"so-re deani cota dore mito~ shouga cote lumius forte dia na!" alari shouted and watched in satisfaction as gern was knocked across the classroom and slammed into a wall,"heh...he wasnt much fun..."alari thought sullenly,"its no fun doing this anymore...the novelty value has faded,but that doesnt mean anything,i have to do this no matter what!" she thought as the headmistress stormed in and grabbed alari by the arm"you are in so much trouble missy!" she shouted as she dragged alari out of the classroom and down to her office
    "i havve tried discipline,i have tied kindness,i have tried EVERYTHING!but you just wont sort your behaviour and be a nice child!"
    the headmistress,ms.hodge was her name,very idiotic name alari thought
    "im not a child ms. hodge,im seventeen,im hardly a snivelling little girl throwing a temper tantrum,you know i want to leave this place and i will do whatever it takes for you to get that!" alari shouted back as she disappeared and teleported to the roof"dumb old hag...doesnt know anything..."alari was muttering as she stared out at the setting sun "having to spend every single day here is torture!" she shouted,frustrated with herself and everyone else,
    "it isnt that bad"said a cool male voice from behind her,startled she spun around and acted on reflex,throwing a spell big enough to hurl through a wall at the person who disturbed her peace,
    "oh s**t!" he shouted and ducked at the side "damn it!" he shouted again as some debris streaked past him,cutting him on the shoulder,his eyes turned red as he whirled to face her
    "now you have done it,little witch"he growled as he lunged at her,taking her by surprise and knocking her off her feet
    "what the hell?!" she shouted and teleported away "what are you?!"she asked in disbelief "wait,nevermind that, the more important thing is I AM NOT A WITCH!!!!"she shouted in anger at him,her hair going from a light brown to a very dark,almost black color as her eyes glowed redder than ever,the color of blood.
    her attacker stood up and turned around to face her,looking her in the eye "i am mioreto,mio for short,and i am a demon,and incredibly strong one at that,to be married to the princess of demons in fact,he said smugly.
    "WHAT?!"she shotued,even more angry,"i said,i am to be married to the princess of demons,i was sent to this school to meet her,why?you sad im not single?"he grinned boyishly,bringing a new light to his face "oh f*** no,immore shocked at the fact that you,are the dumbest most idioticly stupid person my father has EVER sent to try and marry me"she said,scowling and crossing her arms,taking little satisfaction in the look he had on his face as he gaped at her "you...?"he asked,trailing off and looking startled all over again "yup."she said,scowling at him,knowing he would never,ever be the one she would marry,not in a lifetime.