• Love walked down the long concrete path to the dojhang where she took a whopping three intense classes every day. There were only a few other students as dedicated as she in their Tae Kwon-Do class ; Logan, Wesley, Gaile, Alayna, and Tri. They were all the best of friends, and when they weren't sweating, bleeding, and crying together, they were talking over the internet, or hanging out at each others' houses, watching Martial Arts movies with a critical eye, or just slumped over the sofa, talking about class.

    Her instructor, Instructor Ni, had asked her to come, along with her best friends, to a small meeting. Love was worried, a little bit. Maybe they were in trouble for that prank they played on Logan and Tri .. she shook it off and walked confidently into the dojhang. She was wearing her demo pants, swinging her car keys around her finger, and she grinned at her friends, seated around the table, sampling one of the various types of korean candy that Instructor Ni was always giving to them.

    Logan tossed her one and Love just barely caught the edge of the wrapper with her fingers. It dangled, and fell. Love rolled her eyes and laughed along with everyone else before putting her keys with her shoes on the shelf designated to hold them, and walking over to sit in the circle of the mat, opening the candy.

    "Um, hi," she said with a small laugh, as everyone looked at her.

    "Hi," said Instructor Ni, absently pulling at his dark green spiral notebook, filled with the korean symbols his students barely puzzled over.

    "You students," he made a gesture with his hand indicating the circle and everyone leaned in a few degrees. "You come to classes a lot, You really love tae kwon do." Everyone nodded and laughed a little.

    "Instructor Ni have trouble, especially in kids' class, keeping everybody quiet, and focused, and I think, and I ask Master Eung, and I would like to ask you guys," again he made the circular motion and everyone exchanged glances.

    "To help Instructor Ni teach during the day, come for your class, and leave when Instructor Ni leave," he looked around hopefully at the surrounding students.

    There was a split second of silent considering, then Love burst out, "Of course! We'd love to help!", and was followed by a chorus.

    Instructor Ni, not being one for smiles and good wishes and such, got up and walked away. Everyone looked at him curiously, and in a few minutes he returned with black and red uniforms. Everyone breathed out simultaneously.

    Love, again, spoke first. "Please tell me we get to wear those." everyone, especially Instructor Ni laughed.

    "Assistant Instructor uniforms," he said with a touch of pride in his voice before handing them to everyone. The fabric was stroked lovingly and the bright colors admired before Instructor Ni looked at the clock. "Ai! Everyone put on uniforms before kids' class!" Everyone scrambled into a scraggly line in front of the bathroom, and for once, Love was last.