• One morning Chloe woke up alarmed.
    "Oh No!!! Todays my 10th birthday!! I can't go through another stupid tradition!!"
    She got off her bed and started to make it. Suddenly the door to her bedroom bursted open.
    "Happy Birthday my dear Chloe! get dressed up on your indian sari!" her father told her.
    " Yea were gonna party Bollywood style!" her mom said as she kissed Chloe on the cheek.
    " I'm just here for the Kulcha." her brother Anaan told her.
    " MOM! DAD! ANAAN! Ugh!! I need some privacy around here! OK?? Anaan Get out or i won't give you any Kulcha! and dad No i won't get on my indian sari! Mom your not a kid anymore don't try to act cool ok?? Cuz your not! Now All of you! OUT!"
    " Ok but just be there in time for Wallie the nose whistler." her Dad told her.
    " Since you asked sooo kindly," Chloe said in a sweet voice," NO!!!"
    And with that Chloe slammed her door. Hard.
    She leaned on the back of her door and overheared her parent's conversation.
    "I'm not cool..." her mom said quietly.
    " Oh honey if it helps i think your cool!" Her dad told her mom.
    "it doesn't" her mom answered back.

    To be continued.........