• Mido: Hi Everyone! I'm extremely happy today, and you know why?!

    Aya: Why?

    Mido: You know why dummy...

    Aya: b-but!

    Mido: Well, anyway...Its because I gave Miss. Kanade here an awesome nickname!

    Kanade: Yeah..I...guess......

    Mido: "Plastic Girl" Is her nickname!

    Aya: eh.....

    Mido: Fine my nickname for her, happy Aya?

    Aya: Yup!

    Mido: Ugh.....Knucklehead.....

    Aya: I-I'm a knucklehead!?

    Mido: Yes.

    Aya: Oh come on...

    Mido: Short show tonight! Ciao!

    -the curtains close-

    Mido: Plastic girl...and the knucklehead......What have I gotten myself into!?

    Aya & Kanade: We aren't bad or anything!

    Kanade: Yes. Let's just try to get along.

    Mido: Have you ever seen the show..?

    Aya: We NEVER get along...

    Kanade: What a shame that is....maybe we can change that!

    Aya: No way!

    Mido: Absolutely not! I am NOT befriending that one.

    Aya: So NOW I'm "That one"? What happened to knucklehead!?

    Mido: Fine, knucklehead.

    Aya: Agh!