• Hello, my name is Shane. I am fifthteen years old. I have brown hair, and hazel eyes. There were alot of bad things I've done. Like sneaking into the classroom and changing the teacher's scedule. Or going on the intercalm and making the principal look like a total idiot. But, my biggest regret is not telling a girl how I truely felt about her. The girl's name was grace and she had dark red hair and purple eyes. She was my best friend since pre school. She would always be there for me. Grace was the girl who could make me smile after my mom had died in a car reck. And she was the girl who made me feel loved after my dad came home drunk one night and beat the living crud out of me. In return, I would beat up all those jerks who made fun of her for her eye color. After a ruff day of being called a freak and being told to go back to the circus, I would take her to the park, look into her eyes and tell her she was beautiful. But I could never make out the words "I love you." I had other friends, but not as amazing as her.

    One day, I decided it was enough. I had to tell her. After school we went to the park. I we sat down on the bench. "Um, Grace. Well. Nevermind." I chickened out. That night I was sitting in bed when I heard a camotion outside. I looked out the window to see a police officer talking to my father. I heard my father call me to come downstairs. "Yes?" I asked in a scared but calm voice. "Are you friends with a Ms. Grace?" the officer asked with a sad expression on his face. "Yes, why? What happened?" I asked a little worried. The officer stayed silent. "What happened!?" I was yelling now. "I am afraid she died." he finally said. My heart sunk, as I felt a pain of a million swords peircing through. "How?" I asked in a soft, hurt voice. "By the looks of it, she was walking home from the park all alone, and well a driver didn't see her coming, so she got hit." He replied. Tears broke out of my eyes. 'This was all my falt.' I thought to myself. 'If I had only walked her home, like I always have, then I could have blocked her from the car.'

    At the funeral...
    I sat next to Grace's mother, and hugged her. The priest said the opening praiers. I couldn't believe it. Grace couldn't be dead. She had a strong heart. A great will. We had always talked about our futures together. How she always wanted to be an author. She said she wanted two kids. A boy and a girl. Amy, and Rin. I remebered everything we use to talk about. Then I remebered how I was never able to say I love you to her. It was her mother's turn to say a few words. She unfolded a peice of paper. "This is a note that was found on her at the scene of the accident." Her mother began. The note read,

    Dear Shane,

    I have always loved you. Everyday we spend together is like a dream for me. I have always hoped that someday, you would have the same feelings for me. Now, I know that you might never think of me as more than your best friend. I guess I am being stupid. The reason why I haven't said anything before was because I was afraid that if you didn't feel the same way, our friendship would be over. Just remeber, I will love you always, and forever.

    I love you too Grace. I hope you will wait for me.