• Selena dragged her two friends through the trees.

    “Where are we going?” Lindsey asked her.

    “Yeah, seriously. Won’t our parents be worried?” Kelly added.

    “Nope! Mom showed me this place. She will tell your parents if they get worried. Now come on!” She led them through the trees until they came to a clearing. “See this? It is an awesome place to lay and hang out. We can even climb in the surrounding trees!”

    Lindsey nodded. “It is pretty good. I never would have thought of this.”

    “Me either. Why didn’t you show us before?”

    “The ground was too muddy. Otherwise I would have last week.” She turned and poked Lindsey. “You’re it!” Kelly and Selena took off running. Lindsey ran after them. They couldn’t stop laughing.

    Ten years later, Selena opened her eyes and looked around her. She hadn’t seen Lindsey and Kelly since college. She had made it a point to visit the meadow at least once a week. No one at work knew about the place.

    She heard crunching around her and jumped up. Two girls walked through the trees. She recognized the bright red hair of one girl and easily could see who the other was.

    “Kelly, Lindsey!” She ran up and gave them each a hug, despite Lindsey not liking them. She knew she had shown them a perfect place just for them.