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    Welcome to the Darkside

    (Knock, knock, knock)… I wonder if she’s awake yet. She probably stayed up late last night to play more Kingdom Hearts. Just then the door opened with Mrs. Buraidu in the doorway.
    “Oh, good morning Makoto, you here for Keya?”
    “Yeah, is she still asleep?”
    “I don’t know, I’ll go and get her. Please come in.”
    I took a step inside, closed the door behind me, and looked down the hallway towards Keya’s room.
    “Keya?! Where are you?!”
    “What’s wrong Mrs. Buraidu?”
    “It’s Keya, she’s not here! I can’t find her!”
    “What?! Where could she have gone?!”
    “I don’t know.”
    “Don’t worry, I’ll find her.”
    “Thank you so much Makoto”
    I went looking for her at the game store in town, at the park, and all over the rest of the town, but she was nowhere to be found. So then I went back to the empty park and sat on a swing, feeling that all hope was lost. What will I do without her? Just then, a black portal appeared out of nowhere and out came Luxord.
    “Wh-who are you supposed to be?”
    “Cut the act, I know that you know who I am, I’m Luxord.”
    “Luxord? Ha, nice cosplay, but there are no cons around here.”
    “you incompetent little brat! When I’m through with you, you-(sigh) forget it; hey, you want Keya back don’t you?”
    “Keya?! You kidnapped Keya?!”
    “what’s wrong? Oh that’s right, she’s your “lover”. Well, the Organization kidnapped her; however, she has escaped and we need you to get her back.”
    “Why should I help you? You’re the ones that kidnapped her!”
    “Because, she has a dangerous power, if we don’t get rid of that power, she will destroy the worlds’ order, she will soon be out of control.”
    “Since when is the Organization wanting to do good?”
    “When we were brought back, we realized that we shouldn’t make the same mistakes that we made before, we just might end up dead…again.”
    “…hmm…fine, but what am I supposed to do?”
    “first of all, you need to come with me to the World that Never Was.”
    And with that, we both walked through the portal and went to the headquarters of Organization XIII.

    * * *

    “Ok, so now what?!” I asked.
    “well first of all you are to wait in this chamber until I let you out.” and with that he shoved me into the white chamber room and locked the gate.

    * * *

    “well this is just great! what the heck was I thinking coming here!” I’ll tell ya what I was thinking, I was thinking about getting Keya back. (sigh) “well, I guess that I’ll never get her back now” (yawn) why am I so tired all of the sudden?

    * * *

    endless darkness engulfing me…
    where am I…
    why is it so dark…

    I must save Keya…
    I must get out of here!

    “Alright Zexi, I think that he’s had enough darkness”
    “hey! don’t call me that!”
    “hey, don’t make me put a muzzle on you Dog-boy”
    “grr…hmf, forget it.”
    “hey, boy! get up, I know your awake” Xigbar kicked me in the side
    “oof. ow! what’d you do that for you moron!” when did I decide to say that?
    “hmm… you do have a dark side now huh. Well then, the boss would like to see you then.”
    “and if I refuse?”
    “would you rather be swallowed up by darkness?”
    Keya… (ahem) “fine then, take me to your boss.”
    “well then, that’s more like it…this should be fun.”