• This was one of the moments where Edan wished he were as cunning as his sister. She would have already devised some sort of plan and possibly began to carry through with it. And her plans, never failed. But Edan wasn’t as cunning as Serenity, nor would he ever be. There were only two ways out of a situation like this; one of which he wasn’t going to take any chances with, it already caused him enough problems to begin with; like this one.
    Just be careful with what you say, Matoko suggested.
    It’s not like it matters, either way I broke the rules, Edan sighed.
    Then just tell them what really happened, after all it is your job to protect people from the Damned. And you did what you could to fulfill that job.
    And risk Hai knowing the truth, no way Matoko that’s too uncertain.
    Risking your life for that? I almost lost you once I’m not taking any chances with that
    Edan rolled his eyes; It’s because of you I’m in this situation!
    Don’t blame me, you’re the one who refuses to learn how to listen to people, Matoko said slyly.
    Shut up Matoko, nobody likes it when you talk.
    That wasn’t very nice.
    I know.
    Edan knew for certain that he broke the rules no matter what he said. There were only three rules he had to follow and he broke two of them.
    1.) Don’t interfere with other Clan’s feeding habits.
    2.) Don’t kill humans.
    3.) No human shall be allowed to know the secret.
    Hai knew the secret that was a positive. She knew it because he had saved her life which was normally an exception, but with the exception came a deal. A deal he didn’t want Hai to be a part of at all.
    “Let the trial begin.”