• "Damn the world looked like this back then? It looks peaceful, how can this be the end of the earth today?" Risha said looking at everything.

    "I can't believe that after 8 years of research i can finally see the world in the past! So much has change! The houses, the cars, and the cloths!" Ruk said walking back and forth.

    "They say that the thing that created the spawns was a charm called the Metamorphic. it turns humans into devastating spawns." Zel pushed up his glasses. " Risha behind you!!!!!" Risha turned around and slashed a regular person.

    " Is that a riot? so thats why he wants to attack me he part of the riot." Risha said holding his blade to the guys neck. "Get out of here before i kill you." The guy stood up and swung at him. Risha grabbed his hand and twisted it and cut his hand off. The guy fell down and was knocked out. They dont know why there was people in a Riot but they didn't have time to find out.

    Then a rock fell down from the sky hitting the road destroying it. It opened up and the Metamorphic was in it, it released a green energy to all the rioters makeing them split in half and spawns coming out.

    " I think im gonna throw up" Zel said.

    _/=To Be Continued=_