• Chapter One: the Men in the Black Suits

    Ah, the forest. It's my own little hangout zone. I sit on this tree stump every night, chomping away on one of my neighbor's chickens, and my worries seem to float away from me. Living near the Hidden Mountains really has it's benifits. I can run up to my "spot", as Mom calls it, catch a few chickens (or steal, whatever comes first), and just relax. No one can find me, for some reason. I don't know why. Sure, my "spot" is virtually invisible to the Mortal world, but i don't know why anyvampyres haven't found me yet. And yet, when I'm in this spot, no one can find me, even other werewolves.

    Now, usually when I come to my "spot", Irun as a wolf. But usually when I get to my "spot", I turn back into my human self. Then, I just kind of lay down on the tree stump I'm on right now, and do whatever. Usually, I catch chickens as a wolf or gnaw on a tree (I rip it out of the ground and use it as a doggy bone. It's in my genes. I can't help it).

    But today's differant.Way differant. I sit on this giant tree stump, eating a live chicken, and then I hear a familiar noise. My ears twiched. I automatically turn into my grey, wolfy self.I jump off of the tree stump and run off on all fours. I hear more gunshots. Then, I hear an earsplitting scream. I stop, and stand on my 2 hind legs. I turn into a human again. I run back to my house. As I get closer, I can hear voices clearly and the words start to make sense.

    "Where is the girl?!"A man says. I can't see him from this distance. I have to get closer. I approuch the house. I hide behinda large oak tree. I poke my head out so I can see what's happening. Seven men, all dressed in black suits, surround Mister and Miss Farley, along with their 3 children Kayla, Karah, and Kathleen. I can tell that they are scared. Mrs. Farley's arm is bleeding, and Mr.Farley'scheek is grazed by a bullet. Kayla, Karah, and Kathleen are crying.

    "What girl? We have 3, but none of them are named Rochel!" Mr. Farley says. "Our girls are named Kayla, Karah, and Kathleen." Mr. Farley points at each girl as he says their name. One of the men kneel down to Karah.

    "Girl," he snarls. "Do you know where the girl Rochel Wolff lives?" Karah's green eyes dart around. She shakes her head.

    "There's no Rochel Wolff, but there's a Josephine Wolff, Austin Wolff, and Mathew Wolff that lives next door." Karah says. She spots me, and winks. I shake my head in approval. Karah's my best friend. She's 15 or 16. She's the only werewolf besides me here. I hope they don't know Karah's a werewolf.

    I know that she's talking about my mom, brother, and father. They probably are only after me. I'm the only werewolf in this neighborhood (beside Karah). Kayla shakes her head.

    "No," she says. "The Wolffs moved, like, a year ago, to Wisconsin or something!" Kayla says.

    "Oh yeah!" Karah says. "I forgot. They live somewhere in Wisconsin now. And who's Rochel Wolff?Are you making up names? Is Rochel even a name?"Karah eyes the Alpha suit man (the leader, for non-werewolves) suspisously.The Alpha walked away.

    "We're sorry for taking up your time." Alpha says. "Goodbye." The Alpha suit man and his pack pile into a black van and drive away. I wait until the black van is completely gone, and then emerge from behind the tree. I run up to the Farleys.

    "Thank you," I say. Mr. Farley pats me on the back.

    "No problem, Rochel,"he says. I look at his cheek.

    "Er, I'm sorry he shot you," I say. I hover my hand over his cheek.

    "At least they didn't shoot at Karah," Mrs. Farley says.

    "I hate those damn silver bullets." Kathleen says (She's 6). "They endanger my big sis and her best friend's lives." I shrug. I put my hand by my side. Mr. Farley's cheek is healed (it's a werewolf trick).

    "Thank you," he says. "I wonder when Karah's going to learn that."

    "I already did." Karah mutters. She hovers her hand over Mrs. Farley's arm. The wound starts to close up. Mom and Dad run to us.

    "Rochel!" Mom says.

    "You're a little late," I say. "You missed all the action."

    "We heard gunshots," Dad says."What happened?" Karah and I look at each other.

    "They're coming for me," I say. "I'll say exactly what he said. Well, what I heard." I clear my throat. "Where is the girl?!" I say in the Alpha suit man's voice. "What girl?" I say in perfect imitation of Mr. Farley. "We have 3, but none of them are named Rochel! Our girls are Kayla, Karah, and Kathleen!" I point at Kayla, Karah, and Kathleen. I shrink a bit to Karah's height. "Girl, do you know where Rochel Wolff is?" I say in Alpha suit man's voice.

    "There's no Rochel Wolff," Karah says. "But there's a Josephine Wolff, Austin Wolff, and Mathew Wolff that live next door!"

    "No," I say in Kayla's voice. "The Wolffs moved, like, a year ago, to Wisconsin or something!" Kayla chuckles at my imitation of her voice.

    "Oh yeah," Karah says, "they're in Wisconsin now. And who's Rochel Wolff? Are you making up names? Is Rochel even a name?"

    "Sorry for taking up your time," I say in Alpha's voice. "Goodbye." I bow.

    "Well," mom says. "Who do you think those men were?" Karah shrugs.

    "They didn't smell like vampyres, or werewolves, or humans, even." She says. We were silent.

    "We'll discuss this more in the morning," Mom decides "Right now, everyone to bed. Good night." Mom, dad, and I walk back to our house. Karah's words rang in my head.

    What did she mean by they weren't vampyre, werewolf, or...human?