• Something trickled down my face. I opened my eyes to see that it started to rain. I knocked on the window of the truck and asked the driver if I could sit in the passenger seat. After a quick stop I was out of the rain. But my eyes never left the sky. I can't believe that my dad died. To tell you the truth I hated my dad as much as he hated me. He was not the person you should be calling "daddy". He made me sick to my stomach; he didn't even call me by my name. But all that is behind me. Even though I'll never forget that man, I can't shake the fact that he's my father.

    The driver's cold hand woke me up from my train of thought. I turned to him as his face coves in curiosity. I looked back to the window to see that we arrived at the train station. I got out and grabbed my two bags from the bed of the truck. I turned my attention to the driver.

    "Make sure you get out at the right stop." He gave me a piece of paper with instructions and some money. "It's Melrose Station you get off at and your brother should be there. Remember, Melrose Station."

    "Ok, gramps." Even though he's not really my grandpa. "I'll make sure I'll say hi to my brother for you."

    "Be careful!" He yelled out. I waved goodbye to him as I boarded my train. Then right before my eyes he disappears. I'm going to miss him.

    I piled my two bags to the seat next to me and sat right next to the window. As the rain pittered pattered against the cold window, I fell asleep.

    "Next Stop, Melrose Station!" My eyes blinked open. "Next Stop, Melrose Station! Please leave to the left."

    I yawned and stretched my arms. The train goes through a tunnel as I gazed at the window. My reflection was clear. Long brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a face clear of zits. NOT! I wish I had a zitless face but it’s not possible. My face is covered with marks from trying to pick out my zits too much. But if I put make up it might cover it. But I never wear makeup unless it's a special occasion. Oh well. The train stops, I get off at Melrose Station.

    After 4 hours of waiting I decided to find my brother myself. Although I don't know what he looks like so I decided to go to a cafe. But as soon as I step through the door something weird happened.

    "HEY!!" The owner yelled. I turned my head to see who he was talking too. But I'm the only one who's at the door. "Tyler I thought I told you to never come back here again!"

    "Who, me?" I asked. "But I'm new to town . . ."

    "Yeah, right!" The owner walked towards me. "That is a very good cost . . . . Wait, isn't Tyler taller? And since when did he had brown eyes?"

    "I've been trying to tell you." I'm pretty sure I was nervous when I saw how tall he was. He looks middle aged because of the gray hair he has. He looks like General Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. Except without that shining thingy that follows him and he doesn't have a mustache. Wait did I just made an anime reference? "Uhhhhhh, I just came to this town today. But wait, do you know where my brother is?"

    "You're Tyler's little sister aren't you?" The owner turned around. "So you are real?"

    "Of course I'm real." I sighed. "I'm standing right here."

    "Yeah, of course she's real." I squeaked as I turned around to see a tall, strong build, hot blonde standing in the doorway. He has blue eyes but they are more towards the . . . . WAIT! DID I JUST CALL MY BROTHER HOT?! I dropped my head in embarrassment. "I told you gramps, I have a little sister. Isn't she cute?"

    Then I remembered why I'm here. I turned to my brother and slapped his arm.

    "What did I do?" Tyler yelled.

    "I should be the one yelling here." I growled. "You left me at that train station for 4 hours starving to death. You know the last time I ate anything?"

    "Well . . ." Tyler was bushing. "How about I make it up to you by getting you something to eat?"


    "WHAT?! No way!" Tyler pulled out his pockets. "I have barely anything!"

    "You guys are brother and sister alright." the owner said. "Nobody can be as loud as you two."