• And so the person step out from his limosin and carefully control his every move ,so that his secret save within his grasp. After a long and tiring performance , he was sent home. He doesnt know what his house looks like but he only knew what he was came for.The driver took him into a big mansion ,rather old but unic.He was atonished and rather exited to live in a building as large as that.

    The driver who was also a servant , became his guide to this large mansion."And this is a way to your room ,Sir zack.And make sure your not get lost and enters someone chamber. Do i make myself clear", said the old servant sternly. "He is rather serious about this. I wonder what`s he hiding?"whisper his heart. "Oh ,sure.I`m very clear", said zack not honest to himself.When the servant went out from his sight, he became suspicious about his life. He was so serious about this till he sail to his dreamland.

    "Hello!Is someone there ?Hello!... Everbody! somebody!Did you hear me!",said zack frigthened.Then he sees a shadow . It was kinda blurry. He call and shouted for help but ....(to be continued)