• Mid Day In Heaven

    "Oops!" I screamed apologetically. "I'm sooo sorry Ren!"
    "Lana, its ok.." Ren said as he picked up the soul books and walked away without a word. I can't believe I bumped into him! AGAIN. Fate seemed to hate me now. But I new quite alot about fate. Fate was a cruel, greedy being, who enjoyed seeing pain. When fate had ruined a life, he has a good mode for a short amount of time. But nobody understands, that fate is not someone to rely on. I walked away from the spot where Ren dropped the soul books, and deep in thought, I was walking towards the park. It was a park in Heaven, which is much different then one on Earth. Instead of walking dogs, the new recruits, or angels as you call them, would train, or learn how to fly. Why train, you ask? For when fate comes with the devil to ruin our lives, or should I say, our death. One little angel fell mid-flight. "Keep trying, you'll get it soon!" I yelled to her in encouragement. She smiled and gave me a thumbs-up, and went to try again. It was so nice to see little angels training. How did you die, you'll soon be asking me. Well, I can tell you, it wasn't pleasant. Simply, I was at the top of a really tall building, a crazy man came, and he just pushed me off like that. I died mid-fall, so no pain there. But I did miss my heart and soul, my boyfriend. He cried at my grave for a month. Eventually the mental man came again, and took out my grave. He also seemed to have an appetite, because he ate it. Yes, he ate it. He took it with both hands, and chomped right on it like you would do to a hamburger. Of course my boyfriend flipped out, who wouldn't?
    After that the mental man kept a close eye on him. He went to the same building as me, went to the top, blah blah blah. Well, you know how THAT must've went, don't you? He landed the same death as me. Very interesting, is it not? Anyways, he was one of the lucky ones to land a spot in heaven. Oh! Didn't I tell you? Getting into heaven is like winning the lottery. You can only win it if you were good, and lose if you were naughty. Kind of like christmas!
    So as soon as he walked through the golden arched gate that was the passageway to Heaven, he saw me and freaked out ON THE SPOT. I'm talking about him FLOATING UNCONTROLLABLY OVER MY HOUSE, AND FALLING. Imagine how he blushed. He was as red as my painted nails (yes, you can paint your nails in Heaven). He ran over and gave me a bear hug that I wished lasted forever. Uh oh! LATE FOR CLASS! Gotta go wink