• "Hey."


    “What’s up?”

    “Nothing much.”

    “That’s cool?”

    “Yep. What about you?”


    “Well I got to go, talk to you later?”


    That is a normal conversation between me and my best friend! She’s always known I was a vampire! Ever since I was born we’ve been friends! She’s known all this time and NOW she starts freaking out over it! I age normally! I’m just uber pale! I don’t burn or tan and my eyes are a deep violet. At least they weren’t red like the rest of my family’s. I don’t know why but for some reason I was glad.

    Through my whole life she really didn’t react like most people did. Usually they pointed and stared. But she was my “sister” and she was always there for me. But ever since I started talking about my kingdom and how I would have to move there since I’m the heir to the throne she’s tried to keep changing the subject.

    I turned over in my huge coffin when my alarm clock went off. It doesn’t really have to go off for me to wake up. I have super senses so that means I can hear the moth in my room shirt in his sleep. Oh yeah! I can talk to animals! As if I’m not weird enough! I have to go off and talk to animals! Ain’t that just dandy?!

    I opened the lid and stretched. Ah! That felt better. I grabbed my school uniform and headed to the bathroom. I undressed and hoped in the shower.