• Hope. It’s a word some people take for granted. They don’t think about it. They don’t realize its what keeps some people going when everything is lost. I am not one of those people.
    I lost my family in a car accesident. Both my parents died, it was In the local news. I survived it though. My parents told me “ Put on your seat belt Lane you could get hurt. “ I listened to them. I was so sad when it happened. I cried for days. But that was a month ago. Now I'm going to live with my grandma in Oregon, I get my own room, a new bed and ten bucks a month when I clean the dishes. It’s probably the life of any middle schooler.
    It’s the first day of the new school year and it’s my second year in middle school. I can imagine it pretty easily. The classic middle school idea. There are going to be the popular girls, mean, pretty, and rich. There will be the nerds, Smart and weird. The jocks, strong, cool and stupid. There are the Goths, black clothes and depressing. There are also the gossipers, stupid, giggly and way to energetic. Where do I fit in? Nowhere.
    Yes. Nowhere. I’m the girl who sits around. Likes to read and play online games all day long. I prefer fantasy to romances. I am brand new to the school and have no friends.
    You see I’m going to talk to people like hi how are you and they will turn their heads away from me. Then eventually I’m going to run into the mean girls they will talk to me and act all nice and stuff. They’ll watch like hyenas watch the food. Carefully to make sure nothing steals it. Then they will judge me over night. If I’m not good enough they won’t speak to me ever again. If I’m lucky they will make the decision early so I won’t have to wait.
    This year will end up seeming like a century and the next will and the next. Eventually I’ll be three centuries old and I still hadn’t graduated high school. If im lucky I might get into a horrible accesident though and miss the second half of it though. I might even die but that only happens to the lucky ones.

    I hear music playing. My eyes are closed and I feel the softness of my sheets above me. My eyes slowly open. I turn my head to look at the clock. 8:01 okay what ever. I pull my covers up above my head. Wait! 8: 01! School starts at 8: 30. I turn back to the clock. 8:02. I jump out of bed and grab some jeans and a T-Shirt reading “ North Shore Surf.” On it and put them on in a hurry. “8:04.” The clock reads. I fling my door open and ran to the hall, I skid to a stop there and jog down the stairs. Running into the kitchen and flinging the cereal cabbnet open, I grab a bowl and pour a random box in it. The cereal is stuffed in my mouth and I can bearly swallow. Rushing back upstairs I run to the bathroom. I look into the old mirror on the blue tile wall. Ugh mt hair. I surch in the cabnet and find a comb. After a while my brown hair is combed down and has settled to a nice wave. I run upstairs and grab my backpack. Its time for school.

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