• We were in the dark once again. Pure heart stoping, stomach turning darkness. He didt tell me what we were going to do, what we DID do, How it was going to end.....

    I was a normal 17 year old teenager. Made desent grades, had friends, popular, got into some tough things, but still always manged to get out of it. But that one day, that one single day changed MY life forever. I was in 6th perioed, last of the day. I could barely sit still. it was friday. Club Day. When that bell rang, i was all ready to my car. My baby, my red Porshe. I got for my sweet 16. I love it more than my life.

    I waited unpatientaly for my best friend, Tia and Julie. " Took you long enough! " i yelled at Tia as she got in the car. " Well sorry Amber, but i had to wipe my make-up off! Do you want me to die?" Tia asked as she pulled her long, stright, silky blonde hair! her mom is really strict, she would kill her if she saw that Baby blue eye shawdow that was on her eyes. " What ever " i rolled my eyes, as i pulled my red porshe out of McKinkle High School.

    We all rushed to Tia's house and changed. " Now look what you did Tia! Its 10:30 and we only have an hour to get there to get in for free!" Julie complanied, as she pulled on he Green heels with her white Tube top and black Skinnys. " Well just let me put on my shoes and we can got to Ambers house so she can get her Black heels and ill put on my make-up in the car! " replied Tia as she pulled on her White heels.

    We ran out to my car. I drove home to get me my favriot shoes, pink heels with open toes. " Hey mom!" i yelled as i ran up the stairs, 3 at a time. " Hey Amby! How was school?" She called from the top of the stairs. Ugh! I hate when she calls me Amby! " Fine Mom!" i yelled back. Aha! i pulled on my heels and ren back down stairs. " Bye mom, ill be back at 3:00, im going to Lavista's" I said really fast and peeked her on the cheeck. " Wait, what? Lavista's, you have to be 21 to get in, i find out that you had a fak..." " No mom, it teen night!" I lied. "Ok, be back by 2:30" she said in her " i mean it amber" voice. "yeah what ever!" I said.
    And ran out the door.

    We got to Lavista's at exactly 11:28. We got in at the front with our fake I.D's. We danced with some cute guys we knew from school, and we decided to go get drinks. " Dont worry i got it." I said as i walked to the bar, as Tia and Julie got a table, that was the last time i say them and talked to someone i knew. " 3 kewi margaritias please " i said as i showed my fake ID again. As he made the drinks i looked around my sorundings.
    And there he was, siting at the end of the bar, staring at me, deep into my eyes, almost like my soul. "Here you go " the bartender siad as he placed down the drinks. I didt hear him, as i walked to the guy staring at me, into my soul...

    " Hi Amber" he whispered into my ear. "How do you now me?" I said back to him. "That dosent matter" He whispered into my ears. "Its time" He got up and pulled me into the the back room, used for private parties. " You have been away from me to long Amber" he whispered as he kiss and licked my neck. This guy was strong, I could tell by the grip he had on my arms, so I couldt run, nor should i make him mad, he could snap me like a twig.
    " I agree that I have, but what is you name agian, you now its been so long..." I pretended. he laughed, " Why its me Kalanara! "He answered " Oh how silly of me, yes Kalanara, now i remember " I laughed, not a happy laugh, but a fake one. He tighted his grip, he pulled away from me to look into my soul again. When he dose that there is this slight, tingling, buring sensation, it feels good... He tightend hes grip, more, harder more intense. " AMBER WHY ARE YOU LIEING TO ME!" I screamed as his eyes whent from deep black to buring red. " Do you want me to punish you?" He whispered in my ear. " Please no, Please dont kill me.." I pleaed with him. He laughed. " Oh Amber, We have way to mush to do, and besides how am i going to please myself with out you?" He said, as he slide me onto the table as he pushed up my skirt, i was a virgin at the time.....

    I woke up, it was early morning. "Oh, my god! I never came home! My mom is proably freaking out! what happened to Tia and Julie? what happened to him..." I thought to my self. I was naked. I got up and i got dressed. I ran to the door, befor my hand was on the nob, he grabed my shoulders, i began to cry, for what seemed like the millionth time. " just where do you think that your going, Amber?" "No, where sir,i-i thought you were out there." I lied. " Sit Amber, I can see that you really dont rember me or yourself..." He pushed me to the chair, this is what he told me:

    1. My real name is Hatetry, but he saw thst i go by Amber now, but Hatery is what hes going to call me.

    2. He's the master, im the pleasure, and killing slave.

    3. Im never going back to my family.

    4. I was with him when i was an inffinant, he cursed me and made me a human demon like him, but he got tired of me afther my 500th birthday. So he made me into a ball of life and placed me in my Moms stomach, but he wants me back now.

    5. My mission is simple, pleasure him, when he wants and to kill, who he wants.

    6. Last night he curserd me back into a Human Demon, and now, I will live forever. I can fly. I can look into everydodys soul but his and my own. I am the worlds best killer. I dont need to eat and drink everyday, but i must drink snake blood when i feel weak, or i will be weak. ( he said he will force me if i refuse ) I can get pregant and have his baby when in 150 in H.D years, he cant wait for that day.

    He changed my appernce, My long, curly black hair was now long on one side in my face and cut to my head all over the other places, and bleached snowwhite. My eyes are DEEP purple when im neturel, red when made, black when sad, Green when i look into a persons soul ,and blue when, well,when i want to be pleasured....

    " Come on Hatery, we must train again " He said. we left the club and flew in the sky to a cementarty. There was this old lady whith white hair. He looked at her, sniffed the air and a skin chilling grin appered on his face, i shivered... " Hatery, follow your soul power, do what you feel, and sense im letting you free, if you go home, I WILL KILL YOU!" he Said as his eyes flashed red. " i wont let you down master." I flew down to the opening of the cematary, i walked to her, im very fast I noticed. " Hello " I said as my eyes flashed green as i looked into her soul. " Why hello little girl " She greeted me. Her soul told my mind that she was fighted, by my sneaking up on her, a hint of sadness and, hunger. i read the toumbstone that she was at, it read: Jacob Hines 1997-1998. " My i ask who is Jacob is" I asked in a sweet voice. " Oh my great-grandson, he got sick when he swas 7 mo. old, this is his 2yr anniverisy." She looked down at the toumb stone, sad eyes reappering. " I'm so sorry " I said as i rupped her back. " thank you " she said, she looked up into my deep purple eyes. " Do you want to be with him, in the better place?" " Why yes, yes i do" She said as she rubed the stone. Im sorry for what im about to do to your grandmother jacob, i said to jacob in my mind." Well, i'll do that just for you" My eyes flashed red, as i brought back my hand and slap the ederly woman down to the ground. "AHHH" she screamed as she feel to the ground. I graped he head and snapped it as i twisted it around like an owl. I kicked her acouple time to see if she was dead. I didt want her to bleed, i wast going beable to deal with that. I picked her up and though her at the nearby tree, i trough her so hard that she went THOUGH the tree! I ran to her and brought her lifeless body back to the stone.

    Kalanara flew down to where i was. " Look into soul, if you see green shes dead any other color, though her around some more" he said. " Yes master." I looked into her soul, green, i wanted to cry, but I did't want a repeat of last night...
    "It's Green, Master" I said, looking at the lifeless body. " Great Job, hatery!" He Lifted up my chin, and looked into my eyes. " Shes better now,She was going to die anyways! And now we have a perfect body to sacerife to the devil!" He said, I smiled. I hated when i did. " Come" He said as he picked up the lady, and flew. I flowed.

    We flew into the hole under the ground. There was a foul oder, and i knew excatly what it was! But i hated it. Then i liked it! The old me was gone, no more Amber only Hatery! I WANTED him inside me! My eyes flashed blue.We were in the dark once again. Pure heart stoping, stomach turning darkness. He didt tell me what we were going to do, what we DID do, How it was going to end.....

    ~End of part 1, 2 coming only if by demand ~