So much stress. Wouldn't it be so much easier to have to worry about nothing than worry about everything?

    As I entered the restaurant, my worry for Kai increased. He hadn't been up to par for a few days--technically since Kira was shot--and he was going out into the city to feed. Hopefully he wouldn't end up killing anybody, but how likely would that be with a Vampire? He still seemed thirsty, since the red in his eyes didn't disappear. I couldn't allow him into the restaurant with eyes like that.

    "Take your time getting dressed, Arisa," Manager Uratada smiled at me. "It'll probably be another slow night."

    I nodded and smiled, heading into the back of the restaurant where my uniform was stuffed into my locker. The whole time I was dressing myself, I was in a daze with worry for both Kai and Kira. I didn't have time to be concerned; I had to work and put my life back on track. Kira was recovering which meant Kai would too, so I had nothing to worry about.

    "Arisa, we have a customer; go ahead and take her order while we wait for Kaia." Manager Uratada asked of me, putting Nozomi back in her cradle.

    I readied myself by adjusting the ruffle on my shirt, grabbing a notebook and pen, grabbing my tray, and putting on my good face. As soon as I left the back room of the restaurant and into the front, I had to blink a few times to observe the customer. What was Chi doing there?

    "Chi?" I asked, approaching her in her booth.

    Her eyes lit up, "Arisa!" she embraced me. "I didn't know you worked here!"

    I smiled and embraced her back, "I have been for a year now, but I miss a lot,"

    Chi looked around cautiously and looked back at me, "Your boyfriend isn't here?"

    My face fell, "No, he's...out...feeding..." I looked away. "He was dehydrated."

    Chi released me, "Oh," was all she said. I knew I could trust her with Kai's secret, but she still couldn't seem to believe it.

    "Um, anyways," I put my smile back on. "What would you like to drink?"

    After Chi ordered her drink, I went into the kitchen and filled her cup after saying hello to Ryu the cook. As soon as I was about to go and take the cup to Chi, I tripped on a broken tile and the glass and I went crashing down. After swearing at myself and checking for cuts--of which I, for once, had none--I made another soda and brought it out, red with embarrassment.

    "I totally destroyed myself back there," I laughed.

    "Will Kai be here?" Chi asked nervously, dodging my comment and fondling with her fingers.

    I was about to answer her question until the front door opened and there stood a god. My face showed happiness but I could tell my eyes still showed concern; his eyes were more of a purple. I smiled and embraced Kai and he embraced me back and kissed my head.

    "You're back so soon?" I asked him, looking up at him.

    "I wasn't very thirsty," Kai shrugged. "And I missed you already."

    "You're sweet," I frowned, "but you shouldn't starve yourself just to see me."

    Kai was about to answer me but he looked past me instead. I knew he was looking at Chi, and I knew she was looking at him, "Chi is here,"

    I nodded, "Yeah, she just got here,"

    I turned back towards Chi and she waved at Kai nervously, "Hello..."

    Kai nodded towards her, "Good evening," he glided over to her booth with my hand in his. "Mind if I sit across from you?"

    Chi shook her head nervously, "No, go ahead,"

    There was an awkward pause before I pulled out my notebook, "So, do you know what you want to eat?"

    "Um..." Chi looked at the menu for a short moment. "I'll have gyoza."

    I looked at Kai and he answered without looking at the menu, "I'll have a gyudon bowl,"

    I wrote down their orders and smiled at both of them, "I'll get your food out as soon as possible," and as I was about to turn away, Kai gripped me by my wrist and pulled me down for a kiss. My stomach twisted up nervously; was Chi going to get angry...?

    .:{{Kai's Perspective}}:.

    As soon as my lips pressed onto Arisa's, I felt as though I would lose myself. I always felt as though I would lose myself every time we kiss. Her endearment was something to die for but she never realized how precious she truly was to me. If it were capable, I would embrace her for life and never release her.

    "Get back to work," I advised with a small grin.

    Arisa nodded her head and blushed a deep shade of red. As soon as she emigrated, I turned to Chi and she was, surprisingly, staring at me in bewilderment. Even though it was only our second time congregating, she was still unsure of how to think of me. I wouldn't be stupefied if she was scared or even angry with me; I had kidnapped her best friend over a year ago and I was a monster.

    As we paused, Chi swiped her finger across her class to absorb the condensation, "So you're taking good care of Arisa, right?" she mumbled.

    I nodded while crossing my arms and leaning back, "As best as I can,"

    "I see," she looked down. "And you're engaged?"

    I nodded once more, "Yes, but we still haven't arranged a date,"

    Timidly, Chi peeked up at me through her blond bangs and into my eyes. She furrowed her eyebrows together, "So you were just out...feeding? Like, attacking people?"

    "Only one," I mumbled, attempting to keep quiet. "Why, are my eyes still red?"

    She nodded with slightly palpitating hands, "Yes, a little,"

    I looked away, "I apologize," then I glanced at her after observing the fear in her eyes. "I won't attack you, I promise."

    "It's startling..." she started, "knowing my best friend is engaged to and living with a Vampire." She released a halfhearted laugh. "I always knew she was strange in a way."

    I chuckled, "She is quite unique,"

    Chi's face collapsed and she averted her attention downwards, "So...when is that contract thing going to happen?"

    My complexion fell as well and I sighed, propping my elbows on the table, "I'm still unaware,"

    Chi sighed deeply and she hunched over, burying her face in her arms on the table, "I don't want Arisa to die; she can't die..."

    Hesitantly, I reached over and touched her arm, only for her to peek over at my monstrous hand on her, "I'm still attempting my best. I loathe Arisa's fate as much as you do." I mumbled. I inhaled and attempted my hardest to raise her hopes. "Maybe she could survive. Maybe it really doesn't require that much blood."

    Chi never responded verbally, but she nodded her head. I attempted to convince her Arisa could survive after the attack, and it was commencing to convince me as well. Perhaps I could save Arisa after Minoru and Arisa attack her. But that didn't mean I wasn't going to forfeit my battle against the contract. Arisa was much too precious; I didn't desire her to be around Minoru or Kaiba ever again. Every time she's congregated with them, they've given her Hell.

    "Here's your food, you guys," Arisa's voice knocked me out of my trance, reposing our plates on the table.

    "Thank you, Arisa," Chi smiled at her, but it didn't reach her eyes. She was still scared.

    Arisa smiled at Chi, "No problem," and she constricted her arms around my shoulders and pressed her cheek against my head. "Hey, Kai, do you think Chi could come back to Matsuda and Orihime's with us?"

    I furrowed my eyebrows together and glanced up at her, "Why do you propose that?"

    Arisa shrugged, "She hasn't met everybody yet,"

    "Kira is still in a dangerous state," I warned.

    "She doesn't have to meet him quite yet. I just want her to meet everybody else." she smiled at Chi. "Do you want to?"

    We both glanced at Chi and her complexion was full of shock and exuberance. She nodded her head, "S-sure, I can meet them,"

    "See, Kai? She'll be--" she paused as soon as I turned my head to stare at her.

    "What's wrong?" I interrogated, constricting one arm around her waist.

    "Your eyes are turning red again," she gnawed on her bottom lip.

    I sighed, fully knowledgeable that I wasn't creating the best second impression for Chi, "I'll have to go feed some more later,"

    "So can we bring Chi?" Arisa asked again.

    "I suppose," I granted.

    "I've got to get back to work," Arisa smiled and donned a kiss on me. "Try not to look at anybody, please, not with those red eyes." She pleaded.

    I nodded in confirmation and she took off to fulfill her job duties. When I ate I kept my vision to the table, as Arisa requested. Chi and I developed little conversation; she was still uneasy, especially when Arisa noted my shifting eye color. My heart ached for the pain Arisa went through due to my insuppressible appetite, ever since she joined our household. Whenever my fangs would plunge into her skin, it would feel as though something infiltrated me as well. Unfortunately, there wasn't much we could change about it; she declared herself my Blood Bride, therefore she's my main donor. The only way that would alter would be if she left or if she...perished.

    With my stomach churning, I continued eating my food. Arisa's fate was my greatest fear; I merely managed to suppress the fear, and the fact that her fate was nearing with every minute since the day we congregated.