• eternity
    the lion and dog trotted down the never-ending black road. shylo, the dog, had torn, bloody fur, and angry eyes. tanier, the lion, had a torn bloody pelt, and sad eyes. greed had taken them over, and their battle had ended in death. they both relived the horror of the fight, and the thoughts that consumed them.......
    shylo trotted back from his hunt, carrying a rabbit. he found tanier eating a lamb. shylo hid the rabbit. "brother! why do you not share?" tanier looked up. "your hunts are usually successful, brother. we may share." he shoved the lamb towards him. shylo began to eat. tanier sniffed. "dead rabbit?" he sniffed into a bush, and found the carcass of a rabbit, reeking of death, and.. dog!? "shylo?!?! a rabbit, and you do not speak of it!?" shylo growled. the lamb was gone. " i am smaller." he bared his teeth. tanier looked shocked. "i am older. can we not share?" tanier closed his eyes, and his mind filed with thoughts: kill.... eat..... death.... want..... tanier shook his head and roared. shylo thought the same, except he didn't fight them. he was filled with rage, and he became bigger, stronger. his claws grew and curved to deadly points, he teeth became saber. his back arched and grew, and his eyes turned blood red. shylo tore a tree out of the ground, and threw tanier into a tree. tanier struggled up, and tore out one of shylo's eyes! the fight lasted all night, and finally, both fell, and niether got up. a dark light shone in the sky. niether breathed, not from fear. both knew, they had died. it was an angel. they were wrong, it was a demon. it looked at them in disdain. "NOW. GREED CAN BE BAD" its voice boomed "AND YOU WILL PAY, FOR GIVING IN!!!" last words were lost, and before glazed, dead eyes, a lion and a dog, both dead, were sent spinning into a dark hole, a never-ending torture.
    for eternity.