• Our Counterparts from Outer Space

    It all started with a sarcastic remark.

    In a QnA somewhere in the universe, an evil witch snapped "NO, the RayaQuest from the planet Kuzbain!"

    Over at said planet, a Kuzbanian by the name of RayaQuest took notice. Perhaps I should visit this mysterious place she thought to herself. She floated around until she came across a small building with the words "DecaWitches w/ maybe other witches and wizards!!!!!! Q&A!!!!" flashing brightly. Music was playing, but very softly. Raya decided to float inside, to see what was going on.

    (Witches/wizards POV)

    An unknown creature floated in.

    "Um, hello, Where am I?," it asked.

    "Earth. Who are you?," asked DecaWitch Number 1. She and the other nine DW's were hosting a Q&A session.

    "I'm RayaQuest from the planet Kuzbain," replied the unknown creature.

    "Well, what do you know? RayaQuest from Earth, meet RayaQuest." said JoJo, otherwise known as Number 10, one of the other DW's.

    "Pleasure to meet you." said the Kuzbainian RayaQuest.

    "Who exactly are you?", asked RayaQuest from Earth from Smilez221's talk page.

    "Well, I'm a Kuzbanian." Everyone stared at her. "That's it. We're not too creative, you know."

    "So, you don't have a face...?" asked RayQuest from Earth uncomfortably.

    "Well, yeah..." said the Kuzbainian RayaQuest.

    "We can see that. Ew." said JoJo.

    "I also have long, fine, straight, black hair that covers my entire head. Other than that, I look like most humans, except, well... skinnier. added Kuzbainian RayaQuest.

    "What's it like living on Kuzbain?" asked RayaQuest from Earth.

    "It's very much like living on Earth.... if we're talking about living in 7 million B.C." replied the Kuzbainian RayaQuest.

    "That sounds awesome! I wanna go to Kuzbain!" exclaimed JoJo.

    "Which is exactly why you ain't goin' there!" said Number 1. JoJo had a reputation of using whatever she could to blow something up.

    (Later, at the random follower blog)

    "Well, that's interesting. I wonder if there's a Kuzbanian counterpart for me. In fact, we all might have one!" A certain AgentGoldfish wondered aloud after hearing of the Kuzbanian Raya.

    That's when the DW's came back to the random follower blog. Agent was there, but also hard at work designing the new wiki. KRaya announced that she had to leave, but Number 1 told her "No, Raya, stay."

    "I am staying" a very confused RayaQuest told her.

    "No, no, the other Raya." One explained.

    "Sorry, folks, it's been a charm with you guys" KRaya apologized before floating back out.

    Just then, after KRaya floated away screaming (and a convo about some other stuff), a strange ship landed there.

    "I am AgentGoldfish, here to retrieve RayaQuest from Earth." said the first strange being to step out of the ship.

    "Uhhhh, no. I'm AgentGoldfish. You are Kuzbanian. And why are you taking Raya? And trying to impersonate me?"

    "Yeah, huh huh huh!?" Added a very hyper Goldfish.

    "I am your Kuzbainian Counterpart, Earth Agent. These are Marcella's and Smilez's Kuzbainian counterparts. We have come to retrieve the Kuzbainian RayaQuest."

    "Uh, can we stop saying Kuzbainian so much. It's hard to spell..."

    "Fine. Kuz then?" asked Kuz Smilez.

    "Yeah, that is fine I guess. Anyway Kuz Raya just left." answered Agent.

    "Left?! How did she leave?!" Asked all 3 Kuzbainians worriedly.

    "She floated away" Answered all the witches and wizards and humans and vampires and hambats and pixies, etc.

    "We've got to find her!" exclaimed Kuz Smilez.

    "A Kuzbainian?" asked Mysti. "Oh, no! What will the humans think?!"

    "Well, one thinks this is weird," replied the human girl Zuzu.

    Mysti rolled her eyes. "You don't count!"

    "What about me?" asked Goldfish.

    Mysti answered, "OR YOU!"

    "Right, humans that know nothing about Kuzbain, or witches, or anything like that." Agent added. "Agent, do you have any idea of who would abduct Raya?" asked Goldfish.&nbsp "Why would I?" answered Agent.

    "Uhh, I think he meant KUZBAINIAN Agent." replied Number 1.

    "Well, maybe the Kilokian empire...But, i don't know. It could even be the Globulanians. Or the Irkans." Kuz Agent said.

    "Okay, so here's an idea. We have me, Sasquatch, 6, and Kaida stay here and work on a ship, while you guys figure out where they went. We must rescue Kuz Raya" said Goldfish.

    "Do I get to blow something up?" JoJo wanted to know.

    "Hmm, let me think, NO!" Nine snapped.

    "Can I come?" wondered Calista.

    "As long as you don't turn pumpkins into raspberries", replied Mysti.

    Everyone stared.

    "Aw, darn" said Calista. "What about.... blowing something up?"

    "NO!," shouted Sierra.

    Meagan sighed. "Come on, let's not waste any more time!"

    "But how do we know where to go?," asked Walter.

    "Easy. I turn my APCP into a GPS and then I R-P it to tell us QDU." Six replied.

    "We've got to hurry!" said Kuz Agent.

    "Alright, let's get a move on!" exclaimed Mysti.

    The Search Party

    "Found her!" exclaimed Six after turning her all-purpose cell phone into a guide-point system and then reprogramming it to tell her the quintiple-double-u's. "Alright, then, game plan. Four's got one. We use our faster people to drag the slower people to where we need to go. Christalyn, you don't mind hauling a coupla people, do you?" Five told them.

    "And I suppose the DP's could help too." Three thought out loud.

    "How? Aren't they a little small to be carrying big people?" wondered One.

    "Yes, yes they are. I was figuring they could help, since they're so fast, they'll just be ten less people we have to carry" explained Three.

    "OK, but what about Brick? And Snap? And Cyndy?" wondered JoJo. "Snap's just mush, and Brick and Cyndy seem a little heavy."

    "We'll take care of Cyndy" Sandy told her, speaking for her and Myndy.

    "I'll make sure Brick and Snap find there way over there." Zo told them.

    "Hop on me!" said Christalyn, to Meagan, Kaida, and Aaron.

    "Alright, in which case, vamos!" exclaimed JoJo, which caused One to start singing the "Come on, vamanos! Everybody let's go!" song from Dora the Explorer. She was so good that nobody complained. "HOLD IT!" Meagan shouted.

    Everyone turned to her.

    "What's the problem?" asked Kuz Smilez. "Um, since I can teleport and create portals......... can we use a portal?" asked Meagan. Everyone turned first to Four, then to Five.

    "She sees us........................................" Five started.

    "She sees us where?" JoJo snapped.

    "In Jak and Daxter world? But why?" Five finished.

    "Maybe because I needed some more Ottsel fur?" Emylee suggested.

    "Oh, here we go, we use Meagan's portal to try to go where Kuz Raya is, something makes the portal go haywire, and we end up going to Jak and Daxter world" Five explained.

    "But, that doesn't make any sense. Meagan's portals are trustable. It's in my records." Six defended.

    "Wait... OK, the people who captured KRaya.... m-messed with all our powers? What?" Five stammered.

    "Quick, Seven, draw something." One commanded. Seven drew what looked to be a chair.

    "OK, that looks nothing like an elephant." she said.

    "Agreed" Six said, just as her APCP fizzled out. "Huh?"

    "Kiko, say something!" Eight shrieked at the Ariga panda. It refused.

    "Ah, question. What are we supposed to do?" Three shrieked.

    "You're supposed to know!" One yelled.

    "I say we go there by flight and then see what happens. Before our powers fizzle out for good." JoJo proposed.

    "We've got to get there before it's too late," said Mysti worriedly.

    They set off.

    (45 minutes later)

    "We are almost there," said Amber.

    "There it is!" yelled Aaron.

    A weird, future-istic, looking building loomed before them.

    "So what do we do?," asked Becca.

    "I'll go in there first," said Amber. "I'll turn into an animal, so they won't suspect anything."

    "You sure?" asked Sierra.

    Amber smiled weakly. "I'm going!" Amber closed her eyes tight and struggled a bit. There was a flash, and there's a squirrel in her place.

    (30 minutes later...)

    "Okay, now what? Do we just wait for Amber to be done or something? I'm getting kinda bored and worried..," said Goldfish

    "I...Don't...Know..." Answered Agent from Earth

    "This can't be good. She's been gone a while...I'm going in!" exclaimed Cookie "Anyone coming with me?"

    "Squak!" Arrow responded.

    Hunter responded, "I don't know...Do you two think you can take this mission alone?"

    "Of course we do!" answered Cookie, with a look of doubt on his face. They went in.

    "I don't like this" stated Mysti. "What ever happened to Amber? We've ALL got to go in."

    "She's right," said Aaron. "Let's go."

    "OK, wait." interuppted Five just as the party was about to go in, "Hold on, the way Four sees it, we could A. all go in there and get our butts kicked, or B. send Eight in there to see where Amber went." she explained.

    "I like Plan B better" One announced. Everyone else agreed.

    "If you say so...." Eight responded worriedly.

    "Good luck Eight." said Walter.

    (30 seconds later)

    "I'm bored I'm bored I'm booooooooooooooredddddddddddddddddddddddd!" complained a very BORED Goldfish. "It's taking too long" said the same bored Goldfish.

    "Dude, she's been in there for not even a minute!" Answered an annoyed Agent, but, is there a different kind of Agent? " Ugh, Ive said it before, and i'll say it again. STOP BLEEPIN IMPERSONATING ME ONLINE!" again responded an annoyed Agent, and yes there IS such a thing as a not annoyed Agent!

    "I must save Arrow!" Hunter said, determined.

    "Uhh, Cookie's in there too ya know!" added Tom.

    "Umm, neither of you are going in there! You need to help me keep the triplets under control. We need 3 responsible people, or one responsible pterosaur, and since we only have you, ya gotta be here!" demanded Luca.

    "OKAY! I thought of something!" exclaimed Agent from Earth "Does anyone have x-ray vision? I forget..." Everyone said no... "Wait, when did everyone get here? Well, what about the rest of ya?" The rest of them said no... " Agent said all of that...just sayin...

    "Well, I've been working with Sasquatch,6, and Kaida recently, and we have x ray goggles, if that'll work..." said Goldfish.

    "YES! THAT'S PERFECT! Now, all we need is to look inside and see where everone is!" Agent yelled

    "Umm, Everyone's right here..." pointed out Tom.

    "Ugh, this is getting confusing! Everyone, just LEAVE!" Hunter screamed. Everybody left.

    "UGH! No, the PERSON everybody" Hunter said annoyed. They looked through the walls and saw every witch and pterosaur and hambat they sent in, inside of a jail cell.

    "They're captured!" exclaimed Dawn. "What should we do?"

    "Rescue them. Duh!" said Calista.

    "Who's building is this anyway?" asked Becca uncomfortably.

    "It looks like the Irkans" Kira said.

    "Zim!" Yelled Agent

    Everyone stared...

    "What!? None of you remember invader Zim? It was the true story of an Irkan "Invader" on earth. On Nickelodeon in 2001? The DOOM song?" Agent asked

    "Well, that was 9 years ago. SOME of us have short attention spans and memories!" answered Goldfish.

    "Well, yeah but, you have a great memory" rebuddled Agent.

    "Uhh, uhh...THIS IS NEITHER THE TIME NOR THE PLACE FOR THAT! Our friends our in trouble!" Goldfish quickly changed the subject.

    "Four?" Six asked randomly. Four nodded. "Alright, in which case..." Six pulled out her all-purpose cell and changed it into a lazer gun. The lazer cut through the cell, freeing thier friends. "Rule #1: Always have a techy-geek on hand ICOE." Six said beaming. "Never mind that, LOOK!" Christalyn yelled desperately. She pointed at Eight, who tried to create a lighning bug, but all she got was... nothing. Christalyn tried the same, and got the same result.

    "Uh-oh" Number 1 said worriedly. All of the witches in their had been completely drained of their powers.

    "Anybody notice someone missing?" Seven asked suddenly. Sure enough, JoJo and Nine were no longer with them.

    "When whoever's in there drained Eight's powers, Nine and Ten faded into oblivion!" One realized.

    "Now what?" Three asked to everyones surprise.

    "WWJJD?" Six asked. Everyone stared, until finally Seven realized.

    "We fight."

    "Well, we aren't witches and wizards, so do we still have powers? Like time travel?" Goldfish wondered.

    "Well, duh...Wait, does he?" Agent said

    "So we fight without our powers?" Dawn asked.

    "What other choice do we have?" answered Mysti. "Let's go."

    Send Four

    They walked a few paces up to the door.

    "How do we get in?" asked Becca.

    Kaida walked up to the door, and examined it.

    "Um, duh" said Kaida.

    She twisted the doorknob, and it opened.

    They stepped inside.

    "Ok, so which way do we go?" Aaron asked.

    Kaida pulled out a her Sapphire Star. "Left. Then we should-"

    "Hey, wait a second." Five realized. "What if we send Four in and let her take care of it?" she proposed.

    "Wouldn't that be dangerous?" One asked.

    "If it works, we'll fly. If it fails, we fly anyways."

    "'K... Four, you up for it?" One asked her. Four nodded her head yes. She moved to the front of the group, then hesitated. Soon, she was gone.

    "Now what?" Three asked.

    "Don't move; I can still hear her." One replied. Seconds later, there was a green flash of light. "Twothreefivesixsevenchristalyncyndybrickanyoneelsewithstregnthandorspeedgrabasmanywitcheswizardspixieshumanswhateversasyoucanand GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!" One yelled frantically. Everyone did as they were told. Meagan grabbed as many people as she could and teleported them all out of there.

    They all ended up in a grassy area, who knows how far way from the building.

    "Everyone alright?" asked Kira.

    "We're fine." they answered.

    "Now what?" asked Dawn. "This is horrible!" We are going to be too late to rescue....."

    Dawn pulled Zo aside.

    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" she asked.

    "I'm not sure I'm thinking what your thinking" Zo replied.

    "I'm thinking time travel is the solution."

    "Are you sure?"

    "We can go back to the past when Kuz Raya was about to leave, and stall her without being noticed until the Kuzbainian ship lands." said Dawn.

    Zo nodded. "Alright, it's worth a shot."

    They created the portal, and stepped through it.

    There's a flash and they're gone.

    Behind That Bookcase

    (In the past..)

    "Well, that's interesting...." they heard a voice say.

    "Look!" said Zo, pointing. They had landed behind a bookshelf in the same room.

    "In fact, we all might have one!"

    "Quick!" said Dawn frantically. "We've got to stall her..."

    The DecaWitches came in.

    Dawn focused on the doorway.

    A huge block of ice appeared in the doorway, blocking the way out.

    "No, Raya, stay."

    "I am staying"

    "No, no, the other Raya."

    Zo and Dawn drew in a sharp breath, hoping it would work.

    "Sorry, folks, it's been a charm with you guys" said Kuz Raya, then floated toward to door. She bumped into the ice.

    "What? There seems to be some sort of ice wall blocking my way...." said Kuz Raya said confusedly.

    "That's weird..." Mysti answered. "But don't worry about it."

    Mysti pointed her finger at the ice.

    The ice vanished.

    "N-now what?" whispered Zo.

    Just then, the ship landed.

    "I am AgentGoldfish, here to retrieve RayaQuest from Kuzbain." said the first strange being to step out of the ship.

    "Oh!" said Amber. "She's right here."

    "Missione completo. Mission complete." Zo whispered as the Kuzbanians took Kuz Raya back home.

    "Great, now that we're done with that, let's discuss the voices behind the bookcase." Six proclaimed.

    "We had a bookcase?" Five asked confusedly. Four turned, pointed at the bookcase that Present Dawn and Present Zo were hiding behind, rushed over there, pulled out a book at random, and started to read.

    "Yes, there's a bookcase, and there are voices behind it." Six explained. Past Zo imediately knew what was going on, and took a peek, only to find Present Zo and Present Dawn. She beamed, then turned to Present Dawn.

    "You know how to rejoin with yourself, right?" Past Zo asked her.

    "Huh?" Present Dawn replied.

    "Like this." Present Zo told her, moving towards Past Zo. To Dawn's surprise, Present Zo moved right through her! In fact, she was gone!

    "Wh-what happened?" Present Dawn asked. Instead of responding, Past Zo pointed at Past Dawn.

    "Go fast, and they won't see you." Zo whispered. Present Dawn realized what she had to do. She rushed over to where Past Dawn was and braced for impact. But, instead of crashing into Past Dawn, she... felt confused. What was going on? Who - or what - was behind the bookcase? Then Dawn remembered. So this is what Zo meant by "rejoining" yourself she thought. Past Zo - or just plain old Zo - came out from behind the bookcase. "Nothings behind here!" she beamed, then flew over and stood next to Dawn. The DW's looked at each other confusedly.

    "So, who wants to learn how to play Ratchet and Clank?" Six asked randomly. A handful of wizards, plus Goldfish and Agent and Seven and Calista all replied "Me!" Zo and Dawn grinned at each other. They did it, they really did it. They also shared a special secret. Snap flew over to Zo and Dawn and demanded to know what really went on. Zo laughed, they told Snap the whole story.


    So, after the events of-

    "WAIT! I can time travel too! Why didn't I go!?" Goldfish interrupted the Narrator.

    Because you are a loser. There, said it. Happy now, Agent?

    "Yes, yes I am." replied Agent