• I look out my window and what
    do I see over the top over the silver tipped trees?
    ( mother moon in all her best array )
    My blood sings in joy and my eyes twinkle like stars,
    I let out a howl of joy and excitement despite myself.
    I feel a prickle on my arms-the signs of a sprouting pelt,
    my teeth and jaw crack and lengthen as the fangs grow.
    A tingle runs up and down my spine and the muscles tense,
    I fall to the ground with my arms wrapped around me,
    my hair grows shaggy, my fingers lengthen, and nails turn to claws.
    Curled up in a ball, my spine snaps, and my tail grows......
    next thing I know my pelt is all over,
    I part my jaws and sing praises to mother moon.
    I stretch out on my rock,
    and let my fangs flash in the darkness......softly I laugh.