Chapter 18 - The awakening

    *Somewhere in the mountain areas of the Legion continent, the MDF resistance ship, the Kakarott are now launching an assault to the Space Pirate stronghold and with the Pillar of Autumn and the Gieselshaft heading in their direction to aid Kay's army and help sieze the alien pirate base and especally, uprehand Dr. Wily and Dalton. But somewhere in the pirate facility.....*

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    Dr. Wily= How can this be!? We had Giga city at it's knees and THIS guy comes in a red and gold biometal comes allong and just drops my army stone cold dead!

    Dalton= I cant believe it either sir.

    Dr. Wily= And on top of that, the Black Omen was destroyed!

    Dalton= If those MDF bastards are behind this assault against my queen so help me god I'll....

    Spcace pirate 1= Dr. Wily, our forces cannot hold back the invaders much longer.

    Dr. Wily= Damnit! THAT'S IT!! Release the new breed of Model W mutant troops!

    Dalton= Make sure the MDF force get's masacared! Leave none allive. KILL THEM ALL!! They will pay for the death of my queen!!

    Space pirate 2= They only broken through our basic line of defense. They will never get through our specal forces.

    *The space pirates leave the room*

    Dr. Wily= Dalton, have you heard from Tom lately?

    Dalton= No. He was supposed to report hours ago. I contacted him from Giga city before we had those intruders, and he said "I will reply to you again shortly" and he never did.

    Dr. Wily= That's no good at all. Tom is a better captain than that. Something must have happened to him.

    *Suddenly, the space pirate commander entered the room*

    SP commander= Boss! The invading forces are more clever than we expected. Captain Tom is not responding and the Bonne ship and the Pillar of Autumn are closing in fast. We can slow them down but were not strong enough to take them all on. We need to evacuate immediately. The intire base will be taken within hours.

    Dalton= s**t! Dr. Wily, let's get out of here now.

    Dr. Wily= Let's split up this time. I'll take the escape pod, you take your Epoch and meet me at the wastelands.

    *Meanwhile.......Kay and a few troops entered the pirate main base and Kay broke in Dalton's private bunker and found the Epoch.*

    Kay= This is it! The Epoch. Now to get it back to our hands.

    *Kay used a CC-Unit and capsulised the Epoch and regrouped with her solgers. Suddenly, Phil and his squadrin arrived.*

    Phil= Kay. I thought you were going to get that treasure?

    Kay= I wish I could but the space pirates were planning on taking Legion with there Model W army, I couldnt wait longer. It's take them out or nothing.

    Phil= I still dont get it.

    *Suddenly, resistance solgers began to scatter and panic and a few ran to Kay's possition.*

    Resistance solder 1= Captain! We got trouble!

    Resistance solger 2= We got Model W pirates!

    Phil= Kay, you go on and take some of my team members with you. Ill deal with this space pirate trash! It's time we split up and take Dr. Wily and Dalton out once and for all!

    *When Phil entered the cortyard, he found himself face to face with more Elete pirates. He megamerges with Model IM and prepairs to fight.*

    (Music changes to - Chozo Ghosts/ Metroid Prime)Download

    Midel IM= Ugly a** pirates! Let's get'em!

    JARVIS= Im searching for weakpoints on the elete pirates. Im setting the visor to X-ray. Use the pulse laser and target the infared colored targets.

    Phil= Gotcha!

    *Model IM set to X-ray visor and the visor detected the weak points on the elete pirates and Phil fired the pulse lasers and took each elete pirate out with only several shots each. Then some elete pirates began to fire grenades from their backs and another tried to use the ground shock attack, but was useless since Phil was levitating with Model IM's specal flying powers. Phil easally dodged the attacks and quickly took each out with his methods he learned from JARVIS. Soon, all the elete pirates were taken out.*

    Space Pirate 1= Who is this guy!?

    Space Pirate 2= He took out the elete pirates like they were nothing!

    SP captain= Damnit! Unleash Dark Thardus! It's time!!

    Space Pirate 2= Roger!

    Space Pirate 1= Release Dark Thardus!!

    (Music changes to - Thardus/ Metroid Prime)Download

    User Image

    *Suddenly, there was a huge tremor that surrounded the cortyard of the pirate base when Phil noticed the shaking.*

    JARVIS= Im detecting abnormal disturbances arround us. There is something big appraching us.

    Model IM= Look! Floating rocks!

    Phil= It's.....a Thardus... but with Model W's attacched to them.

    *Dark Thardus formed itself and took it's phisical shape and tried to shoot it's rocks at Phil but Phil got out of the way and fired at the Dark Thardus weak spots the same way with the elete pirates. Suddenly, Dark Thardus used some kind of ability that scrambled the X-ray visor.*

    JARVIS= The creature is using some sort of crude abnormal ability. It's interfearing with the X-ray scope. I cannot pinpoint the weakspots.

    Model IM= It's time to use guts now! Phil, give it all you got!

    *Phil began to fire his missles on the giant rock beast firing at random pieces of Dark Thardus, then it took some damage, then it curled itself into a huge bolder and began to roll straight at Phil. Phil flew out of the way dodging it. Phil still continued to fire at the monster and still inflicting damage to it.*

    Phil= It's a bit too simple of a stradegy, but I think it's working. Captain calling the Pillar! Fire Pillar photon torpedos at the Dark Thardus! FIRE!

    *The Pillar of Autumn fired photon torpedos and shot down on the Dark Thardus blasting it, causing severe damage to the creature although it tried to attack the ship but was useless. Phil fored some charged shots and the Dark Thardus went down in defeat.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    JARVIS= You have sucsessfuly defeated the monster.

    Model IM= See, I told you we would do it!

    JARVIS= Im detecting something fast headed our way. It's shooting at the Pillar of Autumns surface from above. It's of the same origin as the space pirates.

    Phil= Oh s**t! It's Ridley! Take evasive action!

    (Music playing - Omega Ridley/ Metroid Prime 3 Corruption)Download

    *Ridley appeared and he was equiped with the same Model W armor platings as the pirates, and it fired at the ships.*

    Phil= Get away from me ships you monster!

    *Phil flew straight up to engage Ridley and Ridley turned arround and attacked Phil back, and he fired some plasma torpedos trying to shoot Phil. Phil returned some firepower back at Ridley. Then the winged beast Ridley fired his homing torpedos from the Model W armor he was wearing and tried to blast Phil with them. Phil fired out a flare and the torpedos aimed for the flare instead of him, and Phil countered with some fully charged blasts of energy at Ridley. The fight caused allot of turbulence and destruction in the enviroment of the space pirate HQ, as buildings were badly damaged and tankers and fuel bunkers exploded killing allot of space pirates, cybermen and most of Dr. Wily's mechanloids. MDF troopers took this advantage to enter the facility of the base and comenced their main assault taking out the space pirates that were still inside and rescued the captured humans and reploids captured by them and were escorted to the Pillar.

    (Music changes to - The corruption/ Metroid Prime 3 Corruption)Download

    *Inside the facility Kay and her best troopers alongside Cedre, Duke, Turok, Rad, and the rest of Phil's crewmembers taken out the rest of the space pirates and were searching for more suspects and finaly, found Dr. Wily and he was trapped in a corner, exausted as he was trying to escape the fallen space pirate base.*

    Kay= Dr. Wily!

    Dr. Wily= No! Please! *panting* The space pirates.... they planned this, they forced me to...

    Kay= Like im going to buy that lie! You associated with the space pirates to take control of Giga city! You finished Wily! Duke, Turok, Rad, detain him!

    *Duke, Rad, and Turok siezed Dr. Wily and threw the handcuffs on him.*

    Kay= You have the right to remain silent!

    Dr. Wily= You will never get away with this! Dalton will rescue me like I did with him!

    Duke= Where's Dalton!?

    Cedre= Where is the wizard? I got a little suprise for him after what he tried to do with my Duke.

    Kay= He must be arround here somewhere. Duke, Jack, take Dr. Wily to my ship.

    Teasel= We meet at last little man!

    Dr. Wily= YOU! Your the one who stole my cargo a few years ago!

    Teasel= Yeah, that Dalek... you planned to ....

    Kay= Does he have another Dalek? The scouts you abducted?

    Dr. Wily= I was just going to study it....

    Rad= So you can harness it's technology!? I dont think so!

    Kay= That's enough. Take him away now. We can find Dalton by ourselves.

    *Duke and Jack left the party halling Dr. Wily allong with them.*

    Kay= Let's keep moving. Dalton may still be at large.

    *Later....deeper inside, there wa sDalton standing on a catacomb with a lineup of Model W's*

    Dalton= Kay of the MDF. We meet at last!

    Cedre= You creep! You almost killed my hunky stud you b*****d!

    Rad= Your under arrest. Move slowly and peacefully and you wont get hurt.

    Cedre= But I am gonna hurt him! Just a good punch in his gut will make us even.

    Dalton= HA! You expect me to do that? I got a suprise for all of you. Get them!!

    (Music changes to - Beserker lord/ Metroid Prime 3 Corruption)Download

    *Suddenly a Space Pirate beserker appeared, on it's back instead of a Phazon tank, it was a chunk of the Model W giving the creature power and it began to attack by firing plasma spheres at the group.*

    Kay= Watch it everyone!!

    Rad= Dalton you sniveling coward!

    *Rad used his bionic arm to snatch one of the plasma spheres and fling it back at the beserker and Cedre fired some rockets at the beasts arm joints since it was part of the armor that keeps the beserker shielded. Then the beserker began to perform it's attacks such as it's acid spit and Model W charged missles and stomping the ground. Kay, Rad, Turok and Cedre performed evasive manovers and returned fire at the beast.*

    Dalton= You actually think I will surrender to you after what happened to the new Black Omen!?

    Kay= That wasn't us! It was Omega Zero! He did it!

    Dalton= I dont believe you. You will pay! All of you!!

    *Dalton casted (haste) on the space pirate beserker and it gained in high speed and then he started to cast (thunder) on Kay, Cedre, Rad, and the rest of the group.*

    Ciel= We go to do something! Let's help them!

    Model SK= I read you loud and clear Chielly, let's cap his ugly a**!

    Mer= Im comming Kay!!

    Model MF= Dalton's using magic. Not fair man!

    Dalton= Those little punks! Take this you twerps!

    *Dalton began to attack the twins by using his spell (dark force), a surge of fireball like dark energy firing out of his hands and pummeling on the ground causing dark cold flames, but Ciel and Mer dodged it and fired some of their blasters at Dalton, but Dalton ducked and rolled to the side and pulls out a buster pistol shooting at Ciel and Mer*

    Ciel= Miss Kay! We'll keep him busy! Go for the beserker!

    Mer= We got Dalton! You get that thing!

    Cedre= Nice bunch of brave kids. Now let's finish this monster!

    *Suddenly, more Space Pirate beserkers and a group of Dark Thardus's allong with Elete Pirates began to march in accompanied by a group of cybermen.*

    Dalton= HA! You all fell into my trap! You all are going to DIE!

    *Dalton teleported from the catacomb onto the Model W that was hanging arround it.*

    Kay= Oh god! This is it, were done for!

    Halkel= NO!

    Teasel= You weasel! You coward! Have you no shame!?

    Dalton= You attacked Abagale's residental area awhile back, you tell ME, PIRATE! You will suffer allong with the MDF and for what they did to US!!

    *Suddenly, the Model W's began to hum and glow and suddenly, the Model W's began to react to the rage and anger of Dalton and the space pirates and Cybermen, suddenly the huge Model W began to suck the souls of the space pirate eletes, beserkers, the Dartk Thardus's and Cybermen.*

    Cybermen= Delete! Delete! ....warning!.....Model W hostile energy activity detected.....AOUOOOHHH!!!!

    Beserker Pirate= GUROAHHHH!!!

    Dark Thardus= KYWEEERRRRRRR!!!!

    Elete Pirate= GARGHHHHHHH!!

    Kay= The Model W's..... there activating!

    Cedre= Look, were saved!

    Cier= The Model W's!?

    Mer= They saved us?

    Rad= Ciel! Mer! Get away from that thing!

    Dalton= NO! STOP Model W!! Im on your side!! STOP IT! STOP IT!!

    Teasel= What's going on here!?

    Kay= The Model W's .... there betraying the space pirates!

    Turok= Look, there taking the space pirates, the mechanloids and Cybermen allong with it.

    Dalton= Curse you MDF!! Curse you all!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Suddenly, the Model W began to glow brighter and suddenly, it's energy pointed to Dalton, and suddenly it sucked out Dalton's soul thus killing him allong with the space pirates and cybermen.*

    Dalton= AHHHHHHHH!! NO! STOP! This cant be! I ...AM...DALTON!!

    *Dalton finally falls from the top of the Model W he stood on and plumeted on the floor to his death.*

    Rad= It's.....the end of Dalton.

    Turok= Look, the space pirates. There all dead.

    Cedre= Served his a** right for what he tried to do!

    *Suddenly, there was a loud crash and it was Ridley falling through the celing and collapsing on the facility floor dead.... Ridley's soul was ripped and absorbed by the very armor he was wearing. Suddenly, Phil in Model IM hovered down the very hole Ridley's body made.*

    Phil= Hey guys! Your all ok. I noticed what happened to Ridley. His armor backfired on him.

    JARVIS= I am recieving reports from the MDF army that the hostiles are dying from the Model W's.

    ?????= Don't think that you beat them my dear MDF.

    Phil= What the?

    (Music playing - The chosen one/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    *Suddenly, Master Albert teleported on the area where Dalton's body layed.*

    User Image

    Albert= Poor man. All his anger, his hatred and his loss of his queen. He wasnt even from this world, but neitherless, he did such a wonderful job in helping my Model W's collect so much food and fuel. I have to congradulate you all for making this so much easier for me.

    *Albert put one foot on Dalton's body and posed like all important and powerful.*

    Kay= Albert! You planned this all allong!?

    Cedre= You knew the space pirates would fall to the Model W?

    Albert= That's right my dear. The Model W chose the Space Pirates, Cybermen, and these mechanloids as it's sacrifice to awaken it's power. Now since they served their purposes, the Model W no longer needed them.

    Mer= Why?

    Model SK= Why dont they suck our souls then?

    Model MF= Yeah! Like he said. Why not us?

    Rad= I hate to agree with these biometal, but I like to know as well.

    Albert= My my, what different megamen we have here.

    Phil= Albert......

    Albert= Phillip. So your the one in the red and gold custom biometal. I heard allot about you. I heard you single handedly took out the forces assimilated in Giga city. Well done. But I dont need them anymore. All I need is these fine fully charged Model W's. I hope to meet you all again soon.....HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Albert and all the Model W's from the huge hanging one to the armor parts the Space Pirates were wearing all teleported away, and everything in the facility grew quiet.*

    Phil= Albert....you b*****d.

    Kay= He must have planned this all allong. Look's like there's nothing left but bodies and broken machines.

    Rad= All the space pirates and cybermen are gone. Looks like were done here.

    Kay= Now... let's use this time wisley, let's go get that treasure. Phil, I want you to find John again.

    *Meanwhile........... Ashe entered a door deep in the hunters camp leading to an old sewar line. She took the ladder down the blocked area where it blocked the path to the enterance and she entered it with the key card Vent and Aile gave her and Grey.*

    (Music playing - Whisper of relics/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    *Ashe sniffed the air inside the chamber and it make her a bit ill minded of the odor as the water in the sewar line was darkened with the smell of burned oil.*

    Ashe= Ugh... It really stinks down here... This is no ordinary sewage! Is it coming from inside?

    Model A= Us Biometals don't really have a sense of smell... I'm kinda glad I'm not you right now.

    Ashe= That's no fair... Anyway this smell is foul. Let's have a look inside. I hope Grey can handle himself being all allone this once.

    *Ashe ventures deep in the sewars and used Model A's A-trans to morph into Vent and slash some robotic rats and spiders guarding the perimiter. She dashed and jumped over some pits of polluted stagment water. Then she kept venturing deeper and hacking away enemies in her path and later she reached a security door and entered through it. When she entered, this chamber was like a hidden mechanloid factory and she and Model A figured out this was the scorce of the pollution in the sewars.*

    Ashe= The smell must have been coming from here. It's industrial sewage.

    Model A= With this equipment, this is obviously not just a ruin. Let's go in and find out what this place really is.

    *Ashe enters the facility and trecks through the thick blue strange substance and slashed some ghalleon heads forming a sphere like body with the substances and took out some mechanloids in her path. Then she found her way to some catacombs with mechanical doors that can be opened by pulling them up. She couldnt do it allone so she used her A-trans to morph into Queenbee and insert her abdominom in the slot to pull them up. then repeated the process and found a tight crawlspace that she had to get through quickly to avoid it's traps so she morphed into Hedgeshock and rolled through them with ease. Then entered some tough terrian with ice spikes as obstiacles so she morphed into Atlas and used the megaton busters to break through and finally made it to the lair of the culprit, she seen before her a massively huge croccodile psuderoid none other than Bifrost.*

    (Music changes to - Fate - deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX )Download

    User Image

    Ashe= A big Mechaniloid!? And there are more inside!

    Bifrost= Are you surprised? These soldiers were all born here. They're to be used one day by the Mega Man King!

    Model A= Albert thought about all of this!?

    Bifrost= My name is Bifrost... Guardian of the sleeping soldiers. When the new world is born, they shall awaken and exterminate the old-world inhabitants. But for now Mega Man Model A. I shall exterminate you! I shall crush every last one of your bones with my jaws!

    (Music changes to - Slam Down/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    User Image

    *Bifrost began to attack as he fired his saw blades at Ashe and she dodges them as they rolled under her and climbed the wall and tried to drop over her. Bifrost suddenly charges at her and tries to snap at her with his big jaws, but he missed and Ashe morphed as Atlas fired a full charged fire bomb and hits him, thus fire was his weakness. Then Bifrost responded to the attack by opening his big mouth all the way and fires his teeth as spike missles trying to attack Ashe. Ashe fires more fully charged shots at Bifrost by shooting in his mouth. He took more damage and more super effective damage that way. Then Bifrost began to thrash about and Ashe stood clear out of the way as he did. Then she morphed into Shiarnaq and clinged to the celing and flung kunai knives from afar at him. Then charged energy and formed a spinning star circle shield and she lunged at Bifrost and gave him some damage with that attack. Bifrost was getting weaker and Ashe finished him off as she morphed back to normal and shot him with Model A's blaster.

    (Music stops)

    Bifrost= Am I the one being exterminated!? Is it you who shall bring about the new world and not we!? It is you after all... UWAAAAA!

    *Bifrost explodes and the glowing data floated from his remains and floated to Ashe.*

    (Music playing - Dive into debth/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    *Ashe collected the DNA of Bifrost and entered the next door.*

    Model A= Up ahead... I remember those... Those are the blocks we couldn't break no matter how hard we tried! We might be able to use Bifrost's jaws to do the trick. One Attack is the spinning blace, Crocod'wheel. And the other Attack fires the Ice Fang! You can even perform a bite attack too. Use that bite to break these specal blocks.

    *Ashe morphed into Bifrost and as him, she used the bite attack to break through the strange blocks and was able to reach the next chamber. She morphed back to normal so she could fit through the door. In that room, she found a transiever, but it was locked by a certain key.*

    Ashe= That's strange... This transerver isn't on.


    Model A= Initialization key... There's nothing you can do without that key. Let's come back here another time.

    Ashe= Wait. I have an idea. John said he found a disc at the place Grey was created. John may had found something. Im gonna contact him and we can wait here so we can give John and Grey the signal to help them find us.

    Model A= Good plan Ashe! Go ahead and make contact.

    *Ashe began to make contact with Grey's com-link*

    Grey (radio)= This is Grey. Hello?

    Ashe= Grey, it's me. Ashe.

    Grey (radio)= Hello Ashe.

    Ashe= Grey, listen to me. I found something strange. A transiever that's on standby mode. Remember John's note?

    Grey (radio)= What about it?

    John (radio)= Ashe, what do you mean you found a transiever?

    Ashe= John's with you now!? Exelent timing. Listen, both of you meet me here in the sewar facility.

    John (radio)= Ashe, I have a better idea. Remember each time we fought a psuderoid, we found a transiever?

    Ashe= Yeah, every time. Well,... almost.

    John (radio)= Check the next room. There might be another transiever for you to activate. Look for one ok?

    Ashe= Well...ok.

    *Ashe enters the next chamber and there, she found an active transiever.*

    Model A= Just like what John said! Here's an active one.

    John (radio)= Good. Now get on it and activate it.

    Ashe= Ok, here goes.

    John (radio)= Perfect. Now watch out.

    *Suddenly. in a bright light flash, John and Grey appeared as Ashe flinched with suprise.*

    Ashe= AGHH! ..... How did you do that!?

    John= Kay's specal transiever device.

    Grey= Hello Ashe.

    Ashe= What's this biometal John's wearing!? It's all pink and white, with long white blonde hair.

    John= This is Model C. This biometal helped me long ago and was broken. She's fixed now. Model C, say hello to Ashe ok?

    Model C= Chii.....hello Ashe.

    *Model C made John's body jump out at Ashe and glomp her with a hug that dropped them both to the floor.*

    Ashe= YAGH!

    Grey= It happened to me too.

    John= Sorry Ashe. She tends to do that.

    Ashe= EHHH... Some biometal...Why do you end up with the strangest biometals?

    John= Just happens to me. Sorry. Ill get off now.

    *John get's off and helps Ashe get back on her feet.*

    Ashe= Ok, your are all here. What now?

    John= I got this key that Thomas helped me make from the data I found.

    Model S= We found it in a capsule from a annoyomous megaman.

    John= Ok, take me to this innactive transiever.

    *Ashe, Grey, and John re-enter the room where the transiever was and John inserted the key into the slot of the transiever.*

    Ashe= Here it is.

    John= I'll handle this. Now, all I need to do is stick it here.

    *John inserts the key into the slot and the transiever unlocks and activates and take funtional form*


    Model A= Yesss! It worked! I suspect Albert's hideout will be at the transerver destination. Let's make sure we do this right.

    Grey= John, you did it.

    Ashe= Way to go John!

    John= This must be the transporter that Albert uses. If we transport in this, we will be taken to Albert's lair.

    Model A= Let's go storm Albert's hideout!

    Model C= CHII!!

    Model S= I cant wait to get even with that Albert for making you believe in that Model W in you.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    John= Im gonna contact Phil before we enter this thing. I know, I'll use this beacon to direct Phil here.

    *John set's down a signal beacon and activates it sending a signal only the Pillar of Autumn can trace.*

    John= Now, let's go.

    *John, Ashe, and Grey enter the transporter and teleports.*

    (Music playing - Path to the truth/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    *John, Ashe, and Grey were transported to a cave.*

    Model A= Do you feel it, everyone?

    Grey= Yeah, I sense something just up ahead. It must be Model W!

    Ashe= I feel it too.

    Model A= Let's go.

    *John, Ashe, and Grey venture ahead in the cave and they find the pool of water and all 3 jump in the water and it leads to the location in the bottom of the sea and they all took the security door and exited the cave, and outside was underwater volcanos errupting and raining molten lava rocks and John casted (Haste 2) on himself, Ashe and Grey.*

    John= Let's go! Hurry!

    *Ashe and Grey morph into Thetis and dashed through the water and John megamerged with Model C dashed through the water and attacked robotic shrimp as they tried to attack the group. They ventured further until they reached another security door and entered another underwater vulcanic area and the raining molten rocks had gotten worse, so Ashe and Grey morphed into Chronoforce and used their shell backs as shields and John hid underneath them both and traveled to the other side. They found another hidden facility and Ashe and Grey remorphed back to normal and all 3 took the drop. John dropped down first taking out mechanloids with Model C's martial art attacks. Ashe and Grey followed after John. Suddenly, John recieved a transmission from Phil.*

    Phil (radio)= I goy ye'signal from the beacon you left behind. The Pillar is right above your location. Im decending now. Ill catch up with you ok mate?

    John= Me and the kids found Albert's hideout. Were going to pay him a visit he won't forget.

    Phil (radio)= Good job mate. Hang in there!

    *Transmission ends*

    Grey= That was Phil?

    Ashe= Sure was. He found the beacon signal. Will he be alright?

    John- Trust me, he will!

    *John, Ashe and Grey entered another drop and it was a tunnel of spikes. Ashe and Grey morphed into Rospark and gabbed the cables and climbed them while John in Model C simply treaded them. They kept on trecking through the tunnels and made it to the end of the spike tunnel. Then Ashe and Grey moprhed back to normal and took a hallway to the end of the hideout and finaly found a chamber filled with Model W's.*

    (Music stops)

    Model A= I feel it...it's the presence of Model W.

    Grey= No... All of these are Model Ws!?

    Ashe= There's allot of them here.

    Albert= It sure is children.

    (Music playing - The chosen one/ Megaman ZX Advent)Download

    John= YOU!

    Grey= Master Albert.

    Ashe= All of these....

    Albert= John, please give your friend Phillip for all the good hard work he and those foolish MDF people did for me. Attacking that loathsome space pirate base awakening my model W's, although, he didnt help me by himself.

    *Albert pulls out a body he hid from behind him and threw it on the floor aside of him, was Dalton's dead body.*

    John= Dalton!?

    Ashe= That man, he's with....

    Grey= It's the guy from Giga city.

    Albert= Hahaha... Are you surprised, everyone? Do you 3 have any idea how much time I've invested in this plan? Did you think you could foil my plan by destroying one or two of my Model Ws? Not a chance. Everything is running smoothly don't you think? All those souls....Dalton's, those cockroach space pirates, those mutants, those cybermen, all who gave their lives for my master plan.

    *Suddenly, Prometheus and Pndora transported in front of the line with John, Ashe and Grey.*

    Prometheus= We'll see about that.

    (Music changes to - Fate- deep seated grudge/ Megaman ZX )Download

    Grey= Prometheus! Pandora!

    Ashe= It's them!

    John= What are you 2 doing here?

    Prometheus= So this is where he's been keeping the recovered Model Ws. I never thought you 3 would have found this place for us.

    Pandora= Thank you Ashe. Thank you too Grey. And especally thank you very much....John. It's been awhile.

    John= Im only trying to help.

    Prometheus= How many centuries has it been since we last met like this, Master Albert! You look even more ridiculous in person than you do on that monitor!

    Albert= What do you all think you're doing?

    Prometheus= This is what we're doing!

    *Prometheus waves his beam scythe and performs a demon fang slash attack on Albert. Albert dropped to his knees and collapsed to his death.*

    Prometheus= HA HA HA HA HA! To be defeat by the very first Mega Man you ever made! How fitting, for the scum that you are!

    Model A= What the!? What's going on!?

    Prometheus= You 3 were being used by us all along. From the day we first awoke, we were Mega Men destined to fight each other... To further Albert's insane plan to create the ultimate Mega Man.

    Pandora= So we decided... to take revenge on Albert.

    Grey= Revenge!?

    Ashe= This is your revenge?

    John= What revenge? Unessasary fighting? Pointless murder!?

    Prometheus= We found many Mega Men and brought them into this fight. We knew that if we were successful, Albert would show up. And then you tracked him down, allowing us to exact our revenge.

    Model A= I didn't think this is how the game would end...

    User Image

    Prometheus= *laughter* What are you talking about... It's not over yet...! We're still here. The garbage left behind by that scum!

    Pandora= We can't get our old bodies back... We can't change our destiny... So we'll hasten the destiny of destruction...

    John= Look, I can help you. Just give me a chance. I can see what can be done.

    Prometheus= We will destroy all that Albert made. That is our revenge! So let's have some fun, why don't we? And go out with a bang!

    John= I'll deal with them. Ashe, Grey, you all stand back! I'll take them both by myself.

    Prometheus= You DARE protect them.... with that prissy girly biometal that twarted us 104 years ago!? We will definently have revenge on that biometal...AND YOU!

    Pandora= After were done with you, then we will terminate the other 2.

    (Music changes to - Trap Fanatics/ Megaman ZX Gigamix)Download

    *Prometheus and Pandora begin the attack against John as they begin their own attacks. Prometheus performs a dash reaper slash at John, while Pandora launges a heavy rain of electric bolts but John dodges them and rear kicks Prometheus. Then John performed a Phenox jump and grabbed and flung Pandora. Prometheus fires a barrage of dark fireball projectiles while Pandora executed her ice missle rain attack, John took the attack hits but was able to endure them. Then prometheus tried to do a hyper slash at John but John cought him with a leg grab, (using a handstand grabbing prometheus with his legs) and flung him across the area away from Ashe and Grey. Pandora used her multiple staff attacks on John but the attack didnt damage John to well, though Model C is strong against electric attacks. John was able to attack her without being flinched by the damage. Then Prometheus appeared and used his vulcan fire attack, thus it gave John decent damage. John countered with a jump and tornado kick catching both Prometheus and Pandora in the attack and thus they gotten tired and gaven up fighting him.*

    (Music stops)

    John= Stop it! This fighting will earn us nothing! It's senseless!!

    Prometheus= That's right... Even you can see that this fight is pointless!

    Pandora= Mavericks terrorize humans, and in turn Model Ws absorb that anguish. Albert used Legion as a front to go about selecting Chosen Ones. A world where Mega Men are created to destroy each other all for Albert's satisfaction.

    Prometheus= It was all a farce! Albert prepared everything in this world according to his own plan. He said Mega Men are the natural evolution of Man!? Don't make me laugh! What an epic sham! I'm going to demolish this whole wretched world!

    *Suddenly, the Model W's began to glow and Prometheus and Pandora were cought in the aura by the Model W's and their souls were being ripped out of them.*


    Pandora= AAAAAAAAAHHH!

    John= NO!!

    *Prometheus and Pandora both dropped dead on the floor, then the Model W's began to glow like crazy and activate. Prometheus and Pandora's DNA appeared.*

    Ashe= Prometheus....

    Grey= Pandora....

    *John drops to his knees.*

    John= What a waste.

    Model A= Hey... could this be...!?

    John= Yeah....Prometheus, Pandora, the space pirates...the cybermen, ..Dalton. Innocence.

    (Music playing - The chosen one/ Megaman ZX Gigamix)Download

    *Suddenly, a strange figure teleported arround the bodies of Prometheus, pandora, Dalton, and Albert's dead bodies. The DNA data flew to the strange figure unstead of the Model A's.*

    ????= Prometheus... Pandora... Your centuries of anger... suffering... hate... and insanity along with your battles against other Mega Men have given me the data I need!

    Grey= That voice... No way... Master Albert!

    Ashe= If you are Albert than who was the one in blue that Prometheus killed?

    User Image

    Albert= That was a decoy. A dummy body that worked as one of the Sage Trinity in my stead. I am DAN-000 the "Original"... This me is the genuine article, the real Master Albert! Just as I planned! Soon all of the Model Ws will begin to merge! I will become the ultimate Mega Man and the plan will be complete!

    John= So your the real Albert!?

    Albert= Indeed.

    *Suddenly, the lair began to shake and rumble.*

    Model A= -THis place won't last long! We need to hurry and get out of here!

    Grey= But Prometheus and Pandora...!

    Ashe= oh.....

    Model A= What are you saying!? We can't carry both of them! If you don't make it, who's going to deal with Albert!?

    Grey: Dang!

    Ashe= Prometeus....Pandora...im sorry!

    John= Pro....Pan...forgive us.


    *Suddenly, Phil appeared right in front of Ashe, Grey, and John.*

    Phil= John! Take Ashe and Grey with you. Kaolla's waiting in the Tardis in the hallway. Get out now!

    John= Ok Phil. I hope you know what your doing.

    Ashe= Be careful!

    Grey= Phil! You get out too!

    John= ......Ok Phil. I trust you.

    *John grabs Ashe and Grey and dashes out of the lair*

    Phil= Albert.... you will pay for what you did to Prometheus and Pandora! I swear it!

    Albert= Do you truly believe that those expendable Mega Men are worth saving, even after what they put you & your friends through?

    Phil= It was YOU who placed the curse of death upon them, for that I'll make sure you die slowly & painfully!!

    Albert= Mwahahaha, yes, yes! You must feel real good about yourself, don't you. ....Megaman Gaea?!

    *Phil had a furious gaze in his eyes, a sign of vengeance that he would strike upon Albert & any other evil who would oppose him. after that, Albert teleported away and Phil transferred aboard the Pillar with Prometheus & Pandora. Meanwhile... inside the Tardis,...*

    John= Take us out of here now Kaolla!

    Kaolla= Yes sir Johnny!

    Grey= YOU CANT!

    Ashe= JOHN!

    John= Trust me everyone! Phil is a brave MDF solger! The best in the group. He can get out on his own. Kaolla, do it now!

    *The Tardis dematerialized as the hallway they were in was caving in violently and began to flood with seawater.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *The Tardis transports to the hunters guild, Phil, teleports with Prometheus and Pandora's bodies, and Albert revealed his true self, and the Model W's lair began to rumble, what will happen next time?*

    To be continued.....