• I sat there on the floor,beside Charlies corpse,in his puddle of blood and guts.
    The dim lights that were still working flickered.
    The red paint was peeling of the wall,making it hard to differentiate it from the blood.There was a table in the corner with a blood stained scalpel on it along with some other surgical instruments .The lights supply of power was from the second floor.
    There was a set of sliding,automatic doors behind me and a narrow corridor in front of me.A window to my left,barred,and a wall to my right.The doors behind me could only be opened by getting the power supply to this floor.
    I could hear them coming down the hall,the experiments,the things,the zombies... I got my M1 Garand rifle ready and aimed down the hall.Peter and John on the other side would never get the damn door open on time...if they were still alive.
    I caught sight of the first one,aimed carefully at it's head,and squeezed the trigger.Most of it's head decorated the corridor and it's body fell,slumped on the wall.The sounds of more followed and I caught sight at two,There were probably a lot more.I could hear at least a dozen or so.
    I downed the first two and as more appeared I began unloading the clip and reloaded.The things were still pretty far down the corridor.As I reloaded the door behind me clicked open a little.I still couldn't fit through it though.
    I could hear Peter and John on the other side now.
    I unloaded another clip at the hoard.
    I could hear John scream "STOP!!NO!!!DON'T BITE ME!!!"
    and then Peter screaming "F*** YOU FREAK SACKS!!!" and his Light Machine gun, the load metallic sound of the clip unloading at the enemy on the other side.
    There were too many things,in moments I would be torn to pieces.
    Something metallic hit my foot and I heard Peter screaming "Take it!!!I'm Goin' to hell!!!"
    I looked down and picked the Light machine gun up.As I looked down the sight aiming at the hoard of...of Zombies I saw one right on front of me,at arms length.Before it could do anything I pulled the trigger,spaying bullets down the hall downing the one in front of me and also the ones following closely behind it.I screamed, "THIS IS FOR CHARLIE,AND FOR JOHN,AND SURE AS HELL FOR PETER YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!
    GO TO F*** HELL!!!"
    I reloaded and began shooting again.
    They were thinning out now.I was on my last clip and I could feel my last magazine getting lighter.As the last zombie hit the floor I heard the click of my gun.
    I dropped the gun and once again slid on the floor in Charlies puddle of blood.I was safe for now,but once the ones on the other side got over here I would be in trouble.I was out of ammo,hungry,and slowly going insane.
    I remembered how the corpse strapped to the operation table burst to life,and how they came from the ground.I heard them things coming down the corridor again.I picked up my gun,out of ammo and aimed down the corridor,blood all over my face,hands,and shirt.I knew I was out of ammo and I didn't have much choice,so I did what I was taught to do,what I was good at.As the first one caught sight I pulled the trigger...