• “Thea... babe... please wake up.” It was the voice of her beautiful boyfriend matt. But she couldn't help think about how he tried getting in knowing her parents wouldn't let him in. “Things are awful with out you. Everyday im dyeing to be with you. Please don't leave me. ” She felt him playing with her fingers and messaging her hand while he begged to her aching soul.
    I need to move. Blink. Something Blink. Blink .Blink. she kept saying to her self. Thea kept thinking the command trying to make it happen. When her mind hurt and matt’s tears soaked her shirt, when she almost was about to give up it happened.
    Her eyes fluttered open glimpse her beautiful boys face. In the one second she had memorized it. His black hair was disheveled, face covered with worry lines. His always captivating eyes were red but still had that deep blue glow she loved.
    “THEA!!!” he shouted in joy his hands cupped her face.
    C’mon voice work. Her throat was ruff and hurt but she managed a very quiet, “shut up” of course she meant it in a joking way but she could only hope he got that.
    “Oh sweet Thea.” he kissed her on the forehead, then on the mouth and once on her neck.
    She loved his soft lips on her warm skin. She felt a cup brought to her lips and liquid slid down her throat. Her favorite grape juice. She loved how he was caring for her remembering the things she loved.
    “C’mon i’m not sure if this is hard or not but please to try to say something else.” The love he had for her showed in his voice and the way he laid next to her and held her. Even when she could barley speak.
    “I love you.” It had been the first time she had really said it. He knew she loved him before that moment but he words made this all realistic. Her heart was swooning with love if only she could explain to him ineptly how much she could explain how much.
    He lay next to her even though she couldn't believe this bed could hold two people .
    “ I love you so much. Im so so sorry i haven't visited before.” he began “ your insane mother told the nurses not to let me in your room. She said i was vile and the reason you did this to your self. But that couldn't be true... Sweet Thea why did you do this to your self. I thought you were getting better. You said you were.” She could hear the worry in his voice.
    “ I just... wanted it over.” she was slightly ashamed of her actions. She knew that matt loved her still.
    His arms wrapped around her. “ I love you so much.” he repeated. “ Can you open your eyes?”
    It came to her naturally now like any normal day. The only problem was she wasnt sure if she wanted to see the disappointment on his face. Surely there was nothing worse then disappoint the only one who cared for her.
    “Thea... The ******** up doc wants to keep you here... Thats why i had to come... Thea.” his mind nervously searched for the words, “ Would you want to run away with me?”
    Thea had thought of running away with him numerous times. She loved the idea. Opening her eyes only to look into his, “ Of course i will” she smiled.
    His face lit up like a kid on christmas. “ I know where we can go. Europe. Jordan’s brother lives there and he said that we could stay with him in his huge house.”
    “ Thats sounds wonderful.” she kissed him on the cheek. Matt’s heart was big but she dint think he could pull this one off until she heard the next words streaming out of this mouth. Also Jordan was Matt’s very unreliable friend.
    “ I got two plain tickets for monday. Todays saturday so that should give me enough time to sneak into your room and get some stuff. Do you think your window is still unlocked?”
    “ Yeah and Matt can you make sure to get my backpack, just hide the school books under the bed, but keep everything else in it. And if you see any blood... just ignore it please.”
    “Of course.” He smiled. Personally she couldn't believe one boy could be so perfect and understanding, or how she had gotten so lucky to get him.
    They spent the next hour talking and planning their escape all the while he held her forgiving her every unfaithful action. He slipped out the window just before the nurse came to check on her.