• Everything started out when this guy named, Lent, walked into my life. I’ve never shown any interest in him, but as I got to know him each day, my love for him grew fonder. It’s been two years since we’ve been best friends. From the day I’ve met him, I thought my introduction was lame. “I uhh...I’m oh...what? Sorry my name is Verity...” I looked down blushing. “Mine is Lent, it’s nice to meet you Verity.” He said. I was way too embarrassed. Me? Talking to a good looking guy like Lent? I don’t know, it just seems unnatural. The third period bell had rung and he pulled me close to him whispering into my ear. “Did you know the name Verity means the truth?” My heart pounded loudly. I was so sure he could’ve heard it.

    So here I am now stuck with Lent. The guy I’m in love with, the guy who’s practically in love with me, the guy who is my boyfriend. It was a Monday morning; my Mom quickly busted my door open and yelled at me to get up. Erghh...leave me alone! I pulled the pillow tightly over my head. My Mom is a lawyer. She travels almost 24/7 so I don’t really get to see her that often. “Verity, honey, its time to wake up. You’re going to be late for school.” Oh wow, only now you sound so sincere, I thought to myself. She walked out of the room and I jumped out of bed. I took a peek at the window and looked around the neighborhood. The sunlight blurred my vision and I quickly turned away. I got ready and changed into blue skinny jeans with a white and black plaid buttoned-down short sleeve.

    I went to the bathroom to go brush my teeth and fix my hair. Yeah, those girl things guys don’t even know of. I opened to mirror to get my toothbrush, but as I closed it, I let a loud piercing scream. “AHHH!” The mirror reflected my 20 year-old sister. “What? I was only going to fix my hair.” She said. I saw that dirty smirk on her face. I glared at her for a few second then glanced away. “Lauren? Are you going to school today?” I asked. I turn to her as she walked out of the bathroom, nodding her way out. I brushed my teeth and grabbed my purse. I went through the front door, slamming it as I ran out. I got into my car and drove to school. There. He. Was. Parked into my driveway. What the heck? I didn’t see his car there before. I need glasses don’t I? Speaking solemnly in my mind. I studied him for a sec. Then a voice comes up in my mind. RACE! It said. I started up my car and raced Lent to school. He started his car as well, but he was losing the victory. Come on, come on. There’s only two more blocks. Almost there. Come on Petey! Um, my car is named Petey. Cause it’s a PT Cruiser? So, call me a dork. Eventually, I won, but not the parking lot. “Ughhh, Lent! You’re so mean!!” I yelled at him. He got out of his car and looked sexy as ever. The sun gleamed on him, his eyes sparkled with hazel. It amazed me. No, HE amazed me. “That was fun.” He said with a sexy grin.