• Two years ago, my grandfather died during a surgery which was supposed to save his life. When he died, I was pretty hard on my mom and my grandma and especially on me. I was very close to him, and when I heard that he died, I just couldn't help but break into tears. It's been two years since that happened, and we're celebrating his death anniversary. Prayer was said, guest came, and me and my siblings dressed up for the occasion, including our youngest 3-year old brother. That night, I waited until all the guest left to sleep. It was about 1 in the morning when everyone left. I went into the room of my brother to greet him goodnight, even though he was already sleeping. But when I looked at him he had a happy and peaceful smile on his face. Not many people smile when they sleep so I guess that it must have been a very nice dream.

    The next morning, my brother woke up. We were in the kitchen then, watching TV. I remembered his smile last night and asked him about it. "Robbie, why were you smiling last night?" I asked him, hoping he would understand since he was still three. He way he answered my struck me so much that I can't even describe it in words. He said, "Papa happy."

    We used to call out grandfather "Papa". Yes, I know that it doesn't sound all that amazing if you just read it. But if you actually hear it from my perspective and from his voice. It was indescribable.