• The lights inside this bathroom are blinding. I'm looking into a mirror and I see myself. I have long black hair, my skin is a light tan. I'm so ugly, even though I was lucky and never got any pimples in my life, so my skin is clear, and Nicole says I'm actually cute, I still find myself repulsive. This is the second time I should have died. And, who is May?

    "Hey! You done in there? I'm a women and even I don't last that long in front of a mirror." It's June. I think they might be twins. I step to the door and open it. June is leaning on the wall across from the door way, Arms crossed. I don't know if shes trying to make her bosom look bigger or she's just mad with a smile, but she just stares at me. I feel weird being looked at so intensely, so I walk towards the living room.

    May is sitting one of the couches, I just walk up next to the couch. "Do you remember me?" Her question confuses me, I never saw her before or even had contact with an Unforgiven in my life, except for that day. I never saw the true forms of the monsters that attacked us almost 8 years ago. I remember hiding with a girl, shotgun in hand, acting tough and saying id protect her. I was a fool. She was one of them. Wait! Is she that girl?! "You wouldn't by any chance be the girl I hid with?" She nods. I feel rage building in me. Her pack killed my family and she deceived me. I wish I would have shot them now, but i was scared, "You weren't randomly attacked this morning, we do a better job in trapping people. I already knew who you were, and that hunters wouldn't come to help you." I look at her, I clench my fist. I'm soft at heart, but I had held this anger in for 8 years and i was ready to explode. I don't know what i might do now. "Why didn't you kill me?" Malice was think in my voice.

    "I didn't come here to kill you." She looks at me with soft eyes, the anger starts to rush away. I get lost in her soft blue eyes. For a second I forget shes one of those monsters, then the rage returns. I clench my fist harder.

    She stands up and walks to me, in her true form. Her skin is pale but scaly, she has yellow claws and her eyes are a pale yellow, yet still soft. "You wouldn't believe me if i told you why I came. Please, let us stay. We won't hurt you. I will explain everything as time goes on." She walks over to me and places a hand on my shoulder, I give a twitch. "Please?" I stare into her eyes, my emotions twisted. I'm so angry yet I think I'm falling for her, even as a monster. "Fine." I reply. She hugs me, her skin feels weird against mine, yet its warmth is comforting. They say demons were once human, I think i felt the human part of her as she held me. I also started losing my breath as she seemed to be squeezing me pretty hard. She let go of me, "I'm sorry! Are you ok?" I nod and walk away. I'm short of breath and have a pain in my chest. It's either love, or she broke one of my ribs. I don't know which one scares me more.

    I walk into my room, June is there, "So your going to let us stay?" I just nod, "Sweet! Hey, let me play some video games!" I look at her, shes a demon yet she wants to play video games? Maybe there not demons. This wouldn't be the first time the government lied to us. I walk over and hand her a controller, turn on the console, and start the game. It's a first person shooter. "So this is a video game! Wow it looks so awesome!" She has a giant smile on her face. I thought they would be evil and destructive, I was wrong. I explain to her how to play, and in an instant she picks it up. Shes laughing and giggling as she kills, my assumption wasn't too far off. "This is so cool!" shes like a giant child as she continues to play, I walk out of the room and leave her to play.

    I head back to the living room, May is in her human form again. I'm so confused and my emotions tangled. "You know, she wasn't there when we raided your home." I look at her, May is at the book shelf at the side of the room. Her back is turned to me. "In truth, it was only me and father." I look even more shocked. My parents were S class hunters. Not many Unforgiven could even get close to them without dieing. I was with my father when he killed a hoard of them, we counted around a hundred of them. "My father, is the king of the Unforgiven." I had sealed my fate, I knew i was going to die, there's no way the king would let me live.

    I sat down, silence filled the room. "He died that night, UV poisoning." I got up in shock, I might actually live, but then again i didn't want to live. At least now i wouldn't die too badly mutilated. "A new king has risen. He's actually human." I walk over to her as she turns to me. Things have gotten even more confusing now, how could a human control the unforgiven?! "How?!" She looks away from me. "He married the second strongest's daughter." I look at her in utter stillness. Why would a human do that? Though, after you get past what everyone has programed you to think about them and the way they look in there true form, there actually quite beautiful. I start to feel sick for thinking that.

    After a while of utter silence, the doorbell rings. "Hide!" I say to May, she runs for my room. I look over to the room and its locked. I walk to the door. Its already around mid-day no way another Unforgiven would show up. I open the door. It's Nicole, and her a*****e boyfriend mark. "Hello Nicole," I smile at her, then look at mark, "Mark," I give him a fake smile. "I see you were attacked again." Mark says with concern in his voice, but i know its fake.

    "Why didn't you go to school?" Nicole asks with worry.

    "You know what people would say if i turned up after an attack, I'd rather avoid that." Mark gives a devilish grin and Nicole nods with worry in her eyes. some time passes wihtout a word being said.

    I worry for Nicole as her parents hate me. They got her to go out with mark as they are friends with his family. Then sight of mark also disgusts me. I finally get fed up with worrying and having to see mark, "You guys should leave. Last time Nicole, you were almost banned from returning home." She nods, knowing it to be true. Mark hands me some papers, "Homework, that's why were here." He gives me the cocky tone and starts to walk away with Nicole, if only I could kill him i think to myself. Nicole waves good bye and I wave back. I shut the door and walk to my room. my day has been shitty so far, there must be something else waiting to Ruin my day. I open the door to both May and June standing stiffly.

    "You got a visit from the New king." I look at her with awe and even more confusion.

    "W-wait what?!" This day has put me at my limit of confusion now I was ready to implode.

    "The man you called Mark, he's the new king" It was my lucky day, now I could kill mark and say he was with the Unforgiven, but I was so confused still. All I knew is that I had to kill that two timing basterd. "What I'm about to say will shock you but it is necessary if you want to kill that man, as he wants to destroy this world, and he hates you." I knew he hated me and his planes I could care less about. The world could die for all i cared, I could finally get revenge and that's all that matterd. Then she said it, "Marry me."

    My life had gone from normal, to something so twisted. I was losing my mind. And then all went black.