• Every thing was ablaze. The sky shun red with blood and fire, and the air was filled with the sounds of screaming and death. I knew I should have run from the horrendous masacure that blanketed my poor village, but I had to find Llona, my closest and only friend. We were like brother and sister, me and her. I couldn't bring my self to just leave her there in the grips of death.
    I ran to her house trying to stay out of sight from the monsters that were attacking. I ran for cover like a mouse hiding from a ravenous cat that haden't eaten because the owner was an a** and never got around to it.
    I finaly made it to Llona's little house. It was on fire and empty. I figures by then her father had her older brother drag her off so she didn't get hurt. At least thats what i hoped had happened.
    The smoke was finaly too much for me, so i fled from the fires and screaming. I ran to the forest where I could easily hide in the brush. I ran as fast as my legs could take me, but it just seemed like i just could never run fast enugh. I left the blaze behind me only with hopes that my famliy and Llona would make it out alive. I prayed hard to Hitira that none of the monsters would find me whilst I rested my poor body far away from the place I once called home.