pair of my loose jeans and a tank top. I put my hair up in a pony tail and went back down stairs. I cooked grilled cheese and got two beers from the frig. My parents wouldn’t be home till late so why not? I went back into the living room and slapped his plate down onto the coffee table. He looked up his eyes wide. “What?” I asked frowning. I pushed his feet and sat down. He kept looking at me strangely.

    “Oh…nothing,” he forced his eyes away from me and I kept frowning as I bit into my sandwich. I handed him over a beer and he raised an eyebrow. I shrugged and opened mine. It tasted awful but I really didn’t care. We were watching an old rerun of Smallville. I loved the show.

    “So, you watch this?” I asked taking another swig of my drink. He nodded.

    “Yeah, it’s cool.”

    Five beers for both of us, 4 episodes of Smallville and 4 hours later and we were loopy. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Chloe would reject him like that!” I yelled my hands flopping by my sides. Zane and I were lounged on the couch our heads almost touching our bodies hang off the couch.

    “But Clark was being an a**! He deserved it.” I rolled my eyes.

    “But she is his friend she should be ok with what every Clark decides.” Zane sighed.

    “It’s just the way it is.” I frowned. Our words had slurred halfway through our second beer. Wow who knew you could get buzzed off of that! It was dark out and I didn’t know when my parents would be home. Zane blew out a breath and I looked over at him. My mind was foggy again. My body over took me before I could even control it. I sat on my knees and looked down at Zane. He looked up at me then saw something in my eyes. His eyes got serious for a moment then turned drunkenly happy. He grabbed my waist and yanked me down on top of him. I gave out a shriek giggle and started kissing him. Our legs got tangled together and I ran my hands through his hair. I didn’t care if I was drunk! This was good! And even though I didn’t exactly feel drunk he didn’t know that. So tomorrow if he asks why I kissed him I’ll say I was drunk, not that I actually I might have feelings for him and wanted to kiss him so badly. And he was too so he’ll think we both were and didn’t mean to. Yes it’s perfect! And he was drunk. The way he was holding me the way he was kissing me was like nothing before! He was defiantly drunk! Our tongues came together and I moaned. He kissed my neck and I smiled my eyes closed. Man this felt so good! I was hot. He kissed down my throat to the middle of my chest where a freckly was. He kissed it and I felt lust for him. Or more then that? Then his phone vibrated. We both jumped and he pushed me off him. I grumbled and stood up. He grabbed his phone washing off his mouth with the back of his hand.

    “Yeah?” he asked out of breath. “Mom!.....yeah….what’s wrong?....” worry started in my stomach. He clenched his teeth. “Yeah, I’ll be there……its ok…..yeah I’m coming home.” he stood up and looked at me putting his shoes on. “Listen I got to go.” his words were crisp and clear.

    “Why? Is something wrong?” I asked. He shook his head.

    “No, well I’m not sure. But I have to go.” he stood up and wobbled a little.

    “Wait should you really be driving?” he half smiled at me.

    “Yeah I’m fine.” I nodded. He came over to me and stared down into my eyes. “Bye,” he said and then left. I heard his car start up and blew out a quivering breath. Wow that was exciting! I thought. But wait. You don’t like him remember? I asked myself. I nodded.

    “Yeah I don’t like him.” I’m just using him. I thought and smiled.

    “Olivia?” I was in my room doing homework that night when my mom called. I went down the stairs and she was in the kitchen holding empty beer cans.

    “Mom, I-I-I….I can explain,” I stuttered. She shook her head.

    “How many did you drink?” she asked.

    “Just five and Zane had five too,” she sighed and closed her eyes.

    “Olivia I’m disappointed but I’m not going to ground you.” I looked at her surprised. “What? Why?” she laughed and smiled.

    “Their none alcoholic sweetie,” my mouth fell to the ground as she came over to me and kissed my forehead. “Night,” I swear a fly went into my mouth. If I wasn’t drunk….and he wasn’t drunk….we were both sober…..that means….I gulped. We both did that. We both wanted to make out. With each other.

    “None alcoholic beer…..mother fu—“