• Dr. Doc's Journal Entry #6
    February 27, 2010

    tab When I came to, I was staring at a large, vacant room. Instinctively, I tried to move. It didn't work. When trying to lift my arm, it immediately launched back, hard.
    tab "You might as well not try," I heard a voice say. I turned my head, and saw Mr. Powers, leaned against a wall. "You won't get very far." He walked over to me, and our eyes locked.
    tab "You can't see it," he went on, "but you're stuck to a magnetic wall. It's very strong. So, don't try to do anything clever, ok?"
    tab "What were you..." I tried to think of how to word it. What should I call her? Jenna? Lucy? #3? "What were you doing with her?"
    tab "I was..." He paused, and began to pace the room. "I was teaching her a lesson. I can't have people talking behind my back, can I? No...I needed to keep whatever she did with me private."
    tab "Why's that?" He stopped pacing.
    tab "#1...Everyone has secrets. You'll figure that out soon enough."
    tab "You called #3 Jenna. Why'd you..."
    tab "Why don't I ask you this, #1?" He cut me off, and said with a look of disapproval on my face,
    tab "Why did you pounce me?" I stared down at the floor, and said slowly,
    tab "I...I was trying to help her..."
    tab "But knowing she wasn't human," he interrupted again, "and that she couldn't actually feel pain, what caused that?"
    tab "Human or not, I couldn't stand to see her...her be treated like that."
    tab "'Treated like that'? Tell me, #1, are you developing feelings for her?"
    tab "I..."
    tab "A robot with a conscious and feelings...Who would've thought to see the day?" He laughed, and slapped me on the shoulder. I didn't join him.
    tab "But, need I remind you," he went on, his laughter beginning to subside. "We don't live in some fairy tale. This is real life. Your feelings are not real. You are not real. Neither are your friends, 2 and 3." I remained silent. Everything he said added up...And yet, I didn't want to hear it.
    tab "You turned on me. Me, the one who created you. The one who gave you life. And yet, I can still forgive you. In fact..." He smiled, and finished,
    tab "This is the perfect opputrunity for me to make you a bargain."
    tab "What bargain?"
    tab "I need you to create duplicates of #2 and #3, in a matter of two weeks." I was shocked, to say the least.
    tab "How is that poss--"
    tab "Of course, for any average human, it would take at the very least, months of straight work to do any sort of feat such as that. But for you..." He put his fore finger to my forehead, and said,
    tab "For you, you have it all programmed into you, right in there." I thought about it for a second, and then asked,
    tab "Why do you need duplicates of them?"
    tab "That's not part of the deal, #1."
    tab "Then what do I get in return?" He held up a small, remote shaped device. There were two buttons on it, clearly labeled "On" and "Off".
    tab "You get this if you do it." He hovered his thumb over the "On" button, then to the "Off" button. "And this if you don't. Is that clear?" I nodded. I got the picture.
    tab "Glad to hear that." Something in his voice wasn't right. Like a cliche villain...'Glad to hear that'? He was planning something. But, at that point, I was absolutely oblivious, not just to that, but to everything going on around me.