• Dr. Enzo was maybe the least expected person to invent the next big thing since the Planetary Terraformer. It started around breakfast time, when he reached for a box of cereal that wasn't quite in reach. It was about the year sixty-seven New Era, give or take a couple of years, when Dr. Enzo thought of something incredible. It was two hours later when he became the laughing stock of science. This is where the story finally begins.

    Huh? Dr. Enzo thought, I could have sworn I placed the cereal next to my new book on Terraformers. Dr. Enzo reached over to get his box of cereal, in the process spilling milk all over his new book. "Oh, come on!" he said, "Now the pages are all stuck together!" As he was running his fingers through his now very messy black hair he spotted something. It was a a torn out page of the book, spared from any milk. On top of it was a Tatire, small everyday object used to help pick things up. Dr. Enzo sat there for a minute, then burst out of his chair and headed for his small atmospheric ship. It's briliant! he exclaimed in his head, This will take the human race beyond the Solar System!

    When he arrived at the Center for the Sciences he burst through the doors shouting, "I've got it!" whilst forgetting to sign in. A pair of heavily armed, metal clad guards stopped him and asked, "Alright, where's your pass?" Dr. Enzo panicked for a moment, but then remembered that he had an emergency pass just for this kind of situation. He whipped his card out with a big grin and the guards opened the giant doors to the Meeting Hall. Good, he thought, everyone is here.

    He waited his turn reluctantly and then got up opon the podium, cleared his voice, and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have an idea that will revolutionize the face of inter-planetary colonization. I present to you, the Interplanetary Construct Editor!" He swiftly and fluidly pulled out a small metal ball. On the ball was a blue light that flickered to life. "ICE," The doctor commanded, "show my peers what you are capable of."

    ICE floated up into the air, turned to Dr. Enzo, and said, "Why don't you show them what your capable of. I'm sure it's much less then what I'm capable of." Everybody laughed at this, everbody but Dr. Enzo. "ICE power down." Dr. Enzo comanded. "Hmm," ICE mockingly weighted, "power down or stay on, I just can't decide. I think I'll go with...this!" ICE used rammed full speed into Dr. Enzo, knocking him to the floor.

    More to come! (duh duh DUH!)