Your vision goes red with blood. No matter if you open or close your eyes, the blood images are still crystal clear.

    .:{{Kai's Perspective}}:.

    I despised the power of an immortal. If Hisao disallowed Arisa and I to leave, I couldn't disobey him. If Hisao disallowed me to attack him, I couldn't disobey him. He possessed the kind of omnipotent power to cease Vampires' actions. No matter how much Arisa and I desired to leave, it was impossible unless Hisao allowed it...for me, at least.

    My shoulder and clavicle were uncomfortable after feeling the splintered bones healing. They were healing quickly and it stung just a fragment. Arisa continued to cling to me with her frail hands gripping my shirt tightly. She was trembling; she was petrified. I wished for nothing more than our departure but, alas, I couldn't leave and Arisa would refuse to leave without me.

    "Arisa, darling," Hisao smiled, flashing his thirsty eyes towards Arisa. "How have you been holding up?"

    Arisa buried her face in my chest but still glancing over at the head Vampire, "I'm weak,"

    "You are awfully emaciated," Hisao's eyes scanned her. "Has Kai been malnourishing you?"

    Arisa timidly shook her head, "He takes good care of me," she removed her left hand and showed her engagement ring at a distance.

    Hisao thrust his head back in laughter and Arisa clung to me again, "What have you dragged yourself into, Kai?"

    "Something I'll never regret," I wrapped my arm around Arisa's waist.

    There was another chuckle, but it was projected from Minoru that time, "Isn't that what you said about Ayame?"

    Arisa's heart instantly skipped a beat and I held her a little closer, "I don't recall saying that," I said honestly.

    "You said you've matured since your parents' deaths," Hisao cocked his head, speaking to Arisa. "How so?"

    Arisa gulped, "I've experienced the worst in life," she spoke in a soft, feeble voice. "It's helped to make me a little stronger...but I still can't stomach the sight of blood."

    "What happened to my wife?" Hisao changed the subject, directing his eyes towards me.

    "You recall Mayura, right? The woman you devoured years ago?" I mumbled. "She's the one who murdered Ai's mother."

    Hisao crossed his arms, "She's back?"

    "She came back as a Succubus," I nodded. "She desired revenge on you and tried to kill Arisa and Ai. Arisa ended up killing her the other day."

    Hisao chuckled, "Miss Arisa is quite mature, killing her own incarnation,"

    Arisa gripped my shirt even tighter, "I pretended it was Minoru I shot,"

    Hisao cocked an eyebrow, "Why Minoru?"

    Minoru chuckled before Arisa continued, "I hate him,"

    I delved into Arisa's mind for a short moment to observe how she was holding up. I was surprised; she continuously was thinking about what Minoru said about Ayame. Did Arisa truly believe I confirmed before that Ayame was something I'd never regret? Ayame was everything I regretted.

    As I was about to confront Arisa, she pressed one hand against her head and buried her face into my chest. Her other hand she had clenched to my shirt was gradually starting to tremble. I tried to delve into her mind again, but something was forbidding me. I glanced around at everybody and everybody's eyes were centered on Arisa, but Minoru seemed the most concentrated.

    "No, no," Arisa mumbled. "No, stop!"

    I was confused; who was she talking to? Or what was she talking about? Nobody was infiltrating or hurting her. Ai was standing in confusion, staring at Arisa. I observed Minoru again and there was a grin commencing to grow across his face.

    "What are you do--"

    "Stop!!" Arisa shrieked and dropped to her knees.

    At that point, I was knowledgeable and certain that Minoru was fooling with her. He was probably putting something absurd into Arisa's head. I dropped onto my knees in front of Arisa and shook her by her shoulders. Arisa gripped onto her hair and started hyperventilating severely.

    "Stop it! Stop!!" she cried out.

    "Arisa, what's wrong?!" I asked her, concerned.

    "Make it stop!" she shook her head furiously. "Get it out of my head! I don't want to see it!"

    "See what? What's wrong?" I shook her lightly, attempting for her to evoke a response.

    "Stop!" she sobbed, dripping her tears onto the ground.

    I glared at Minoru, "What are you doing to her?"

    A sob broke out of Arisa's chest and she coiled her arms around herself. I was confused; I had no clue what Minoru was doing, but Arisa was losing it. Minoru must have been altering something in Arisa's mind but I couldn't tell what; I was incapable of looking into her mind. Another shriek escaped her mouth and Ai released a small scream out of a bad reaction.

    "Nana!" Ai called out. "Nana, what's wrong?!"

    "Arisa, Arisa," I cupped Arisa's face and forced her to look me in the eyes. "What are you seeing? What's wrong?"

    The tears continued to drain out of her widened eyes and onto my hands. She stared at me in what almost appeared to be disbelief, "...I thought you didn't do it, Kai..."

    "Do what?" I whispered. "What did I do?"

    She covered her mouth with her trembling hands, "You said you didn't kill my parents..." she squeaked.

    At that moment, the hut advanced into silence with only the downpour rapping on the rooftop. My eyes widened slightly, shocked at what she was uttering to me. Minoru had altered her mind; he made her convinced that it was I who mercilessly murdered her parents. He was transforming me into the antagonist.

    "Arisa..." I whispered to her, leaning in. "Arisa, you know I didn't do that."

    "I-I saw it, I saw it all," she cried. "You killed them..."

    "Arisa, Minoru is toying with you," I spoke up. "He's attempting to convince you that I'm the antagonist."

    Arisa shook her head a little, "You lied to me,"

    "Arisa, don't," I demanded. I couldn't have her turn against me; I wouldn't allow her to loathe me for the lies Minoru was forcing upon her. "Minoru, stop!"

    Another blood-curdling shriek escaped from Arisa and she tried to pry my hands off of her face, sobbing uncontrollably. She was truly believing what Minoru was showing her; he was tricking her!

    A few feet away, I heard Ai start sobbing loudly. Instead of staring at her sympathetically, I darted my furious eyes at Hisao, "Don't allow her to witness!"

    "She's a Vampire child," Hisao countered. "Vampires are born to witness suffering."

    "Make Minoru stop!" I demanded. "We'll leave!"

    Arisa finally managed to pry my hands off of her face and she backed away until she was against one of the walls. That was my opportunity. I dove at Minoru and seized him against a wall by the collar of his shirt. Whatever he was doing to Arisa was infiltrating her mind and ruining her. She was never stable to begin with and Minoru was possibly ruining the remainder of her life.

    "Stop," I hissed at him. "Stop hurting her. Stop with the lying."

    "Shouldn't she deserve to witness you for the monster you are?" Minoru grinned.

    "Never for the wrong things!" I blustered. "She's seen enough of the world!"

    In an instant, the sobbing and shrieking stopped but the hyperventilation continued. I released Minoru, feeling a growl creep up my chest. I cautiously made my way over to Arisa, only to have her attempt to back up more and have her be stopped by the unmoving wall. Lowering myself onto my knees, I clasped her face in my hands and stared at her watering, disbelieving, betrayed eyes. Her hyperventilation was still severe, especially as I leaned in to kiss her forehead firmly.

    "Allow me to get you out of here and I'll explain everything," I whispered to her. I had to make her rebelieve that it wasn't I who ended her parents.

    Before I received a response from her, I scooped her into my arms and stood up. I took one last glanced at Ai--possibly the last time we would see her--and sighed deeply. I despised having to leave Ai in such a state but Arisa could no longer be around Minoru. He continuously desired to take advantage of her and I couldn't allow that. Without another word, I stepped out of the hut and into the bitter rain. I walked back to the waiting car with Arisa still crying the whole way there. She never attempted to release herself from my grip; either she was too weary or she was willing to listen.

    As soon as we reached the car, I assisted her into the passenger seat and I climbed into the driver's seat. I turned on the heat and we sat in silence for the car to warm up. Arisa only held her head down, veiling her face with her hair. Her hands were still trembling slightly and her breathing was starting to slow to a normal pace.

    I reached over cautiously and caressed her with one hand. She turned her head towards me and stared at me with her large, exhausted purple eyes. I pursed my lips together before I spoke, "Arisa...you know I didn't kill them,"

    Arisa closed her eyes and also pursed her lips to keep from crying, "But Minoru showed me--"

    "You can't trust Minoru," I hissed. "You cannot trust him, especially after all he's done to you."

    "How-how do I know if it wasn't you?" she was gradually starting to cry again.

    My complexion softened up, "The reason I'm bound under this contract is because I didn't kill your parents,"

    Arisa bit her lip and, after another moment, she climbed across the seat to wrap her emaciated arms around my neck and bury her face in my chest. She released all of her sobbing again and I merely embraced her as close to me as physically possible at that moment. She was trembling and shivering, still shaken up.

    "I saw it, I saw everything," she sobbed. "He showed me everything."

    "I'm so sorry," I whispered sincerely, kissing the side of her head. "I shouldn't have brought you."

    "I-I never wanted to see how they were killed," she breathed unevenly. "I didn't think anybody could die so violently."

    "You should never have seen such a thing," I buried my face in her head. "I wish I could remove it all from your mind."

    "Let's go back," she suggested in a mumble. "I can feel Minoru's eyes on me..."

    "Okay," I confirmed. I lifted her head up by her chin and stared at her in the eyes. "I love you."

    She started crying silently, "I love you too," she kissed me. "I love you so much; I'm so sorry I believed Minoru..."

    I shook my head, "Don't be sorry," I kissed her. "And disbelieve what Minoru said about Ayame. She's damn near everything I regret. I never said such a thing about her."

    "I believe you," she squeaked and lowered her head. "Let's just leave..."

    As I put the car in drive and turned around, I migrated into Arisa's mind once more. Aside from the murder Minoru showed her, Arisa had Ai on her mind. Arisa was inopportune for a proper goodbye and we probably wouldn't see her again. If we were ever able to, it would probably end as it just did. Bringing Arisa was an immense mistake; I should have known better.

    I wished I could keep my precious Arisa hidden from harm's way...but it would be impossible in her situation.