• Chapter 3: The new kid

    As Jenna and her friends made their way back home they came across something, a very frightened Mr. Collins who was paler then pale and looked as though he had seen a ghost. “Mr. Collins?” asked Jenna “are you o.k.?” “It was huge” he muttered “a huge black bird!” Jenna and her friends looked to the grayish sky but saw nothing “I don’t see any big black birds” said ruby as she looked out in to the distance. “Yeah” said Bridget “all I see are mountains and maybe a few meadow larks flying over head, but no big black bird.” “I-It flew from the clock tower.” Mr. Collins stammered “it had big red demon like eyes that could pierce your very soul!”

    “Maybe you’ll feel better if you come to my house and talk to my grandfather.” Said Jenna helping the shivering Mr. Collins sit back down in his Drivers seat. “Yes, yes” he said “maybe I will feel better if I talk to your grandfather, after all we are good friends.” After Mr. Collins settled down Jenna and her friends climbed in to the buggy and took their seats. “You don’t think he’s finally lost it do you?” asked ruby in a low tone “No, I don’t think so” said Jenna “he’s as sharp as any man half his age.” What ever you say” said Bridget “what ever you say.” The girls were silent as they passed over the above ground bridge, they listened to the galloping of the horse as it pulled the buggy passed the boardinghouses and little convent stores.

    The buggy came to a slow halt in front of Jenna’s house, as the three girls exited the buggy they bid each other good bye and went their separate ways. “I brought some one home with me!” Jenna called out as she placed the hand basket full of the things from the market on the counter. Just then her grandpa came around the corner from the living room “Ah! Logan!” He said shaking Mr. Collins’s hand. “It’s good to see you!” “You too Ervin” said Mr. Collins. As they sat down and began to talk Jenna’s grandma entered the room from up stairs. “What’s going on down here?” Jenna’s grandmother asked as she rounded the corner into the kitchen. “Oh! Hello Logan” she said “hello Elma” said Mr. Collins “I was wondering where you had gone to.” As they all sat down at the table Mr. Collins told Jenna’s grandparents about what he had seen. “A big black bird huh?” said Jenna’s grandpa, “I’m telling you Ervin it was huge! And it flew out of a window on the clock tower!” “Now! Now!” said Jenna’s grandma “Lets just keep this to our selves we don’t want to frighten Jenna’s cousins when they get here.” While her grandparents were talking Jenna made her way up to her room and plopped down on her bed. “Tomorrow starts the last five days of school before winter brake.” She said to her self “after that I’ll be free!”

    The next day when Jenna woke up for school, she was not at all ready for it. “Why can’t it be winter brake already.” She mumbled to her self as she was getting ready, “I really don’t want to go to school today.” After she ate her breakfast Jenna headed out the door and down the cobblestone road. About half way to school Jenna ran into ruby and Bridget who were chatting it up about the day’s latest gossip, but Jenna didn’t care all she wanted to do was go back to bed. “Pop quiz!” called out Jenna’s teacher as she entered the class room “Oh no” moaned the entire class including Jenna who was half asleep. “Oh come now class” said Jenna’s teacher “it’s your last test before winter!” “But Mrs. Burk!” ruby complained “none of us even studied for this!” “That’s why it’s called a pop quiz ruby” said Mrs. Burk.

    After the class finished their quiz and all the papers were handed in, Mrs. Burk took her usual spot in front of the class “Oh no” moaned Bridget “Not another lecture” “No, no” said Mrs. Burk “I have some news to share with all of you” she said “What?” asked ruby “Your finally leaving and never coming back.” She snickered “No” said Mrs. Burk calmly over the chuckling of the class, “We have a new student joining us!” she said happily. “His name is Damien and this is his first time at this school so I want you all to make him feel welcome” she told the class. “A new student?” asked Jenna “But why start school right before winter brake?” Ruby shrugged “beats me” she said. Just as Ruby and Jenna were about to ask Mrs. Burk if the could be excused to use the bathroom a young boy entered the room.

    He had jet black hair and ice blue eyes; his hair was messy and hung in his face a bit making him seem more mysterious the usual. He was wearing a tight black shirt with long sleeves that had black and white stripes on them, in his hand held but one note book and a pencil badly in need of sharpening. He wore dark pants and in each pocket the tail ends of shiny sliver chains could be seen dangling down, and as he walked they made jingling noises. “Jenna he’s hot!” said ruby grabbing the back of Jenna’s seat. “She’s not kidding” said Bridget in a trance. Jenna watched as Damien passed by her and took a seat behind ruby who was nearly melting in her seat. “So he’s nice looking” said Jenna “What’s there to be so giddy about? She asked “Nice looking?” Ruby repeated “He’s hot!” she said “and I think you should talk to him Jenna” she said nudging Jenna’s arm. “Fine” said Jenna “at lunch today I will, if that will make you both happy!” she said almost teasingly.

    Lunch time came quickly and the girls set off to find the best seats they could, “We need to find good seats before the freshman come.” Said ruby “other wise there will be no seats left at all.” “I know” said Jenna “Lets see I brought my lunch today so I will save a seat for you and Bridget while you two wait on line.” She said “thanks Jenna!” said ruby and Bridget In unison “We won’t be long I hope!” Jenna took a seat at a near by table, she placed her book bag on the seat next to her to save for ruby and placed her foot on the seat in front of her to save for Bridget. “They better hurry up” Jenna thought to her self “I don’t know how long I can keep my leg like this.”

    Jenna had been sitting in the same position for a good almost ten minuets now, with her leg propped up on the seat in front of her. “I think my legs gonna fall off if they don’t hurry up and get back here.” Jenna thought to her self while trying to eat her ham and cheese sandwich.

    After about 30 minuets Jenna’s leg was beginning to feel numb “Where the hell are they?” she asked her self “I don’t think my leg can take this much longer!” Just then she heard a quite voice from behind her “Is it ok if I sit with you?” It asked. Jenna then turned around and found her self face to face with Damien! “Uh…yeah sure!” said Jenna trying to hide the fact that she was unbelievably uncomfortable with her leg propped up on the seat in front of her. “Thanks” said Damien in his quite voice “Most people aren’t really this nice to me.” “Why not?” asked Jenna “It must be the way I dress” he replied “Most people think I’m strange because of that.” “So you dress a little dark” Jenna said “So what? I don’t think you’re strange.” “Thanks” said Damien with a smile “You made me feel really good”. Just as he finished his sentence Bridgett and Ruby appeared with lunch trays in hand.

    “I-it’s you” Ruby said her face bright red “you’re the new kid!” “So that’s what you’re going to call me now?” asked Damien jokingly “The new kid?” “Yeah well you are new” Replied Bridget with a chuckle. “Told you I was going to talk to him at lunch” said Jenna to her friends “yeah well I never thought he’d sit with us!” Ruby exclaimed.

    The girls and Damien spoke until lunch ended “May be you can come hang out with us after school!” said Jenna “Uh…yeah…sure” said Damien a bit nervously “What’s wrong?” asked ruby “yeah we don’t bite!” said Bridget playfully “ Uh…It’s nothing!” said Damien “sure I’ll come hang out with you guys.” Even though Damien said that deep his mind he was thinking “As long as I get home before nightfall.”