• For him, being the security guard at the local museum was the worst job he could have gotten. The hours were long and the pay was horrible, but at least he earned enough to pay his rent. Every night he would have to do the same things over and over again: do rounds after rounds after rounds, and sometimes take a coffee break. One of the worst things about his job was that the whole time he was incredibly bored. He was so bored in fact, that to slightly entertain himself, he would see if he could memorize the small articles in front of each exhibit in the entire museum. Many would call it crazy, but if you were as bored as he was, you’d have agreed to the contrary.
    But in that museum however, there was one exhibit that chilled his very soul every time he saw it. It was in the hall of statues right next to the Easter Island head. It was a statue of the devil that posed as if he was simply stopped in time. The small article in front of it said that it was worshiped by a group of Satanists from the medieval times, who were eventually discovered and executed for their unholy acts. And since the then, he did as much as he could to keep his distance from the statue of the devil. And he disliked it even more since he had to go see if it was “secure” every night, but he had tended only check on it once each night.
    One night, he was doing his regular rounds. He had just finished checking the “Hall of Dinos” and was now on his way to check the “Hall of Statues”. He passed them one by one: The Easter Island head was there, the jade dragon statue was there, the replica of “The thinker” statue was there, but the devil statue................was gone.
    At first, he thought he was dreaming, and pinched himself several times. But then he heard creaping footsteps around the next corridor. Out of fear, he immediately pulled out his weapon and flashlight. He slowly walked towards the corner, and then (out of plain bad luck) his flashlight ran out of batteries. Every time he took a step forward, his heart began to race just a little faster. And as he peered his eyes down the next hall, and there was nothing. His heart slowed down just a little, and he turned around just to see if the statue was really gone, but he saw no statue, but what he did see was a dark ominous figure at the very end of the hall, staring straight at him.
    His heart pumped, his fear grew, and he ran for the exit as fast as his legs could take him. He ran for his life, but the figure pursued. He sprinted through hallway after hallway, looking back every few seconds to see if the figure still chasing him, but every time the figure just got closer and closer. He went past the Hall of Paintings, past the Hall of Fossils, past the Hall of History, past the Hall of Sculptures, of Science, of Discovery, of Technology, it seemed to be endless, and he had still not lost his pursuer. At last he could see the glow of the exit, coming from the streetlights outside. He ran for the revolving doors, thinking that he was at last safe from the dark figure, but at just a few steps away, he was grabbed by the coat, and thrown onto the floor with a crash. He was laying face-up, starring at the figure, still not able to see him completely through the dark of the museum. He begged for mercy, “Please! Don’t hurt me! Don’t kill me!!!”. The figure did not respond, walked up to him, and shot him in the head.
    The next day, the security guard’s dead body was found. The police report said that the internationally famous thief known as “The Sly Devil” had, strangely enough, stolen a statue of the devil and killed a lowly security guard in the process. A security guard who had run from his fears, and lost his life so.