• "Why don't you get out?"
    "Fine, I will!"
    "Fine. Get out, get out of my life!!"
    "I hate you!"
    "You know what, I wish I never knew you existed!!!"
    Wow. Did those words just come out of my mouth? Those awful, unforgiving words?
    This fight has blown out of it's shell. She looks surprised that I would stoop down to that level. If it wasn't for my mind telling my body to look like I meant what I said, I would look surprised, too.
    "And I thought I could love you. I gave you my heart, and now you crushed it like a Freaking Soda Can!!!"
    And then I said something that I'll regret for the rest of eternity.
    "You gave me your heart? You'd think you could do something as stupid as that? I should've just put your heart in a 'fragile, use with caution' box and shipped it to some unkown place. That way, you couldn't have said what you just said. I didn't crush your heart, I merely put my life on hold for you and what I get is a slap in the face and pieces of your heart to sweep up while mine stays lodged in my chest."
    It didn't make much sense. My mind went on vacation for a minute or two and the words I read in a dictionary came out. Still, she was heart-broken because she knew what I meant. Crap.
    "I thought you loved me, I thought..."
    I interrupted her.
    "You thought? You Thought!? I did love you. I still would if you had not of just said that I didn't."
    Sob, sniff sniff. The sound of her tears falling once, twice, three times makes me queezy. I always hated it when she cried.
    My mind is back, and it's in over-drive.
    "Please, just tell me the truth."
    A puddle formed at her feet. One more tear falls, sending a ripple over the puddle. I swear, her tears could be put in a bottle and branded, "Holy Water"
    Too bad I'm an atheist.
    "The truth? The truth is, I loved you. I wanted to live with you, die with or for you. I'd have even burned in Hell if it meant that you would have had a better life than now."
    "Why do you put it in past tense?"
    I don't notice at first, but a small tear forms on my nose, falls, and lands on my shoe.
    "Why shouldn't I?"
    I look down and realize that my tear burned through my shoe and is now on my big toe.
    "Because I never wanted it to end. The way you say it, it just ended. Right here, right now."
    My flesh burns as my lonely acidic tear puts a hole in my toe. I don't take notice. I just sit in the chair behind me.
    "What if it did?"
    My tear gauges a hole in the floor. I can see the people downstairs gathering around the t.v.
    "If it did, and what you say is true, I will walk out of this room, out of your life, and just be a memory. And I know we both don't want that."
    *Scoff*"That's a lie..."
    Bad brain, Bad. I was going to say something so this mess would be cleaned. I go to hit my head, but she takes care of it for me.
    "Why are you acting like this? You used to be so caring, so thoughtful. Now you turned out like a typical....guy."
    That one word shoots out of her mouth, goes through my chest, and stabs my heart. My mind goes blank. Another vacation. No wonder people call me stupid.
    "Nothing to say, huh?"
    I try to think of the words to say. I know I don't mean all the hateful things I said, but she doesn't.
    "Can I say anything to make you stay?"
    To me, the room closes in on me. The window breaks, leaving broken glass strewn on the floor. It mixes with her heart. Her Holy Water flows towards my feet.
    "Just tell me thr truth."
    "The truth is, I love you. I always will. I will love you for the end of eternity. Nothing can change that. All the poems I've written, write, and will write are about my search for someone like you. Now, I don't need to because there's nothing that can describe how perfect you are. Let's just forget this and walk out of here, hand in hand."
    This is NOT what I say. My heart wants to say this. But, my inconsiderate moron of a brain wants something else.
    I end up hear myself say this:
    "The truth is, I never loved you. To me, you were just another schoolgirl."
    I swear, I'm going to fire my brain.
    The sounds of footsteps and a door slamming deafens my ears. The tears reach my foot, steam comes off. I put my head in my hands.
    You know what, I can write one more poem for you.
    Here it is:

    I can't believe this
    My mind cannot comprehend
    How all my dreams have
    Just met a terrible end
    As the door slams shut
    I fall to my knees
    The air is tensing up and I
    Cannot seem to breathe
    I was hoping this wouldn't happen
    That you would not find out
    All these secrest that I hide are locked
    Deep inside my doubt
    As I close my eyes
    I think of what went wrong
    Was it the way I said I love you?
    Or did you know all along?
    I can't close my eyes
    Because all I see is your face
    So, I sit like a fool and cry
    While you vanish without a trace

    I whisper.
    "I love you..."
    My foot is healed by her angelic tears. Too late, though.