• A girl named Lisa re-enters her school and sees a new student named Ricky. From the beginning she didn't like the new kid for awhile. She teased him and didn't became friends with him till the middle of her school year. Then she started to develop feelings for him. She wanted to be friends with eventually the guy became friends with her. Everyone knew she really liked him and Lisa didn't know that he started having feelings for her. Then the school year almost ended and both of them walked together at the park. She wanted to tell him of how she felt of him and he did also. Before she could say anything, a girl named Ashely comes up and runs up to Ricky and started talking to him. Lisa told Ricky that she'll see him later and walked away. Ashely also had feelings for Ricky. Lisa walked away and entered her mom's car. She sat in the back and looked behind if he was following her, he was. He's eyes met hers and she turned away smiling and blushing. She waved good bye to her friends and left.

    Then the beginning of the new school year came and Lisa forgot her feelings for Ricky. But Ricky started liking her more. Her friends talked about boys and what they did over the school break. Ashely said that she stilled liked Ricky, Lisa's friend, Leslie, asked Lisa, "hey, Lisa remember that you liked Ricky last year?" and giggled. Lisa giggled and said "Yea I did but not anymore. I'm over him"
    Leslie: "Liar!"
    Lisa: "I'm not kidding, I like him as a friend"
    Leslie: "Dude! You two make such a cute couple!"
    Lisa chuckles and response: "That's what you always say when I like a guy!"
    Leslie: "Not true, well, maybe but still you guys are perfect for each other!"
    Lisa:"Ermmm... I don't know, he's kinda cute and we have somethings in common"

    A month passed and Ashely told everyone that she wanted to ask out Ricky. "Lisa!" Leslie shouts to Lisa outside the school, "Did you hear?!"
    "Yea" Lisa says, "But I don't really care what she does."
    Leslie gently pushes Lisa, "Not that!"
    "Well, it's certainly not my business." Lisa said and walked away. "I have to go home and finish my work." Leslie says, "okay. I'll call you"

    On the phone with Leslie and Ricky.
    Ricky: "So what happened?"
    Leslie: "I didn't tell her"
    Ricky: "Why???"
    Leslie: "I bet she won't believe me"
    Ricky: "Come on tell me what happened"
    Leslie: "Fine, I saw her and ran up to her. I was going to tell her but she that she didn't care what happened with Ashely and you. Then i said not that and she told me that it wasn't her business then she told me that she needed her work to be done and left"
    Ricky: "Oh..."
    Leslie: "But I know she likes you but won't admit it."
    Leslie: "Hold on I got another call Ricky"
    Ricky: "Okay"
    Leslie: "Hello?"
    Ashely: "Hey Leslie, guess what?"
    Leslie: "What happened?"
    Ashely: "I know Lisa doesn't like Ricky because she's going out with my cousin Jason"
    Leslie: "Oh.... but that doesn't mean..."
    Ashely: "Yes it does."
    Leslie: "hey I gotta go, my phone's dying" she lied
    Ashely: "oh ok. see ya"
    Leslie: "Hello?"
    Ricky: "Yea"
    Leslie: "Oh, ummm.... Ashely told me that Lisa's going out with Jason"
    Ricky: "Oh,..... really?..."
    Leslie: "But it doesn't mean that Lisa doesn't like you, I tried telling Ashely that but she kept saying that Lisa's over with you. She's just jealous that you and Lisa make a perfect couple."
    Ricky: ".... I guess, well I've got to go. I'll see you tomorrow." -click-

    The next day:
    Lisa told Leslie that she was going to break up with Jason. "Why?" Leslie asked. "Because we have nothing in common and he's not my type," Lisa said, "plus he sounds like he's using me!"
    "Well, do whatever you want" Leslie said looked at Ricky and signaled him to call her that night.
    "Oh well, I guess I have to do it through a text" Lisa said
    "Text?" Leslie looked back to Lisa. "Can't you go to his house?"
    "You know how I am, I have to babysit tonight and I rarely see him."
    "Oh well, tell me how it goes" Leslie's mom pulls up.
    "Sure" Lisa said and waited to be picked up.

    That night:
    Lisa breaks up with Jason and calls Leslie.
    Then hangs up to get ready for bed.
    30 seconds later Ricky calls Leslie.
    "So what happened?" Ricky asked
    "She broke up with him! So you can ask her out!" Leslie said happily.
    "Really? She did? Why?"
    "She said that he didn't like how they were, like not having anything in common, she had to lie to him to pretend to have something in common, that he isn't her type. And she had enough with it and dumped him"
    "Oh..." Ricky said and smirked
    "So yea" Leslie said.
    "That's... ok..." Ricky said and didn't know what to say. "I'll ask her later"
    "Ok, night"

    The next month Lisa got a text from Ricky. They texted all weekend long and didn't sleep till Monday. She was happy that someone got to talk to her after the break up and made her happy.

    Another month passed and she started falling for him. Ricky was planning to ask her before winter break. Everyone told her that he was going to ask her out. "Stop lying to me. This stuff never happens to me. And it will never will!" Lisa kept saying that on and until she gave up.
    Two weeks before break, Ricky came up to Lisa and talked to her. They chatted for awhile and walked. He saw his mom waiting for him, he didn't want to leave Lisa alone so he asked if he wanted a ride. Lisa said no and that she was going to take the bus. He gave up and hugged her.
    "Quick question..." he asked her
    "What is it?" she asked
    "There is this girl that I like and I don't know how to ask.."
    "Her out?" she budded in smiling. "Well, if I were you then I would go up to her alone and ask her out."
    "That's it?" he asked nervously.
    "Yea, just do it."
    "Okay" he turned and walked away. "Thanks."
    "Anytime" she smiled and walked towards the bus stop. Then she heard footsteps running towards her.
    "Lisa!" Ricky shouted and stopped in front of her. "Before I leave...."
    He followed his gut " Will you go out with me?"
    "Huh?" Lisa asked confused.
    "Will you go out with me?"
    "Uhm..." she couldn't believe what was happening. He asked again.
    "Sure." she said
    "Thanks." Ricky hugged her and left.

    A week later, they had their first kiss together and she felt like she was floating on air. She finally found true love. Every moment that they've spent was wonderful to them both. Every time they'd kissed they felt sparks and felt like they were floating in air.

    Sadly, a tragedy struck when Ricky heard that Lisa was in a car accident and was badly injured. He worried and everyone did also. He waited for her to come back to school. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned to months. Then he got a call from Leslie crying.

    Leslie: "Ricky, she's dead"
    Ricky: "What?"
    Leslie: "She died last night"
    Ricky: "...No..."
    Leslie: "I've got to talked to her before she died and she wanted me to say...."
    Ricky: "What?"
    Leslie: "That she..."
    Ricky knew was going to happen next. 'She loved me?'
    Leslie: "She..." Then the call cut off.
    Ricky: "She...?" Hearing the tone of the phone, he still hung to the phone waiting for a voice to complete the sentence.
    Ricky thought that he'll never find anyone like her, he fell on his knees crying, sobbing.
    'Tell me what she said...'

    The next day, he tried to talk to Leslie but she didn't want to speak to him.
    "What's wrong?" Ricky asked her during lunch.
    "Lisa is dead stupid" Leslie snapped at him.
    "I know.... She is... When.."
    "Saturday at noon" she dropped her head looking at the floor.
    "I know how you feel" Ricky said in a flat tone.
    Leslie looked at him in anger. 'He doesn't know what actually happened?' she thought to herself. 'And he doesn't care?'
    "I gotta go, Leslie." Ricky stood up and left.
    "Your mom killed her..." she whispered after he left.

    After the ceremony, Ricky and Leslie went out to eat.
    "I can't believe that this happened..." Ricky sighed, looking out the window.
    "I know dude, we've been friends since 6th grade." Leslie said looking at Ricky.
    "She was the only one that I really fell for..."
    "what about that last girl you..."
    "You promised that you wouldn't mention that ever again!!" Ricky snapped.
    "Dude, all I was saying..."
    "Saying?! You're killing me inside when you bring that up!"
    "Well it's true! That's why you shouldn't drink! YOU SAY THE STUPIDEST AND HURTFUL---" SMACK! Leslie falls onto the ground.
    "I said stop it!" Ricky said to her, looking at her... his hand red...
    Leslie was shocked that he would slap anyone like he did to her. "Ricky..." she cracked, trying not to cry.
    "RICKY!! Don't hurt her!!!!!" a familiar voice called out...
    Ricky turned and saw Lisa's sister.
    "She didn't do anything wrong... She's telling the truth" Hannah walked up to Ricky.
    "But I don't.." Ricky fell to his knees.
    "I know that you don't like it to be brought up but that doesn't give you the right to hit Leslie" Hannah pointed at Leslie who was just staring, tearing up a bit
    A month after the incident, Ricky apologized to Leslie.
    "I'm sorry"
    "Don't be..."
    Ricky wanted to move on but he couldn't forget Lisa.
    "I remember the day how I asked her out, how she smiled, how she looked" Ricky said to Leslie
    "Who?" Leslie asked. It's been over a year after Lisa's death.
    "Lisa.." Ricky smiled. Even her name made him happy.
    "She looked so beautiful. I miss her"
    "Dude... I gotta tell you something" Leslie said.
    "Uhm... You know how she died right?"
    "Yea... car accident right?"
    "You're mom killed her..." Leslie said, flinching.
    "I know because I was walking with Lisa the other day... and I saw your mom"

    Happiness never exists

    Leslie and Lisa were walking to Leslie's house.
    "I feel like I'm being followed" Lisa said looking around.
    "Me too" Leslie said
    "Don't worry, we're almost there anyway".
    "I hope so..."
    Right before they were going to cross the street, Leslie saw Ricky's mother. "Hey look it's Ricky's mom." She waved but Ricky's mom was looking at Lisa.
    "Uhm... Lisa...?" She turned to Lisa who was looking at her phone.
    "Yea...?" She looked up and saw Ricky's mother.
    "Do we run?" Lisa asked.
    "We should... Lisa run to a safe location and call the cops"
    They both ran and Ricky's mother was speeding to Lisa. "I don't want you with my son!!!!"
    "Lisa!!!" Leslie cried out but before she turned to Lisa, she hurt the car collide to a building
    "Lisa!?!?!" Leslie cried out again running to the car.
    "H...h....help... can't breathe...." Lisa with the remaining life that she had.
    "Leslie, tell Ricky that I love him..." she said with a red tear coming out of her eye.
    "No... Lisa don't..." Leslie looked at Lisa and cried. She was gone.
    "Lisa..." Leslie looked around but couldn't find Ricky's mother: Hit and Run.
    "You have to be kidding" Ricky said.